There will be no more honeymoon!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

Every time we start talking with the United States, there are always people who fantasize about whether China US relations can be “eased”? Can the United States end its “trade war”? Is it possible to put on the switch tax? Is it possible to end the sanctions against our enterprises?

There is even a big hole in the brain. What’s more, we are delusional that “can we work for the United States and earn US dollars again”? Can we become allies of the United States? Completely integrated into the western world?

As a matter of fact, they are all amorous.

Of course, it is necessary to talk about it, because there is a “chain of suspicion” between major powers. We must repeatedly confirm the bottom line of the other side, so as to avoid key strategic miscalculations.

Of course, we can talk about it. In fact, it is a fart. The bottom line of both sides is certain. China will not give up national reunification and national rejuvenation; The United States will not give up its hostility, blockade and strangulation against China; The United States will not give up its world hegemony, East Asian encirclement and anti Communist position The contradiction cannot be resolved, so it’s a fart.

Therefore, it can only be said that “we had a frank, efficient and constructive discussion, fully exchanged views and reached some consensus”

This consensus is actually “you want me to die, but I don’t want to die, or you die first”?


Some people talk about “worse”? In fact, no country in the world wants to be worse than others. Now the earth is playing a game of eating chicken. Everyone is now comparing “who can live and who can live longer”. The collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago is a good example. All major countries in the world have learned a lot from it, such as the ideal of liberating all mankind, the beacon of democracy and freedom, the king’s ambition to dominate the world, reflection and reform, What new thinking It’s better to go on until the opponent has a nervous breakdown, loses patience, loses confidence, goes to the palace, hangs himself, dismembers himself, explodes in situ Those who survive can live better on the corpses of their opponents.

Some people always think that China and the United States can compromise and have another “honeymoon” period. It’s really a 30-year dream and they don’t want to wake up. Now it’s 2022, not 1979. In 1979, the biggest enemy of the United States is not China. In 2022, the biggest enemy of the United States is China. This has nothing to do with our subjective intention to pursue “peace” and “development”. What we think is not important. What the United States thinks is important, Since we can’t change the minds of Americans, we can only live on by ourselves.


What on earth is the United States thinking? Its actions have been made very clear. It has established an Asia Pacific encirclement circle, armed the puppet regimes in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, established an “Asian NATO”, continued its military blockade and encirclement, incited separatist forces and engaged in subversive activities; Its remarks are also candid. Consuls Ge Mingxi and Andrew Sheila, then heads of the economic and Political Department of the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, frankly admitted at a reception in 2021 that the U.S. government understands that there are no so-called “human rights issues” in Xinjiang, but the Japanese people’s speculation can “make Xinjiang poor, unstable and even split away”.

Faced with an opponent of the same size, they dare not fight in a war. Imperialists do not like to work hard, and they cannot make money if they work hard. But they like “peaceful evolution” and like to trick you to commit suicide. When you commit suicide, they can eat. They have only this ability left.

Don’t think the world is too boring, too boring, because this is the “era of deterrence”. Luo Ji’s muzzle points to his own head and the head of his opponent, so the world is peaceful. If you live too safe and well, you will feel bored and boring.

When a person has gone through a difficult childhood, a hungry teenager, and an adolescent full of crises, when all the dangers, shortages, hunger, and dangers have been wiped out, and begins to enter a middle-aged period of career success, food and clothing, and steady progress, and launches a lasting challenge to the enemies in the destiny, of course, you feel bored and boring, because there is no big danger, there is no big happiness; The old enemy can’t be defeated for a while. A protracted war is too much of a test of patience. The struggles, negotiations and threats among middle-aged people are extremely boring. There will never be such a boiling blood as setting up a life-threatening charge for victory, nor will there be a bright glory of sacrificing everything for ideals

The world is no longer young. The whole world has entered middle age. The confrontation between middle-aged people is like this.

You can’t see the gamble of putting all your eggs in one basket, and you can’t see the great sacrifice for all mankind.

Let’s repeat two verses:

1. Survival is the first need of civilization.

2. Civilization continues to grow and expand, but the total amount of material in the universe remains basically unchanged.


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