These people and institutions have no conscience! Key core industries must be nationalized!

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Author: liguangman source: liguangman freezing point review wechat official account id:ligm-479210127 has been authorized to reprint


Previously, we never thought that there would be such vicious events in nucleic acid detection, not just one, but many.

In recent days, Beijing has reported three consecutive cases of nucleic acid testing institutions being put on file for investigation, which makes us doubt that the epidemic has always been banned. Is Omicron really so powerful that even closing the city can not stop its spread? Now it seems that the problem is not so simple. Omicron is terrible, but I am afraid it is not Omicron who is even more terrible, but those people and institutions who are greedy for huge profits.

Beijing Zhongtong LANBO was investigated. On May 29, the Beijing police reported that health care, together with market supervision and public security departments, continued to supervise and inspect the city’s nucleic acid testing institutions. It was found that “Beijing Zhongtong LANBO medical laboratory” was suspected of violating laws and crimes in the process of nucleic acid testing. At present, the Beijing police have filed a case for investigation in the laboratory and seized the legal representative Zhang and others. The truth of the matter is that on May 28, the Municipal Health Commission organized experts to trace the samples of previous negative test results of positive cases. Through video inspection and viewing the amplification records on the PCR instrument, it was found that the traceability records of Beijing Zhongtong Rambo medical laboratory were incomplete, the recording rules were not clear, the original sample circulation sheet and the original paper records of amplification board could not be provided, and the amplification document records at some time points were inconsistent with the self-reported detection quantity of the laboratory, Conduct mixed tube detection for multi tube samples in violation of regulations. Serious violation of quality and safety regulations has affected the accuracy of test results, resulting in untimely detection and control of nucleic acid test positive personnel, resulting in the risk of further spread of the epidemic.

Beijing jinzhun was investigated. On May 27, Ping An Beijing official wechat announced that “Beijing jinzhun medical laboratory Co., Ltd. was suspected of illegal and criminal acts in the process of nucleic acid detection, and the Beijing police have filed a case against the company for investigation.” Wang, the legal representative of the laboratory, has been arrested. The truth of the matter is that since April 25 this year, in order to seek illegal economic benefits, Beijing jinzhun medical laboratory Co., Ltd. has illegally tested the “5 mixed 1” and “10 mixed 1” nucleic acid samples collected in multiple areas by means of multi tube mixed testing, artificially diluting the samples, affecting the accuracy of the test results, and suspected of interfering with the prevention and control of infectious diseases. At present, the company has been put on file for investigation. The legal representative Wang Moumou (male, 43 years old) and other 17 people have been taken criminal coercive measures by Haidian police according to law. The case is under further investigation. This time, 17 people were arrested.

Beijing Pu Shi was investigated. On May 21, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that the police had filed a case for investigation on the related problems of Beijing Pushi medical laboratory on suspicion of interfering with the prevention and control of infectious diseases. At present, criminal measures have been taken against six people, including Zhou, the actual controller of the laboratory, and Wu, the legal representative. The truth is that the original test data are significantly less than the number of samples tested, that is, Pushi medical will not test the samples and directly send the report results to you.

On May 26, the 39th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress decided to remove Yu Luming from the post of director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission. Previously, the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released a message that Yu Luming was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing disciplinary review and supervision investigation by the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. On May 27, yangdaqing, deputy director of Fangshan District Health Committee, jinchanghao, chief of medical administration section, and Xing man, third level chief of medical administration section, were suspected of serious violations of discipline and law during the supervision and management of Beijing Pushi medical laboratory. They are currently undergoing discipline review and supervision investigation by Fangshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Before many nucleic acid testing institutions in Beijing broke the law, there were “poisoning” and counterfeiting incidents in Henan, Anhui and Shanghai.

Zhengzhou Jinyu “poisoning” case. In January this year, Xuchang Public Security Bureau issued a notice saying that because Zhang, the regional head of Zhengzhou Jinyu clinical testing center Co., Ltd., violated the provisions of the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and carried out acts that caused the spread of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection or serious risk of transmission, Yuzhou public security bureau put Zhang on file for investigation on suspicion of criminal crimes and took compulsory measures on January 10, 2022, This is the “golden domain poisoning case” that has aroused widespread concern.

Hefei “false positive” incident. On April 23, the Hefei epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters announced that Hefei hehe medical laboratory and Heba nuower medical laboratory were able to undertake the detection business in the regional nucleic acid detection in Shushan District, seriously exceeding the promised time to issue the detection report, which affected Hefei city’s timely study and judgment of the epidemic situation. More seriously, similar situations had occurred many times before, and some had issued “false positive” reports several times, It seriously interfered with the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hefei. After research, it was decided to give a warning to the above two laboratories and immediately suspend the cooperation business between the two laboratories in Hefei.

