They began to fight “female fist” against China

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Source: wechat official account: Bu Yidao has been authorized to reprint

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A report suddenly issued by the US Anti China media linked several sensitive labels to China.

“Transnational repression”, “Asian women”, “journalists”, “cyber attacks”

Obviously, hanging so many highly “eye-catching” labels on foreign and Chinese social media is to forcibly stir up the content involved in this report.

Especially from some clues and traces, from the news sources quoted in this report, to some so-called “attacked objects” involved, and then to the release time node, we can see that the black hand behind it wants to create attention by taking advantage of certain emotions on western social media and the heat of sensitive social events in China.

Among them, “women’s rights” has become the “breakthrough” carefully selected by them.


As a “government force” in the Anti China media of the United States, VOA issued a report on June 21, claiming that “violence and sexual assault threats, traitor accusations, and physical insults… These are a series of cyber attacks that Asian journalists, especially female journalists, who cover China’s political and human rights affairs, may face every time they publish an article”.


Looking at these words, we can see that they all deliberately highlight the “special treatment” suffered by the so-called “China related reports” of Asian journalists, and they only mention the “female journalists”.

People with a clear eye can see that this description is to cater to the attention paid to women’s rights on social media at home and abroad.

Not to mention the authenticity and right and wrong of the content involved in this report, as long as these “tag words” are seen, many netizens will awaken their preconceived positions and perceptions and prophesy to prove themselves.

Then, whether the content of the report is a fact or not is no longer important.

This report mainly cites a so-called “report” recently released by the Australian Institute for strategic policy (ASPI). This “report” claims that well-known journalists and other Chinese analysts who report “China related content” are facing a “sustained and coordinated large-scale online information offensive” on twitter

It also said that Asian women face the most serious abuse and slander.

ASPI, a think tank headquartered in Canberra, Australia, claimed that they found that the twitter account behind the action was probably another “spamouflag”. In 2019, twitter punished more than 100000 accounts similar to this operating network.

A twitter spokesman said: the activities found in the ASPI report are part of the “fake spam” network. The company has blocked more than 400 relevant accounts for violating the platform policy. The spokesman said that the investigation is still under way.

The author of the ASPI report and the “black hand” hiding behind it may be secretly happy that some of their goals are being achieved.


The VOA report slandered China through their usual “analysts” and non-governmental organization personages, saying that “the purpose of this action is to make domestic and international audiences believe that the work of these female journalists is not credible, so as to deny the criticisms and doubts issued by these journalists”.

VOA also interviewed a so-called “women who have been harassed in the recent round” listed in the ASPI report. The Chinese American woman claimed that “the abusive attacks on female activists and journalists caused some of them to either not be on social media at all or to conduct some degree of self censorship.”

To put it bluntly, they want to give an impression to foreign social media users. This action “silences those who tell the truth in some way.”

As the author of the report, ASPI researcher Albert Zhang said, “this action shows that the precision of the actions to harass these women is likely to be greatly improved.”

However, the spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the United States quickly responded to this extremely confusing report. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy said: “China condemns the harassment of women and opposes linking this matter with the Chinese government without evidence.”

He also said: “China has always welcomed the media and journalists from all over the world to engage in coverage and reporting in China in accordance with the law and regulations, and to provide convenience for their work and life in China. What we oppose is the ideological prejudice against China. What we oppose is the so-called freedom of the press to fabricate false news. What we oppose is the act that violates the professional ethics of journalism.”


Why is it that the cooperation between the US Anti China media and the Australian think tank ASPI has obvious traces of conscious speculation?

ASPI’s “report” was originally released on June 3. However, it did not attract much attention from the outside world at that time.


Although ASPI seems to be an Australian think tank, in fact, the US State Department and military enterprises are the main foreign “financiers” of this think tank.

The United States uses false information as a political tool to put pressure on China’s attacks, and has formed an industrial chain of “black gold, black theory and black mouth” Anti China public opinion. On the surface, anti China comments come from some think tanks, media and politicians, but in fact, there is a huge capital driven chain behind them.

Some think tanks and academic institutions concocted “black theories” to shape Anti China international public opinion through western discourse hegemony. Politicians and the media acted as “black mouthed” and widely spread China related lies and fallacies. For example, many lies about Xinjiang and the traceability of novel coronavirus come from the Australian ASPI think tank.

The U.S. State Department alone subsidized ASPI nearly a $1.4 million a year, and all of it was used for anti China projects. ASPI has spread a series of lies and false information on virus traceability, Xinjiang related issues, data security and other issues. Previously, xuxiuzhong, the “national hate party” whom we had deeply picked up, was the so-called “researcher” of this ASPI think tank.

This “report” of ASPI is not a rigorous report at all. At best, it is to complete the task assigned to them by the black hands behind it. It interviewed some “specific objects” and listed some collected information through their words to prove their arguments as “evidence” rather than “evidence”.

Generally speaking, it is a “black material” for splashing dirty water. Earlier, the so-called report on “forced labor in Xinjiang” written by xuxiuzhong in ASPI think tank was also this way. There is no reliability at all.

In addition, the so-called “attacked objects” mentioned in the ASPI material are also carefully selected. Moreover, we also saw the names of some old acquaintances.

For example, xiaomuyi of the New York Times.

We once exposed her old background. She worked as a photographer in a domestic media, and later worked for Reuters and the Chinese embassy. In 2020, xiaomuyi officially joined the visual investigation team of the new york times as a new reporter.


