Thirty million underage, depressed!

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Either depressed or depressed

In May this year, a news about a 14-year-old depressed teenager who died after being fed with Fushui by the master hit the hot search.

Suffering from depression and abnormal behavior, the boy’s father contacted the so-called “master” through friends to find a solution. As everyone knows, the “master” drew spells and invited gods, especially the operation of forced feeding Rune water led to the disappearance of a living life.

Behind this, it not only reflects the lack of understanding of depression by parents and society, but also leads to a problem – adolescent depression.

Thirty or forty years ago, the medical profession believed that depression would not happen to teenagers; But now, the emergence of depression is more and more young and serious.

In 2017, the China Youth Development Report released by the China Youth Research Center and the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League showed that nearly 30million Chinese teenagers under the age of 17 were troubled by emotions and behaviors, developed depressive symptoms, and even endangered their lives in serious cases.

After about three years, the national mental health development report of China (2019-2020) shows that the prevalence of depression among domestic adolescents is as high as 24.6%, of which 7.4% are severe depression; Most of these groups are junior high school students.


Only from the data of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University, which specializes in the treatment of mental and psychological diseases, we can find that the number of junior and senior high school students suffering from depression is more and younger.

At the end of 2010, the proportion of patients with depression in the children’s ward of the hospital was about 23%, with an average age of 14.3 years. However, by the end of 2019, these two figures had increased and decreased to 66.7% and 13.6 years respectively.

China has always advocated that teenagers are the flowers of the motherland, so the government, society and families should pay more attention to the problem of the younger and more serious depression.

From the case of “drinking Rune water to death”, it can be seen that the Chinese people do not have a comprehensive understanding of depression and may not be correct. To improve the aggravation of adolescent depression, correct ideas should be spread before actions.

First of all, it should be clear that depression is not the same as depression. Only by recognizing the difference between depression and depression can we find out the depression of teenagers earlier and resolve it.

Many people have had depression, such as depression caused by failing to pass the exam, temporary blow caused by changes in surrounding things, etc.

Depression is a mental disorder with strict diagnostic criteria. Depression is diagnosed only when several diagnostic conditions are met.

“Depression” will show the decline of the patients’ brain reaction speed, physical activity ability, social and learning desire; The expression of “Yu” is emotional depression.

Generally speaking, the precursors of depression include irritability, irritability, unprovoked resentment and other emotions. Most of the early symptoms of depression also include persistent depression, loss of interest in social life, insomnia, anorexia, weight loss, fatigue and other conditions, as well as cognitive impairment such as memory decline, inattention, sluggish response, and decreased creativity.

Generally, if these symptoms last for more than two weeks and have a serious impact on their normal learning, life and social functions, they may be depression. They should go to a professional institution for diagnosis in time.

In addition, compared with the depression of adults, the negative emotions and consequences of adolescents are easy to be ignored, or easily mixed with rebellious period, depression and other issues, which makes it difficult to distinguish. This leads to that many adolescents with depression in China are already moderately or severely depressed when they go to the hospital.

Therefore, in the current domestic phenomenon of youth and severity of depression, we should also pay extra attention to the concealment of adolescent depression.

These are important causes of their depression!

In the domestic youth group with a depression detection rate of 24.6%, middle school students account for the largest proportion.

Whether junior high school students or senior high school students, they will be affected by many factors and lead to depression. Although the pathogenesis of depression is still unclear, it is generally believed that this kind of mental disorder is the result of multiple factors such as genetic, psychological and social environment.

According to the survey results of stratified cluster sampling of middle school students in various provinces, gender, learning, entering a higher school, bad habits, campus interpersonal relationship processing, family environment and so on are all associated with depression.

In terms of gender, the prevalence of depression in women in middle school is higher than that in men. The possible reason is that women’s psychology is more delicate.

Middle school girls’ self-consciousness awakens earlier, but their overall adjustment ability is still insufficient. They may pay more attention to appearance, opposite sex, external evaluation and so on. When they lag behind in some aspects, they are more likely to fall into bad emotions such as anxiety due to lack of adjustment ability.

With the accumulation and aggravation of bad emotions, they face a greater risk of depression.