Shanghai “false positive” report. On April 30, some residents of No. 1 Binjiang hospital in Shanghai reported to us that they doubted the accuracy of the nucleic acid test data. The nucleic acid test result was positive, but in the recheck test and antigen self-test on the same day, the results were negative. The testing institution that issued the positive report was zhongkerunda. On May 10, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said that in response to the feedback of some online citizens on the results of nucleic acid testing, it had launched an investigation into the relevant third-party testing institutions. If violations were found, they would be strictly investigated and punished in accordance with the law and regulations. However, the survey results have not been followed.

In less than ten days, three cases of falsification in nucleic acid testing were detected in Beijing. Previously, reports of “poisoning” and falsification in nucleic acid testing appeared in Shanghai, Hefei, Henan and other places. At present, large-scale nucleic acid testing is being carried out in all parts of the country. In some places, 48 hour or 72 hour regular testing has been basically formed for the whole staff. Although there are no reports of fraud or “poisoning” in these places, it is really worrying whether there is a situation like Beijing.

Judging from the handling results of these incidents, the “poisoning” incident in Henan has hardly affected the business operation of Jinyu medicine. The two nucleic acid counterfeiting institutions in Hefei have only been kicked out of the government procurement list and have not been subject to criminal punishment. Although Runda medical in Shanghai has been questioned by citizens, there has been no investigation result in simple cases. Beijing has taken the most severe measures, not only against relevant companies The agency has implemented criminal case filing investigation, and has also conducted criminal case filing for relevant government officials involved in the case.

Linzhibo, President of the Sichuan Branch of the people’s daily, said, “If we don’t stop the astonishing profits of nucleic acid, the epidemic will surely be endless. We call on the public security and national security to intervene in large-scale epidemic prevention and criminal investigation to find out whether it was’ poisoned ‘. Linzhibo suspects that someone was poisoned, either by the US emperor and the Japanese crown or by the nucleic acid vaccine company. As long as they poisoned and infected several people at a very small cost, the city had to ask all the staff or force nucleic acid testing, and hundreds of millions of dollars were pocketed by the nucleic acid company. This money It’s easy to earn. “

What important warnings do these cases give us? What relevant measures should we take next?

First, we need to understand the seriousness of the impact of the current epidemic on China. While countries around the world are lying flat, China still adheres to the policy of putting life first and the people first, and strictly abides by it. This is a sign of being highly responsible for the lives and health of the Chinese people. At the same time, the Chinese government is also under great pressure. This pressure is not only political, but also economic. At present, China’s economic indicators show that the downward pressure on the economy has increased. In addition, the epidemic in Shanghai has lasted for more than two months, and that in Beijing has lasted for one month. Intermittent epidemics have also occurred in major cities, which has brought great pressure on China’s social stability and economic development. The recurrence of the epidemic will bring serious anxiety and anxiety to people’s psychology, and will also harm the economic recovery. At this time, some unscrupulous businessmen and capitalists did not hesitate to resort to fraud in order to obtain more lucrative profits, and even some government officials participated in it, which directly caused serious damage to social stability and economic development. Therefore, those businessmen and capitalists who earn money without conscience behave very badly, and those corrupt officials are even more shameful. If they are not severely punished, it is not enough to calm the people’s anger. If they are not severely punished, they will not be able to prevent the occurrence of “poisoning” and fraud, and will not be able to end the epidemic as soon as possible.

Second, the current international situation is very complex and grim. The Russian Ukrainian war has triggered major changes in global geopolitics. The United States and Western blocs have not only imposed comprehensive sanctions on Russia, but also continued to contain, encircle and strangle China. China is facing enormous diplomatic, political and strategic pressure. Undercurrents are surging in the Taiwan, South China Sea, East China Sea and Korean Peninsula around China. Danger is everywhere. The United States and the West are like demons, ready to move, We must be quick to destroy China. In this highly sensitive and complex situation, if China has repeated epidemics, stagnated development and unstable people, it will inevitably be used by the United States and the west, and the process of China’s rise and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation may be delayed or even interrupted. It is very important to control the epidemic situation as soon as possible and dynamically clear it, so as to provide a good internal and external environment for economic development and social stability. At this time, some illegal businessmen, in order to gain more illegal excess profits for their own self-interest, disregard national security and people’s health, do not hesitate to take bribes and bend the law, and take risks. This is a kind of traitor selling state assets and enemies, which must be severely punished.

