This British female prime minister has three distinct characteristics!

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This article is reproduced from Niu tanqin (ID: bullpiano) with authorization by Niu tanqin

In any case, Ms truss, 47, became the new Prime Minister of Britain. We must make it clear that it is truss, not Tesla, but it is estimated that many people will still make mistakes.

She is the third female Prime Minister of Britain, and many people think she is “Mrs Thatcher’s second”. But judging from her age, she is much younger than when Margaret Thatcher came to power.

Thatcher was 54 when she became prime minister in 1979; Theresa May was 60 when she became prime minister in 2016. But truss is only 47 years old and the youngest female prime minister in British history.

From this point of view, blue is superior to blue. In the British political arena dominated by men, truss must have his own way of killing at such a young age.

Completely personal, this truss has three characteristics.

Characteristic 1: fickle.

I’m very changeable.

The original view was very left, and he actively participated in the Liberal Democratic Party, but in the end he changed into the conservative party.

Originally, he also voted against brexit, but as soon as he saw that the situation was wrong, he immediately became the flag bearer of “hard brexit”.

Marriage has also changed a lot. At one time, romantik’s extramarital affairs affected his official career; But politicians seem not to care about this, and later rose to the top.

Of course, her biggest change is to become, on the surface, more and more like Thatcher.

Mrs. Thatcher once learned how to dress, and even moved her movements and demeanor. Mrs. Thatcher will learn what she thinks.

So much so that some people joked that truss’s fickleness was that she was eagerly expected to be regarded as a replica of Margaret Thatcher.

Although the action is very stiff, it is really easy to use in Britain.

But sometimes, this kind of change really makes people confused.

Looking at the foreign media, she cited such an example. At the Conservative Party Congress in 2014, truss talked about the quality of British food. She praised the export of British wheat and Yorkshire tea to China. Then she suddenly said that two thirds of our cheese depends on imports, “which is a disgrace to Britain.” “the representatives who are tasting cheese sandwiches in the hall were choked and speechless for a while.”.

Fickle, this is trass. Therefore, the truss you see today is different from the truss you see tomorrow.

Characteristic 2: aggressive.

I’m very aggressive.

For example, when asked whether French President macron was “a friend or an enemy of Britain” during the party election, truss replied: “I’m not sure yet.”.

Later, she added: “if I become prime minister, I will judge by his actions rather than words.”

This sentence almost made macron angry, and he replied, “if even France and Britain can’t figure out whether each other is an enemy or a friend, then there will be a lot of trouble…”

“Punching” the EU and “kicking” Russia is the consistent performance of truss.

Although they share the same spirit, in truss’s eyes, “cowardly Europe” is sometimes Britain’s “enemy” more than some non ally countries. So, you see, there will definitely be a fierce struggle on the issue of Northern Ireland.

Of course, the EU may not like her either.

“We have a negative impression of her, not because of her intention, but because of her behavior.” A diplomat from a major EU country stationed in the UK commented that:.

As for Russia, truss promised that she would “double” support Ukraine and declared that she would help Ukraine recover Crimea. “We will go further and drive Russia out of the whole Ukraine as soon as possible.”

Russia must dislike her very much. The Kremlin’s latest position is that the Russian side does not expect the next British Prime Minister to bring any positive news. “I don’t think we can expect anything positive.”

Of course, truss has nothing good to say about China. Recently, he has frequently criticized China on a series of issues.

Even former Australian Prime Minister Keating said that truss’s remarks on China’s surrounding and Asia Pacific affairs were “Crazy” and “it seems that some people in Britain have unrealistic illusions about their international role”.

Such belligerence seems tough, but is it useful?

Oh, to be tough, she also likes to take photos on the tank. But the criticism from the outside is that he is good at acting.

The third characteristic is that it is not favored.

Although truss is ambitious and wants to be the second lady of Thatcher, many people think that she does not have this ability and can not even compare with Theresa May.

Many countries in the European Union are not optimistic about macron. On the surface, macron welcomes him, but there must be resentment in his heart.

So much so that an EU diplomat said scornfully: “from the perspective of the EU, truss is really, really bad for us. Since she served as the British Foreign Secretary and took over the ‘brexit’ negotiations, the signals she has shown are all very negative.”

More importantly, what truss took over was a British mess.

Because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, gas prices have gone up and up again, the inflation rate in Britain has exceeded 10%, the people are complaining, and strikes and struggles have taken place one after another; Many enterprises are unable to sustain themselves, and the British economy is facing a deep recession.

It is said that the discontent of the British people has reached the highest point in decades. They have just experienced a “summer of discontent”, followed by a “cold winter”, facing the difficult choice of “eating or heating”.

What should I do?

Cold salad!

It is very simple to write a check during the election, but it is very difficult to cash it after taking office.

This raises another question, whether Tory MPs will always follow truss’s command. After all, these professional politicians have the same characteristics as truss: fickleness.

Don’t forget that when Theresa May and Johnson became prime ministers, many people quickly defected. Although Johnson was reluctant to part with them, there was nothing he could do. Theresa may even left No. 10 Downing Street crying.

Looking at the recent YouGov poll, 52% of the British people think that truss will be a bad or even very bad prime minister.

William Hill, an old British gambling company, predicted that truss’s term of office would be shorter than that of Theresa May, the last female Prime Minister of Britain, that is, 1106 days.

Of course, politics is always full of variables, and truss is still very young, so special means cannot be ruled out.

But one thing is certain: even if she is even more powerful than Margaret Thatcher, even if the British political arena is really turned upside down, her influence on the world will be very limited.

Don’t forget that just before truss came to power, India’s GDP also exceeded that of Britain. In those days, the imperialist empire of never setting sun has been overtaken by the former colonies and has become the “world’s sixth child”.

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