Learning and entering a higher school may cause the common anxiety of middle school students. With the increasing pressure of learning imposed on middle school students in modern society, middle school students will feel anxious about exam results and entering a higher school. Similarly, in adolescence and rebellious period, the accumulation and difficulty of various adverse emotions can easily evolve into depression, and depression symptoms may also occur after a long period of development.

In addition, studies in several provinces have found that many bad habits of middle school students are also closely linked to depression, such as Internet addiction, drinking and smoking, and lack of sleep are accompanied by a higher detection rate of depression.

In the aspect of interpersonal relationship, the communication with campus partners and the smooth progress of getting along with parents are all related to depression.

In terms of communication with campus partners, problems such as campus bullying and bullying are most likely to be involved in depression. In the stratified sampling of middle school students in Hunan Province, it is found that students who are bullied by their compatriots (such as brothers and sisters) and peers (such as classmates and friends) are more likely to have depression and anxiety problems.

In the middle school stage, siblings and peers can be said to be the most important interpersonal relationships of individuals. Therefore, the bad relationship between siblings and peers will greatly affect the mental health of individuals and aggravate the risk of depression.

Similarly, in middle school, the relationship between teenagers and their parents will also have a crucial impact on their emotions.

In the family factor, parents are too harsh on their children, often abusing corporal punishment or even domestic violence, which is easy to cause children’s depression, anxiety and fear. In many cases of adolescent depression, almost all depressed children are in an atmosphere where they do not get along well with their parents. However, there are few children with depression in warm, loving, understanding and supportive families.

In addition, parents’ neglect of their children’s care needs and psychological needs will also lead to loneliness and negative emotions.

In individual cases of depression among middle school students, patients with depression may even be happy because of the diagnosis of depression. This happy mood is brought about by the fact that the illness “finally aroused the concern of parents”. It is hard to say that this “sick” idea is not caused by parents’ lack of attention to their children in their teens.

From the perspective of the generation and evolution of adolescent depression, after the emergence of depression, when both families and schools can not provide effective help, the backlog of depression is likely to evolve into depression. However, due to the lack of attention from parents and schools, adolescents’ mild depression is easy to aggravate and evolve into moderate to severe depression.

It is the “cold of the soul” of the individual and the “blue melancholy” of the society

When depression “strikes”, the physical, mental health and even life of individuals will be threatened, and the whole society will also be impacted.

Adolescents suffering from depression will always be in a depressed state psychologically, and they will feel powerless and tired about the world. Patients in a depressed state will also be estranged from the outside world, alienate interpersonal relationships, greatly weaken their sense of social identity, and aggravate their sense of closure and illness.

Physiologically, depression patients’ slow response, difficulty in concentrating and memory decline will lead to the decline of individual quality of life. Some adolescent patients will also have symptoms such as headache, dizziness, abdominal pain and nausea.

Many studies around the world have also shown that the incidence of depression is accompanied by a series of physical health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, malignant tumors, infectious diseases, metabolic and endocrine diseases.

However, mild, moderate and severe depression patients will face different conditions.

Generally, early depression patients generally show physical and psychological discomfort and changes. The earlier the treatment, the better the treatment effect.

But in real life, faced with the early depression of teenagers, some parents tend to ignore the problem or wait and see for a period of time before taking action, and even think that the early depression of teenagers will ease with the growth of age and the passing of adolescence.

Until the adolescent’s depression has seriously affected their normal study, life and even the tendency of self mutilation and suicide, parents will begin to pay attention to it and take the adolescent to a professional hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

But at this time, most of the patients are in a moderate to severe depression state. They have felt the despair of living and the meaninglessness of life, and have strong thoughts of self mutilation and suicide that are difficult to change.


The World Health Organization has assessed that nearly two-thirds of patients with depression have suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and 15% of patients eventually die of suicide. About 1million people a year, 20 times as many as the general population.

Overall, the self recovery rate of adolescent depression is not high, and most of them are mild early depression patients. However, patients with moderate to severe depression are often difficult to cure, and the cure time is long, which will lead to the enhancement of family care and economic burden, and even affect the stability and harmony of family relations.

With the increase of the incidence rate of adolescent depression, depression has also developed from a personal disease to a social problem.