Third, various signs show that the current COVID-19 is a large-scale biological war launched by the United States or the US biomedical capital group against all mankind, including the current monkeypox epidemic. These pharmaceutical capital groups want to obtain excess profits through the circular closed loop of poisoning, vaccines and specific drugs. If the epidemic continues, the excess profits will continue to roll in forever. Dealing with biological war may become the most urgent and important direction for us to prepare for war at present and for a long time in the future. In order to win this biological war, we must nationalize some key core areas in the biomedical industry, such as vaccines, nucleic acid testing, and the development and production of important drugs. Only when the state controls these key core areas can we effectively respond to the biological war between countries. Otherwise, in the face of a more severe biological war, we will be difficult to respond effectively and will be choked by hostile countries and forces, There may even be unscrupulous capitalists hoarding, taking the opportunity to raise prices, practicing fraud, passing inferior goods off as good, or even poisoning, harming the country and the people. Therefore, I think it is very important to nationalize some key core areas in the biomedical industry, such as vaccines, nucleic acid testing, and the development and production of important drugs, and even carry out military control at critical and sensitive times. For example, when the current epidemic prevention and control is severe and illegal capitalists practice fraud, these enterprises can be subject to military control.

Fourth, in recent years, the penetration of international capital into China’s key industries has been very serious. Some important sensitive fields, industries and institutions have been infiltrated and even controlled by foreign capital. This penetration is not only the penetration of capital, that is, equity, but also the control of China through patents. Now we need to comprehensively clean up the shares of vaccine, testing, research and development of important and key strategic drugs, manufacturers, companies and institutions, see how seriously China is controlled by foreign capital in these key core areas, and see who earns those excess profits. It is necessary to nationalize key core areas and industries that have a bearing on the success or failure of biological warfare. This is not a trivial matter, but an extremely important event. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to cope with and win the biological war. We will pay a heavier price, and we may lose our country and species in a biological war. Therefore, it should be an important direction for China to clean up and nationalize these important vaccine, testing, and important drug development and production industries.

Fifth, during the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, illegal businessmen entrapped the volunteer army. At that time, after receiving the fixed payment for six urgently needed drugs and medical devices such as “Xiaofa Mieding powder” and “chloramphenicol” ordered by the volunteer army, some unscrupulous businessmen used “first-aid kits” made of rotten cotton and old gauze to offset the delivery, resulting in the deterioration of the condition of a large number of wounded and sick people of the volunteer army, and some people were maimed and killed, causing great anger among the people all over the country. The “five evils” in the “three evils and five evils” campaign carried out at that time were “anti bribery, anti tax evasion, anti theft of state property, anti Jerry building, and anti theft of national economic intelligence”, which was a campaign against those illegal capitalists who were obsessed with profit. Now we have seen once again that these unscrupulous capitalists, who are obsessed with profit, do not hesitate to take risks in order to illegally obtain excess profits at a time of major crisis in the country, and even poison and commit fraud in order to keep the epidemic going. This behavior is a serious crime and must be resolutely cracked down on and severely punished.

Sixth, now we need to analyze where the vaccine and testing costs should come from in response to the epidemic. In my opinion, the current epidemic response is actually a biological war with hostile countries and forces. The entire cost should not be paid from social security and medical insurance funds, but from the financial funds of the state and local governments. Social security and medical insurance are the people’s money to protect their lives. Some people even put the so-called special drugs worth 2300 yuan a box of Pfizer into the medical insurance. In this way, before long, our medical insurance fund will be emptied by some forces. Therefore, medical insurance must not be used to pay for vaccines, tests and new crown infections, but should be included in the special government expenditure. In addition, due to the huge cost of responding to the epidemic, it is difficult to ensure that some corrupt elements will not take advantage of it. Therefore, just like every major project requires major special audit and supervision, the government should conduct strict audit and supervision on the funds used by the government in vaccine, testing and treatment at any time. If problems are found, they should be strictly held accountable, and any illegal acts should be transferred to justice.

In short, we should deal with this epidemic as we did with the war. We should severely crack down on the people and institutions who have lost all conscience, the unscrupulous businessmen who take risks, and the officials who collude with hostile forces and unscrupulous businessmen, who are corrupt and corrupt.

Finally, I would like to emphasize once again that the core and key industries in the field of biomedicine must be nationalized and firmly controlled by the state.

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