“ There was no emperor after the Shang Dynasty ” What do you mean? Why don’t immortals intervene in the world after the gods are sealed?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has brought you an article about “no emperor after the Shang Dynasty”. Welcome to read it~

When it comes to the fact that there was no emperor after the Shang Dynasty, it is still quite esoteric. Generally, no one will say so, and no one studies this topic, but people who study this are people who have a senior understanding of fairy tales, so why did there be no emperor after the Shang Dynasty? Now let’s analyze it together. If we understand the story behind the list of gods, this problem is simple. Let’s take a look at it quickly!


Emperor Haotian plans to let the twelve golden immortals, namely Guang Chengzi, red sperm, Taiyi immortal… These people work for him. It’s actually a promotion. However, because these twelve people have not beheaded three bodies in 1500 years. According to today’s online novels, they just didn’t wake up. So Yuanshi Tianzun planned to upgrade them.

At this time, Tongtian leader quit. You also have apprentices, and I also have apprentices. Why can your apprentice be promoted, and my apprentice has to work honestly in the world? So the three religions set up a list of gods, which sealed many people who expounded and intercepted, and everyone upgraded together.

However, there are two bugs in this arrangement:

First: in addition to all kinds of animals and foreign bodies, there are also quite a group of human beings (for example, lady Shiji is a big stone). Most of these people were on duty under King Zhou. After all, master Wen was a big stakeholder, so naturally he had to arrange for many of his own people to come out.

The second place: Jiang Ziya. Jiang Ziya is not qualified enough, so we can’t take him away. The so-called four skills of elucidating, learning, teasing and singing account for the word “loyalty”. This brother can’t be promoted directly, so he was asked to work and preside over the plan of immortality.

I’ll talk about the later things in detail later. Anyway, it’s all about elucidation and interception, all with and without background; Having status or not; Those with money and those without money… After these people die, they become gods – that is, there are celebrities on the gods list.

Then there are those who are not on the list, such as Nezha and Yang Jian, who become saints in their flesh. Immortal Taiyi, they defected to Haotian emperor. Everyone else has left. Who is left? Jiang Ziya… So he preserved the territory of the Zhou Dynasty for 800 years.

But this arrangement is unfair, isn’t it? Jiang Ziya was the God, and Jiang Ziya presided over King Wu’s attack on Zhou. Then everyone was promoted, and Yuanshi Tianzun couldn’t bless Jiang Ziya. What should we do?


Jiang Ziya was chartered to travel around the Ministry of gods. Everywhere he went, the Ministry’s main god temporarily gave way, which is the so-called “Tai Gong is here, and the gods avoid”.

OK, back to the topic:

Why don’t immortals intervene in the world?

Nonsense, all promoted, who cares about this pile of crap in the world. It’s like you earn 20000 yuan a month. Don’t worry about whether the cabbage is 1.2 kg or 1.3 kg?

In fact, in terms of myths and legends, the former Emperor of heaven and the emperor of man had the same status. For the ancient gods who pioneered the earth, neither the emperor of Heaven nor the emperor of man could control who. Since the summer and early Shang Dynasties, after overcoming the invasion of natural disasters such as floods and beasts, the human world has become increasingly prosperous, but the human world has withered. So the great God set up the list of gods in order to expand the strength of heaven and avoid imbalance.

It happened that emperor Xin desecrated Nu Wa and was extremely cruel, which made people complain endlessly. Therefore, Nuwa, Yuanshi Tianzun and others provoked the Western Zhou Dynasty to invade the merchants. Only in this way can they achieve their goals, because even they are still unable to directly control the fate of the human world.

Since King Wu attacked Zhou and Emperor Xin committed suicide, the emperor fell. Since the Zhou Dynasty, the king has regarded himself as the son of heaven, that is, the son of heaven. Since then, the ninth emperor has been reduced to the ninth emperor, and the human world has no potential to turn over, so he has been a vassal of heaven since then.

So I think so. When you want to achieve something, you need to pay a lot of energy and time, and always pay attention to its progress. And once it’s done, will you pay attention to it again? Weeks ago, the human world was not controlled by heaven. After the Zhou Dynasty, the heaven had the power to command the human world. People and kings would listen to the gods. Why should they interfere with human affairs any more.