After the onset of the disease, it is generally difficult for the adolescent to continue to maintain normal learning and social life, and even sever all contact with the outside world. This makes it difficult for them to continue their studies and affects the transmission of national human capital.

The process of treatment will not only increase the burden on families, but also require the investment of medical services and other resources, increasing the social cost.

In addition, for the families of teenagers who committed suicide due to depression, these families became “suicide survivors” after the patient died. “Suicide survivors” was proposed by a psychologist and founder of a suicide prevention and control center in the United States in the 1970s. It refers to a group of relatives who have committed suicide. Because they are in a depressive environment for a long time, they worry about patients and invest more feelings, and their risk of depression will also be higher.

As early as in the Beijing psychological crisis research and intervention center, the research results based on the death data from 1995 to 1999 provided by the Ministry of health showed that a person’s suicide would affect the mental and psychological problems of at least six people around him.

Therefore, the death of patients with depression not only takes away a life, but also may affect the normal life of a group of people. With the expansion of “suicide survivors”, the depressive atmosphere will further fill the society and affect the stability of the society.

How much can parents, schools, society and the government do to address the symptoms and root causes?

At the end of 2021, the people’s daily mentioned in the article on depression that there are still some problems in depression in China, such as the low treatment rate caused by the shame and embarrassment to see a doctor and the low diagnosis rate of “the recognition rate of many patients with depression is less than 20%”.

The emergence of low treatment rate and diagnosis rate is mostly due to the large gap in the public’s understanding of depression. It is difficult to identify depression and do not know how to seek help, which is not conducive to the discovery and treatment of adolescent depression.

At present, some regions in China, especially the central and western regions and rural areas, lack professional institutional resources, and many medical personnel can not correctly identify, diagnose and treat depression, which is difficult to prevent the risk of depression and easy to aggravate the degree of depression.

Secondly, stigmatization and discrimination against mental disorders still exist in the society. Patients with depression and their families will be ashamed to go to professional institutions for treatment.

These problems should be solved in time.

For parents and even the society, the first thing to change is their cognition and behavior of depression.

It is necessary to understand that depression can be found and treated as soon as possible. Depression can also be cured and discrimination against depression can be reduced through medication, relaxation training, health guidance, safety, life, diet, medication, psychological and other nursing.


However, after their children become ill, some parents, especially the Post-70s and post-80s, may lack spiritual and psychological education and are easy to adopt the methods of evasion, silence and cold treatment. They are not able to think from the perspective of patients, but are also afraid that their children will be separated from their children because they are afraid of being exposed to the outside world; These behaviors should also be changed.

As mentioned in the people’s daily, what parents should do is “less questioning, more support and companionship; don’t vent their negative emotions on their children; don’t just focus on their children’s academic performance, let them participate in more collective activities”, so as to reduce the depression of teenagers.

In addition to changing the cognitive concept, actions should also keep up with the pace. In this regard, many schools and governments in China have also taken actions.

For example, Guangzhou began to deploy the pilot of “emotional physical examination” in 2020. Through screening in some primary and secondary schools, the risk of depression can be found in time.

Another example is the secondary school affiliated to South China Normal University in Guangzhou, which has established psychological files for the students since 1996. It takes this as a guide to carry out students’ mental health education and relieve students’ bad emotions in time.

In September, 2020, the general office of the National Health Commission also released the work plan for exploring special services for the prevention and treatment of depression to pilot publicize the prevention, screening and intervention of depression, and increase the intervention for adolescents. This is the first time that depression is regarded as a characteristic work of mental health.

In addition to the above-mentioned family, school and government forces, some social organizations have also opened up other intervention paths.

For example, a team from the Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences identified comments with suicide attempts by developing an AI system, and then used the team’s official microblog account to send care information to the accounts that detected suicide attempts, and provided a series of help channels. It will be more convenient and efficient to intervene the post-90s, post-00s and even post-10s who grew up with the Internet.

With regard to the prevention and treatment of adolescent depression, we should also have a deep understanding that China as a whole is still in its infancy. Parents, society and the government can play a role in prevention, care and other aspects, but professional things have to be returned to professional people to do in the end. Psychological and physiological prevention and treatment can be used to cure the symptoms and root causes and reduce the high incidence and deterioration of adolescent depression.

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