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Original: Yin Guoming source wechat official account: Mingren Mingcha has been authorized to reprint

Luo Chongmin’s investigation has yielded preliminary results. The Yunnan Provincial Department of Education announced that it had investigated the “online transmission of Luo Chongmin’s remarks”, found that Luo Chongmin was suspected of violating the law and crime, and handed over the clues to the relevant functional departments for handling.


This is good news. The network mass supervision has once again played an important role, and the Yunnan Provincial Department of education responded relatively quickly this time. Although we don’t know the specific content of Luo Chongmin’s crime, at least we can be sure that he will finally go where he should go this time.

In June, 2022, Luo Chongmin posted a document “Dragon Boat Festival: a day to encourage suicide” on the Internet, suspected of insulting the heroes and martyrs of the Republic and violating the law on the protection of heroes and martyrs, which attracted widespread attention. Netizens found that Luo Chongmin’s Three Outlooks can be described as “five poisons”. He not only slandered Liu Hulan and Wang erxiao, insulted the martyrs of the volunteer army, attacked the founding leaders, but also publicly washed the land for the Japanese invaders in China, saying that the Japanese invaders who committed heinous crimes in China and brought great disasters to the Chinese people were described as teachers of righteousness and civilization.

Luo Chongmin is a typical example of the development from hostility to China’s system to hostility to this country. Of course, this is also the development path of many people who oppose the Chinese system. Luo Chongmin is very representative in this regard. People who speak to Luo Chongmin online basically have this characteristic. Because they worship foreign systems and are hostile to China’s systems, they have developed to worship everything in foreign countries and deny everything in China.

I’m not surprised that people like Luo Chongmin are suspected of breaking the law and committing crimes. People who have power and hate their country will probably not be clean.

The reason is very simple. On the one hand, these people oppose loftiness and discredit the leaders and heroes who led China out of darkness and historical lows. Can we still believe that they will call for the implementation of the western system out of loftiness and really out of the interests of the public?

People who are hostile to their own country are basically the most selfish people, with few exceptions.

Whether they smash the pot or hate the country, it is because the country’s system hinders their maximization of interests. For example, there are more people in the lawyer circle because they envy American lawyers for making more money and more political opportunities. There are more people in the financial circle because they envy the financial liberalization policy of the United States, which is more conducive to the financial elite on Wall Street to obtain more economic benefits and higher political status; As for the serious risks that financial liberalization will bring to the economy and cause serious crisis to ordinary people, they don’t care.

Similar to Luo Chongmin, who once held a high official position and hated the country, it is likely that the Chinese system has hindered the legalization of their illegal interests.

Why do they envy the American system? The U.S. system can protect their illegal interests to the greatest extent, and the U.S. interests can realize the legalization of corrupt interests to the greatest extent. In the United States, not only drugs such as marijuana, many corrupt practices have been legalized.

Lobbying outside the court, the “revolving door” of politics and business, and the purchase of officials by providing campaign funds have long been reasonable and legal in the United States. Of course, I think the biggest corruption in the United States is to mobilize the national machinery to empty the national finance and launch a war for the interests of wall street or the military industrial complex.

The essence of the collapse of the Soviet Union without war was a group of institutional people who believed that the Soviet system had affected the speed of illegal wealth acquisition and the legalization of illegal interests, led the landing of the red flag of the Soviet Union and promoted the disintegration of the alliance. Since then, no one has investigated their illegal interests. Instead, they can take advantage of the transition process of the Soviet Union and make a windfall. Many oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine made huge fortunes during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Putin cleaned up a group of oligarchs with a serious comprador tendency and implemented a wave of nationalization, which blocked the rapid collapse of Russia. There is no Putin in Ukraine, so Ukraine is reduced to the present state of ruin.

Luo Chongmin is such a person who smashes the pot and hates the country. Their pro Western proposition is really “doctrine in the mouth and business in the heart”.

Luo Chongmin’s remarks have caused such a great social impact, mainly because he once served as the director of the Education Department of Yunnan Province and was in charge of the education work of a province. The Three Outlooks problem is so serious. Such people, with such a great power to intervene in education, often have an incalculable destructive effect on local education.

Recently, problems in the field of education have received special attention. This shows that the Chinese people are more and more aware of the seriousness of the fall of the educational front.

The Soviet Union was euthanized. Although there were institutional people out of personal interests, why didn’t the Soviet people come out to stop them? Obviously, the protection of the interests of ordinary people by this system is much higher than the overall Westernization system implemented later.

The reason for this is that in addition to the fact that the media is controlled by liberals and the right to speak is not controlled by the Soviet people, serious problems have long occurred in the education of the Soviet Union, which has been affected by problematic textbooks for four generations. In other words, from the 1950s to the late 1980s, almost four generations of people were confused in the process of receiving education.

During the period of Lenin and Stalin, the general direction of Soviet Union’s guidance on education was right. Therefore, facing so many difficulties, the Soviet Union also survived. Especially in the face of the blitzkrieg of Nazi Germany, the Soviet people stood up with heroism and tenacious will to resist, and finally won the victory. Moreover, after World War II, they soon recovered their economy and became a world power that could compete with the United States.

