These two photos of military aircraft show the biggest difference between China and the United States!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


It is still with great emotion that these two photos of military aircraft make people feel that the world has really changed, and also see the biggest difference between China and the United States.

The two photos both appeared in the same place. I also went to Kabul International Airport.

The first one is the C17 transport aircraft of the US air force. It was last August that the US troops left Kabul in a hurry. Hundreds of Afghans surrounded C17 and tried to climb onto the plane, but C17 took off forcibly in the crowd

The tragic scene was even more tragic than when the United States fled the West Palace.

The second photo shows Yun 20 of the Chinese air force. Just two days ago, the Chinese military aircraft arrived at Kabul airport with a large number of disaster relief supplies. Chinese and Arab officials took a group photo in front of the supplies. The scene was touching.

In less than a year, at the same place, C17 had no time to take away people, so it evacuated in a hurry; Yun 20 came with the aid of tents, towels, quilts, folding beds, etc. Afghan officials greeted him.

I believe that the mood of people in the two photos is also very different.

In the second picture, needless to say, in the first picture, people are full of fear, a kind of despair of being abandoned, so they try to climb the C17 like grasping a straw.

In the middle of this, there were also sad scenes. When a C17 took off, many Afghan civilians were crushed and killed; Another time, when C17 flew into the air, two figures fell from the air like ants and died

Their fate, in fact, is the same as that of ants.

This has also become the most unbearable witness of the war in Afghanistan launched by the United States.


It is very frustrating that, despite such a tragic incident, a recent US investigation found that the C17 crew followed the rules of engagement and the law of armed conflict applicable to the incident, so there was no problem

Alas, in Afghanistan, the United States has fought for 20 years, from the Taliban to the Taliban, and finally left Afghanistan in despair. After leaving, he did not forget to withhold Afghanistan’s billions of dollars of foreign exchange reserves and refused to return them to the Afghans.

Smashed Afghanistan is struggling with extreme poverty and suffering.

When the house leaks, it rains at night. When the boat is broken, it meets the headwind. On June 22 this year, another strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck Afghanistan, killing more than 1500 people, the deadliest earthquake in Afghanistan in 20 years.

Afghanistan, a mountainous country, is a country prone to earthquakes. When I was working in Afghanistan 20 years ago, I also suffered an earthquake. I still clearly remember that when I was in the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan, I saw a corner of the Foreign Ministry building collapse. However, the earthquake 20 years later could not be compared with that 20 years ago.

The United States has patted its ass and gone, and the humanitarian disaster continues.

When neighbors are in trouble, China, as the largest neighbor, naturally needs to lend a helping hand. The Chinese government immediately decided to provide 50million yuan of emergency humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.


On the 27th, Wangyi also held a telephone conversation with acting foreign minister Mottaki of the Afghan interim government to express condolences, and said that China’s central and local governments, social organizations, enterprises and other forces worked overtime to actively implement emergency humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and help the Afghan people tide over the difficulties

The Chinese air force yun-20 plane loaded with relief supplies arrived at Kabul International Airport.

When we entered Afghanistan in 2001, we landed at Bagram air base controlled by the US Army at that time, because Kabul airport had just been destroyed by US missiles; When I left Kabul in 2002, I left the newly built Kabul International Airport.

This humble airport has also witnessed the sadness of the Chinese people. As you know, the last time a Chinese military plane landed at this airport was 18 years ago – in june2004, an Il-76 transport plane of our air force arrived in Kabul and took back the remains of 11 Chinese workers killed in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan

The past is full of emotion.

Therefore, when talking with Mottaki by telephone, Wangyi, in addition to expressing his respect for Afghanistan’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, added that he believed that Afghanistan would take practical measures to resolutely crack down on all terrorist forces including the “East Iraq movement” and strengthen the security protection of Chinese citizens and institutions in Afghanistan.

Mottaki also reiterated his commitment that the Arab side fully understands China’s security concerns and is willing to work with China to combat terrorism.

Two military aircraft, less than a year later, both appeared at Kabul airport. According to some netizens, one took life and the other sent hope.

This may be the biggest difference between China and the United States.


Finally, let’s make a little suggestion.

When I saw the Chinese aid materials unloaded from the aircraft, there were four Chinese characters “humanitarian aid” written on them. I didn’t see other English and Afghan characters. Maybe there were some, or the characters were too small, or I didn’t see them.

What I want to say is that we Chinese may be too introverted and implicit, and pay attention to good deeds without leaving a name, but after all, the state is not an individual, especially this kind of international humanitarian assistance, which ultimately helps ordinary people, so we should leave a name for good deeds and write humanitarian assistance in a big way, and it is China’s humanitarian assistance.

Not only in Chinese, but also in English, so that the world can see; It should be written in the local language so that ordinary Afghans can see it.

See our Chinese sincerity, our Chinese friendship, and the kindness of our Chinese people. We can even find oneortwo local proverbs to express our determination to tide over the difficulties together.

This can be publicized both internally and externally. Don’t underestimate these details. They may bring no less than half of the disaster relief materials.

Of course, this time may be a hurry. After all, saving people is like fighting a fire. But next time, we can think more carefully. We did, so let’s not be afraid to say more.

Finally, I wish the suffering Afghan people to tide over the difficulties as soon as possible.

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