Third, talk about drug teaching materials | perhaps we have never understood the real root of American power!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Dare Chinese capital, like McDonald’s, sacrifice their profits for the interests of the country?

Dare you, like Zuckerberg, abandon the largest market in order to adhere to national values?

Dare you stick to your own ideas like the NBA and compete with the world’s second largest economy?

If they dare not, why should we talk about the game between China and the United States?

Why can American enterprises maintain a high degree of consistency with the country? Why?

Any country that learns this advantage of the United States will be invincible!

I’d like to talk about the US sanctions first. Today, from a new perspective.

Since May, all American enterprises in Russia have stopped business.

One of them is McDonald’s, the favorite McDonald’s in Russia!


In 1990, the first McDonald’s Restaurant appeared on the Pushkin square in Moscow, the former Soviet Union. Since the tasting, the Soviets or Russians have a honey love for McDonald’s, which is simply magical. Every day there are long lines at the door of McDonald’s.

Not only do I like to eat McDonald’s, but I also have special feelings for this brand. At that time, McDonald’s announced that it would recruit 600 jobs. As a result, it received about 27000 applications, and the elimination rate was as high as 97.8%.

Over the past 30 years, McDonald’s has been attacking cities and territories in Russia, investing nearly 10 billion dollars. Today, McDonald’s has more than 850 companies and 62000 employees.


It seems that it is impossible for Russians not to eat McDonald’s. as a result, many people went to Belarus to buy and sell McDonald’s in Russia after its closure.

The Russian market is very important to McDonald’s, and its turnover accounts for about 9% of its total turnover!

However, at the call of the US government, McDonald’s immediately volunteered to close its stores and withdraw from the Russian market.

Do you think McDonald’s is stupid?

How much will it cost.

Equally stupid are apple, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks And a large number of American enterprises.

They all withdrew from Russia, suffered great losses, and did not say a word!

American companies are really stupid sometimes. I can’t help thinking of Zuckerberg.

More than a decade ago, Zuckerberg made full preparation and careful planning in all aspects to get access to the Chinese market. He really took great pains.

He advertised himself as a Chinese son-in-law, made video dumplings, packaged the image of a philanthropist, and ran in Beijing Create a good pro China image;


China also welcomed Xiao Zha, saying that as long as China’s laws are respected and servers are set up in China, they can enter the Chinese market, which is welcomed by the Chinese people.

At this time, Zuckerberg’s entry into the Chinese market was already a step in the door, and the world’s largest market was about to open its arms to him.

At that time, Zuckerberg resolutely gave up the Chinese market because he was unwilling to “respect Chinese laws and set up servers in China”.

At least 10 billion dollars in the market, Zuckerberg said no, no!

Maybe he has always kept his responsibility and mission in mind:

Convey the values of American extortion and racial discrimination;

Compile the historical view of the United States, which confuses black and white and creates something out of nothing;

Assist the United States to sow discord and stir up trouble, and establish an international order for global harvesting;


Do you think he is stupid? A businessman thinks so much

Because he thinks that China’s requirements do not conform to Zuckerberg’s values;

The market of 1.4 billion people is more than the sum of the whole American and Western world!

And he chose to be loyal to his motherland.

Similarly stupid is the NBA. In 2019, Morey released a picture on INS to openly insult China.

Immediately triggered the dissatisfaction and anger of countless Chinese people, and also hurt the hearts of countless Rocket fans.

So, began a comprehensive boycott of the NBA!

China began to boycott the NBA. In addition, the bombing of the NBA in 1999, the aircraft collision in the South China Sea in 2001 and the 523 in 2008 were banned four times.

The four bans have caused heavy losses to the NBA. China is the largest overseas market of the NBA, a market that can create about $4billion a year for the NBA, and a huge market of about 380million NBA fans.

However, under the temptation of huge interests, the NBA has always stood firmly with its own motherland to safeguard American values and vowed never to bow its head. They firmly believe that the United States is the supreme ruler of the world. He insists that what he said is right

The nearly 500 NBA players and thousands of people related to the entire NBA industry, from the last century to the 1990s to today, no one wavered in any event, nor did any video or speech show the intention of apologizing.