After joining the New York Times, xiaomuyi concocted a series of reports that distorted China’s new crown anti epidemic. “The Chinese government covers up the epidemic situation”, “the people do not trust the government”, “the government attacks’ whistleblowers’,” the epidemic is China’s Chernobyl “… Xiao Muyi’s report caters to the dark imagination of the Western Anti China forces on the Chinese epidemic situation.

Like her “senior sister” xuxiuzhong, xiaomuyi also extended the black hand of Anti China propaganda to Xinjiang related topics.

Another example is fanjiayang, who works for the new Yorker.

When there was a black storm in Hong Kong, she went to Hong Kong to support the mob, but was beaten by the mob. Later, she sent a document to “thank” the mob and disliked her Chinese face and yellow skin.

She has also published many articles that smear China. For example, it was previously reported that in her interview with Liu Cixin, she compared China US relations to “the confrontation between backward earthlings and highly developed trisomy”, and made fun of Liu Cixin’s patriotic feelings.

Others listed by ASPI are similar to them, and some are not real journalists, but only “special contributors”. However, they all have one thing in common, that is, the “content of hating the country” is relatively high.

The traces of speculation are also reflected in the choice of time nodes.

As mentioned above, the so-called report started in early June, but the effect was poor. However, in the early morning of June 10, the beating incident in Tangshan barbecue shop was exposed. Out of a simple sense of justice, domestic netizens quickly paid great attention to the point that “thugs harass and beat women”.

In the view of these overseas Anti China media and “black theory” producers, this has become a good opportunity to rub the heat.

An anti cyber violence alliance, a joint group with the main task of “helping to solve the problem of online harassment faced by female journalists”, issued a statement on June 11, quoting ASPI’s “report” on social media, and condemning such attacks against “female journalists”.


This has begun to consciously turn to the direction of “feminism”.

Now, the VOA report is intended to deepen the impression of some netizens at home and abroad, claiming that this “online harassment and attack against Asian female journalists” is related to the Chinese government. He also said that the recent campaign to “get rid of women” in Chinese society is an example of this kind of patriotism against women.

It is self-evident what is behind this operation.


A former media resident in Europe said that the “excellent Asian women” referred to in the ASPI report, in their eyes, meet this standard are those Asian women who are willing to serve the Anti China forces and make a living in western society by selling the country and slandering their compatriots.

In fact, ordinary Chinese people are dissatisfied with the malicious and distorted reports on China. What they have corrected is the false information they create out of ideological bias, which has nothing to do with the gender of journalists. The topic of speculation is that some foreign think tanks and media have ulterior motives to link with the issue of women’s rights.

These journalists are falling into their own trap. Their anti China information has further stimulated the anti Chinese crimes of western countries against Asians, making them easy to become the direct victims of foreign Street hate crimes.

Do they dare to attack or complain about this more realistic and tragic situation?

To make matters worse, in addition to online attacks on patriotic accounts, these anti China institutions and Anti China media people have also launched targeted attacks on Chinese media agencies and journalists stationed abroad in recent years. The Anti China and hate China trend they have promoted is contributing to the occurrence of some extreme events.

For example, some countries have besieged and arrested Chinese journalists at the interview site, and used media regulators to issue numerous huge fines for Chinese media reports related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and even threatened to expel Chinese media institutions.

These practices are naked obstacles to press freedom and the personal safety of journalists, but the western society turns a blind eye to them.

Moreover, ASPI, a think tank, has always held an anti China stance. Previously, this pseudo think tank also fabricated China related lies such as “genocide”, “forced labor” and “novel coronavirus laboratory manufacturing” in Xinjiang.

It should be said that the reason why they can think of these attack angles is precisely because some western countries, including Australia, have committed genocide and slave labor crimes in history, and their latest fabrication that China is carrying out the so-called “digital transnational repression” is actually what they are doing to Chinese Internet users while creating false information.

On june11,2020, twitter deleted 170000 accounts overnight. The common crime of these account holders is “spreading information beneficial to the Chinese government”. At that time, some anti Chinese media directly pointed out that Twitter’s action was carried out in cooperation with ASPI. The Chinese employees working in the Agency identified each account supporting China one by one and provided the list to twitter. A similar online massacre was carried out at the end of that year, resulting in the closure of nearly 3500 accounts.

Therefore, for ASPI, a pseudo think tank specializing in Anti China strategic research and making a living by concocting false information, while creating false information, it coerces social media platforms to eliminate Chinese users on a large scale. This behavior itself shows the truth of the so-called “freedom of speech” in the West.

It should be noted that as some Western ultra nationalist politicians continue to slander and attack China’s governance and use human rights as a pretext to suppress China, the overall western atmosphere towards China has deteriorated.

Now the western media have increasingly lost their so-called objective and fair position on the reporting of China related issues. Ideology is in command, and “everything in China must be opposed” has become the guideline for the writing of China related reports. This also determines that the journalists and writers working for these media will inevitably cater to this agenda setting and use the so-called hell filter to view the development and changes of Chinese society.

The Chinese condemn the harassment of female groups, and always welcome the media and journalists from all over the world to cover and report in China in accordance with laws and regulations. However, what the Chinese do not welcome is the ideological prejudice against China, what they do not welcome is the so-called freedom of the press to fabricate fake news, and what they oppose is the violation of journalistic professional ethics.

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