However, after Stalin’s death, great changes took place in the ideology of the Soviet Union, which also affected the education of the Soviet Union, and even the teaching materials began to go wrong.

During the Khrushchev period, the Soviet textbooks not only exaggerated the dark side of the Soviet Socialist System in Stalin’s period by opposing “personal worship”, which affected young people’s belief in the superiority of the socialist system, but also advocated the “peaceful transition” path, believing that “the transition to socialism through the parliamentary path” could be achieved, thus sowing in the hearts of young people the goodwill and recognition of the Western multiparty parliamentary system.

In the Brezhnev period, Soviet textbooks added the content of “Humanitarianism”, which actually began to be influenced by western capitalist humanitarianism.

In the Gorbachev era, not to mention. Give up the guiding position of Marxism Leninism in an all-round way, and give more prominence to the ideological content of western “Humanitarianism”. Gorbachev replaced communism with “humane democratic socialism” in his later period. There was not much resistance in the Soviet Union. It has a lot to do with the fact that the Soviet Union’s “Humanitarianism” has been included in textbooks for many years, which has long made the Soviet Union lose vigilance and criticism of the false humanitarian theory of “Humanitarianism”.

Textbooks can really easily subvert the overall cognition of a group or a nation, so that they oppose their own country and their own fundamental interests. Look at the people of Ukraine, who have been harmed by groups of oligarchs and politicians. Many people (maybe even the majority) have not realized it until now.

Although the West has always wanted to copy the script of the Soviet Union on China without success, we can see how toxic Hong Kong and Taiwan are to young people because of the problem of teaching materials, and how many obstacles they have created to our practice of “one country, two systems” and the reunification of the motherland.

Why do Chinese people now pay so much attention to education, especially textbooks, because they can not only see the lessons of others, but also feel the “independence” harm caused by textbooks by young people in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Some time ago, the nature of the problem teaching materials that the network paid attention to was very serious. Some people who have serious problems with the Three Outlooks take advantage of the opportunity of compiling textbooks to make large and small moves on textbooks. As a result, works such as “the five heroes of Langya Mountain” and “who is the cutest person” that have positively affected the Three Outlooks of Chinese teenagers for generations have been removed from the textbooks, while fake historical stories such as cutting trees in Washington and Edison using a flashlight to illuminate doctors to do surgery have been replaced. The problem of toxic teaching materials is even extremely serious. Even MacArthur’s articles, whose hands are stained with the blood of volunteers and who also strongly advocated nuclear attack on China, have been included in teaching materials and readings in individual places.

If something goes wrong with the textbook, how many people will be affected by the size of China’s youth population? I dare not even think about it.

If some of them are influenced by these problem textbooks, and worship the countries that should not be worshipped, advocate the systems that should not be worshipped, hate their own country’s system, history and culture, and oppose their own country, how terrible and sad it is.

With more young people like this, no matter how complete our manufacturing system is, no matter how fast we catch up with scientific and technological innovation, we cannot stand up to the West in spirit, and no matter how strong our hard power is, it will be difficult to achieve the goal of national rejuvenation. Because the spiritual short board limits the ceiling of development.

Teaching and educating people, preaching first, I think, education practitioners should have a basic bottom line, that is, no one is allowed to take advantage of professional convenience, through textbooks and lectures, affect students’ three outlooks, and cultivate and shape people who will oppose their country in the future.

Patriotism is the most basic bottom line of a person’s three outlooks. People who hate their own country are completely beyond the boundaries of freedom of speech and thought. Such freedom will not be allowed in any normal country. In the United States, a quote from Chairman Mao was quoted on the website of a subordinate institution of the Ministry of education, which caused an uproar. Members of Congress came out to demand investigation and accountability. In China, fake stories that beautify Washington can be published. However, the historical truth that Washington, as a big slave owner, once harmed slaves for his own interests was hidden.

Education concerns every family. If education goes wrong, every parent and child may become a victim. Luo Chongmin’s problem is far from the whole problem in the field of education.

In a country, there should be no problem with education, which should be the most basic bottom line. All kinds of educational problems, teaching materials should not have problems, which should be the bottom line of the bottom line.

Although Luo Chongmin’s problem is only one of the problems that have been exposed in the education front and have not been exposed, under the general attention of the Internet, the preliminary conclusion of Luo Chongmin’s investigation is relatively quick, which is a positive signal and a good start for the solution of the overall problems in the field of education.

Ten years of trees, a hundred years of people. There are problems in education, and the impact on society can be extended to all aspects. Education involves the overall situation and affects the future of the country and nation. This is the heart of our ideology and the softest part of our soft power. For the sake of children, resisting the penetration of internal and external cooperation of opponents is related to the future of the country and the happiness of tens of thousands of families. It is incumbent on us to defend our territory and cannot yield. It is hoped that under the continuous attention and supervision of the society, the competent departments will also keep up with the pace in the investigation and handling of textbooks with more serious nature, wider influence and worse effect, and have a result as soon as possible.

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