In fact, as long as you say something soft, the NBA can earn 4billion more, but the NBA doesn’t want it!

Facing China, they unite as one person!

In the end, the NBA reopened in China and was full, because all Chinese fans were moved by the patriotism of the NBA, er, I hope so

There are many such examples, so I won’t mention them one by one.

For example, many luxury goods in the United States always insist on humiliating China and never apologize, even if they lose more turnover.

Let alone luxury goods, such as Nike, always adhere to principles and never apologize.

Money, can not earn, but never bow.

American enterprises have always been in line with the government and the country, at least on issues agreed by the two parties.

Of course, you can say that if McDonald’s does not withdraw from Russia and the NBA apologizes, the American media will spray them and the American people will scold them.

So, this is another question. Why can the US media and people maintain the values that are completely consistent with the US government?

Are these actions of American enterprises stupid?

If it were Chinese capital, what would it do?

Chinese enterprises will certainly not be as stupid as American enterprises, because western economics tells us that profit is the first criterion for enterprises.

Being responsible to shareholders is the first principle, and making money is the most important!

In 2018, the Sino US trade war began.

Trump’s tariff increase in China has led to soaring prices in the United States. Trump said with a smile: it’s all China’s fault.

American enterprises have also been greatly impacted, but they say, yes, China is to blame.

Trump’s tariff hikes have led to problems in China’s exports. Some foreign trade enterprises in China say: it’s all China’s fault. Why don’t you agree to the conditions of the United States?

Why not kneel down for America?

Can’t you admit your mistake to America?

Everyone blames China anyway

At the beginning of the trade war, Chinese enterprises were full of complaints, and capitulationists were emerging one after another. Finally, the people’s daily couldn’t stand it, and repeatedly criticized capitulationism.

The excerpts are as follows:

In the face of the US side’s initiative to provoke and wantonly escalate Sino US economic and trade frictions, some people feel anxious and worried, and there have been some remarks about “fearing and worshiping the United States”. For example, there is a view that China should not fight back, but should lower its profile and compromise, try to meet the US requirements as much as possible, in exchange for us sympathy and “exemption”.

People who have the mentality of “fearing and worshiping the United States” do not objectively judge the right and wrong in the face of Sino US economic and trade frictions, but almost instinctively think that the US approach is “always reasonable”. China’s fight with the United States is “an egg against a stone”, and it is their own misfortune.

This kind of psychology of “fearing and worshiping beauty” is rooted in the humiliating history of China’s modern history of poverty and weakness and being bullied by foreign powers. It is a kind of psychology of extreme self-confidence. It always believes that “the moon of foreign countries is rounder than that of China”, so it is easy to be afraid to give in in to storms. Of course, there are also some people with ulterior motives who attempt to weaken the confidence of the Chinese people and create chaos by exaggerating the strength gap between China and the United States and advocating the view that China will lose in confrontation with the United States. Others are confused by the “fear of beauty and worship of beauty” speech because they do not know what to do or have a half understanding of it.

I’m still talking about foreign trade enterprises. I haven’t said comprador enterprises yet. It’s more like kneeling down when there’s nothing to do.

Speaking of which, have you thought about a question? China is the world’s largest trading country. We always say that China has too many compradors. What about the Chinese compradors in the United States?

In 2021, China’s exports reached US $6.5 trillion, ranking the first in the world, more than US $4.6 trillion.

What about foreign Chinese compradors? How can you just see China’s foreign compradors?

In 2021, China’s exports to the United States will be $3.72 trillion, and the United States’ exports to China will be $1.17 trillion.

China’s exports are three times more than those of the United States. NIMA, according to this principle, the Chinese comprador of the United States should be more than three times more than the American comprador of China. How can the Chinese comprador kneel down alone?

Why should we be grateful to others when we sell things to foreign countries and when we buy things from foreign countries.

What’s more, what you buy will decrease in price, and what you sell will increase in price

Why are American enterprises so united that they can be united with the government?