In the next 800 years, there was no chance for the human world to turn around until the emergence of the first emperor, who combined the Qi of all mankind and unified the world. His achievements were higher than those of the third emperor and surpassed those of the fifth emperor. It was once again ranked as the ninth emperor, the last emperor of later generations, and was called “ZuLong” in the world. Unfortunately, the second Qin Dynasty was destroyed, and only the first emperor was unable to level the equality between heaven and man.


In fact, the situation you mentioned, in short, is that before the discovery of oracle bone inscriptions, China had an exact written history, that is, to the Zhou Dynasty.

So all kinds of fairy novels, such as the romance of gods. Don’t you have clear historical records that you want to put the time of the romance of gods in the three kingdoms or the Sui and Tang Dynasties? You wrote that Guan Yu was proficient in seventy-two changes. Zhou Yu put down the immortal killing array and burned Cao Cao’s army. Do you think it’s realistic?

Therefore, it can only be fabricated in the era of lack of historical evidence before the Zhou Dynasty, so the romance of gods was born.

But later, with the discovery of oracle bone inscriptions, the understanding of Shang became more and more thorough. I’m afraid it will start in summer in the future.

Isn’t it said that Xia and before were myths, Shang was legends, and then history?

The so-called “gods do not interfere with the world” should mean that gods do not interfere with the fate of the world. From the perspective of Chinese mythology system, the three emperors and five emperors are emperors. Are they gods? It’s similar in myth. And the most obvious one is “the romance of gods”. Borrowing the history of King Wu’s attack on Zhou, he wrote a story about gods intervening in the national fortune and sealing the positive gods at the same time. However, it should be noted that “the romance of gods” was written in the Ming Dynasty, and the origin of Chinese mythology is very early. Although it is chaotic, the myths before “the romance” also rarely see the story of gods interfering with the national destiny. In fact, although the emperor on earth falsely used the name of “the son of heaven”, who is willing to hand over the Kingship to the gods? If such an argument is confirmed, it is easy for the initiator and usurper to use the name of the emperor’s disobedience to heaven.

After reviewing the inheritance and evolution of Chinese mythology, we can also see that in addition to the romance of gods, the gods in Chinese mythology have a very ambiguous attitude towards the emperors on earth. It’s rare for a fairy to jump out and say: you emperor do things, immoral, against the law of heaven. It is more about the guidance and correction of the emperors on earth, such as Lao Tzu’s many visits, books, rumors, and so on. Like all the founding emperors were born with visions, and so on. They all use immortals as the background to establish that the emperor received heaven’s way and followed heaven’s will. How can the emperor on earth let the gods stand on his head and be willing to be a puppet.

Even in the romance of gods, we can also see that King Zhou blasphemed and desecrated Nuwa’s mother, which led to Daji’s chaos. However, the national fortune still exists, and Nuwa did not dare to destroy King Zhou, which also requires many means to accelerate King Zhou’s immorality. As for the participation of various immortals and cultivators in the king of Wu’s attack on Zhou, it was also carried out in response to the robbery of gods. It was not the immortals who wanted to destroy Shang and Xing Zhou and organized heavenly soldiers and generals to attack Shang and Zhou on a large scale. This is essentially different from the direct intervention of immortals in the National Games.

In addition, there is another point that immortals intervene in the world, that is, in addition to the fate of the country, they intervene in the lives of immortals, monks and people. This kind of intervention is very common in Taoism, Buddhism and folk deities, and has been spread for a long time. Why not intervene?

First of all, we need to know where the gods come from? After the establishment of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Ziya became the God, and the Tianting system was completely established.


Since the immortal system has been successfully built, why do they want to intervene in human affairs?

Of course, no large-scale intervention does not mean no intervention. After the list of gods, there are still some people who become immortals and gods.

As for now, many people still believe in the God of wealth and the God of God… It can’t be said that the gods have disappeared (first, whether it’s true or not, manual dog head).

Before the Western Zhou Dynasty, the world was chaotic and the immortal system was imperfect. After the Western Zhou Dynasty, the human system became more and more perfect, human understanding continued to deepen, and the demand for God continued to decline. Without demand, immortals and others naturally choose to retreat to the second tier.

In addition, according to the fairy legend, the three worlds of heaven and earth, human beings, gods and ghosts, cannot cross-border intervention.

In fact, ancient gods were aliens. When the transformation of earth people to a certain extent, has completed a certain mission, the rest is waiting for the development of earth people. There was no need for them to intervene, so they retreated to a corner and observed the experimental results. God has eyes, how to say? Everything we do is under the eyes of the great God! The immortal is not far away, just not far away. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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