Because when we enjoy the drug teaching materials, let’s see what Americans are doing.

The course of patriotism in the United States has been carried out throughout. It has penetrated into a series of compulsory courses, such as citizenship, history, humanities, etc. from enrollment to grade 12, from state history to American history to world history, and also to learn “our achievements”, “our system”, “social responsibility and moral quality of the United States”.

Yes, Americans also have specific questions. Why do we use drugs to kill hundreds of thousands of people every year, and the virus kills onemillion people, but our system is still the first in the world?

The American history textbook “we Americans” is considered to be the most systematic textbook to educate the origin and development of the United States in simple terms. The catalog says: enhance middle school students’ mission and confidence in our nation and country.

“American history” should be studied 3 times in American public schools!

Er, if the American version of yuantengfei was giving them lessons, it was estimated that his legs would be discounted after class.

Patriotism education in the United States permeates almost every corner.

The national flag, the national anthem and the portrait of the president, which are the symbols of the United States, can be seen and heard everywhere. Almost every class hangs the national flag and the portrait of the president of the United States. Loving the national flag is an important part of students’ patriotism education. Every day’s course starts with singing the national anthem and swearing allegiance to the national flag.

During the flag raising ceremony, the students put their hands on their chest, looked pious and solemnly said: I am loyal to the national flag and the United States of America.

When a school wide event is held, the first agenda is always to stand up and play the national anthem.

Life is education. In this way, the education of American spirit and patriotism permeates the school life in the United States.

The social studies courses in American middle schools advocate that the responsibility of the United States is to “lead the world”, and encourage young people to work hard to maintain the strong position of the United States in the world and maintain world peace and world order.

Therefore, trump said that China is to blame. Why do Americans agree? Because Americans have always believed that “leading the world” is their responsibility since childhood. You and China do not Respect leadership

Not to mention the strong patriotism of American movies and other works, Hollywood blockbusters will always promote the American spirit to the world


How big is the difference between patriotism education and drug teaching?

Therefore, the U.S. government dares not to ask what you can do for the United States, but what you can do for the United States.

You don’t care what people say, but it can make Americans orgasm

Therefore, the United States will never be able to go out of the way, otherwise it is estimated that the house at home will be ordered.

We are really far behind in this work.

First learn from Americans about patriotism. However, over the years, many universities and the public know that they are learning from them. Unfortunately, they have not learned to love their motherland, but have learned to love the United States.

The Nationalist Party and compradors learned best, and better than Americans.

When will the United States collapse?

Before McDonald’s, Facebook and NBA collapse, the United States will not collapse.

Through a series of recent events, we can see that:

Unfortunately, we still have a rather arduous way to go in terms of the soft power of cultural construction.

Their enterprises can highly support the country because of their long-term adherence to patriotism education!

If we can have an entrepreneur like Zuckerberg who shares a common destiny with the country, an organization like the NBA, and a brand like McDonald’s that makes self sacrifice for national interests, China will certainly be strong.

On the contrary, if the poison teaching materials fail in the end, I tell you that China will be strong, will you believe it?

I have to say that Americans are really good at learning.

The great man said: give up fantasy and prepare for struggle.

Americans have learned that containing China has become the most consistent and firm consensus of the two parties in the United States.

The great man said: the enemy has more steel and less gas, but we have less steel and more gas.

Americans have learned.

Americans say that although your steel output accounts for more than half of the world, more than 15 times that of us, we are so angry.

Your enterprises and capital are compradors and soft footed shrimp. Why should you fight us?

Yesterday, I wrote a textbook on drugs again ? the really terrible thing has never been the United States. Some friends are unconvinced and say that it is all the fault of the United States. It is forces outside the United States that did it.

Hey, does it matter if the United States did this?

Americans forced us to draw with guns? Or did you force us to have a trial with a nuclear bomb?

Mencius said thousands of years ago that man must insult himself, and then others insult him

This is the root of America’s strength. Many people say that they want to learn from America every day. Can they seriously study it?

Can you learn?

It’s never too late to mend!

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