This China related dispute in Britain is unexpected!

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British Prime Minister Johnson faced an unexpected problem.

His father, stanleyjohnson, said publicly these two days that he wanted to return to Marco Polo’s “journey to China”, including crossing Xinjiang.

In addition, he also called on the British Parliament to lift the ban on Chinese ambassadors from entering the British Parliament.

Although Johnson and his son had “political differences” on many political issues, including brexit, and Johnson Sr. had even naturalized in France, his China related statements still surprised the British.

As expected, some anti China politicians and media in Britain immediately attacked old Johnson.

These pertinent words of old Johnson have caused such a great disturbance, which shows how much the current public opinion atmosphere concerning China in Britain deviates from the rational track.


This week, Johnson Sr., the father of British Prime Minister Boris, publicly called on the British Parliament to lift the ban on Chinese ambassadors from entering the British Parliament.

Johnson Sr. was a member of the British Conservative Party and a member of the European Parliament. He is so concerned about whether the Chinese Ambassador can attend the British Parliament, perhaps because he is planning to visit China.

He disclosed to the media that he and his son Max, who is currently in Hong Kong, and borisjohnson’s half brother, plan to carry out a shooting trip in China in August this year, during which Chinese media may participate. The two hope to go on a six week field trip in China with the film crew, and the route will pass through Xinjiang in Western China.

In fact, old Johnson’s idea was not a whim.

As early as last November, he said he wanted to travel to China in the next summer, and he followed the route of the explorer Marco Polo to China – starting from the western edge of China, and then going to Beijing to visit the Great Wall.

The motivation for traveling to China stems from an unfinished wish in his youth: 60 years ago, he followed the footsteps of Marco Polo with Explorer Tim Severin and rode a motorcycle through Europe, Turkey and Iran. However, due to lack of time, he had to go home before entering the Chinese border.

“I talked to the Chinese Ambassador about this idea. He is a very amiable person, capable and smart,” Johnson said when talking about the travel plan. “China has provided great help.”

Last September, the British Parliament made a decision to prohibit the British ambassador from entering the parliament building. Old Johnson did not shy away. Now he took the initiative to bring up the ambassador and called for the parliament to lift the ban on China as soon as possible, hoping to improve China UK relations.


Old Johnson was so “pro China” that the younger Johnson administration could not stand it. A group of Anti China parliamentarians in British politics quickly rallied to attack.

Conservative councillors ianduncansmith, nuslat Ghani and Tim Lawton, as well as his labour counterpart David Alton, jointly signed a statement, accusing Johnson Sr. of “openly using his family relationship for selfish reasons” to “promote China’s interests,” and adding that “he had better keep silent for a period of time.”

Alistair Carmichael, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, also described the visit as “a large-scale propaganda on China that shames his son’s British government”.

However, Johnson Sr. always turned a blind eye to these attacks and continued to show his love and expectations for China to the outside world. He not only said that “we are happy to cooperate with China”, but also claimed that “anyone who does not want to improve the UK China relations will make me feel narrow-minded.”


In fact, the confrontation between Johnson Sr. and some anti china forces in Britain began last year.

In April this year, old Johnson disclosed on his ins account that he had hosted the Chinese ambassador to the UK and his wife for lunch in London. He said he was “very happy” to entertain two guests.

Nigel Farage, leader of the “brexit party” in Britain and host of the news program, immediately satirized that it is also a good thing to see the Johnson family sleeping with China in this era.

Last November, old Johnson also posted a photo of himself at a meeting at the Chinese Embassy in the UK on the social platform.


Farachi again blasted: “why did the prime minister’s father appear in the Chinese Embassy again?”

In March last year, Johnson Sr. publicly stated that it is very important for the UK to continue to maintain “very close cooperation” with the Chinese government after brexit. He called on his son Boris to “stand up” against the hawks in the conservative party who are seeking a “new cold war” with China.

Farage had also questioned whether Johnson Sr.’s attitude was because he could “gain economic benefits” from China. He even called him a “interlocutor” between the Chinese Embassy in the UK and No. 10 Downing Street.

Johnson Sr.’s attitude toward China, in his own words, is “biased in favor of China as the French say.”.

The 81 year old told the media that it was “crucial” to have a face-to-face talk with China on the eve of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

He spoke highly of China’s efforts and achievements in climate change and said that China should be “applauded”.

Such a statement can not help but remind people that his son, now British Prime Minister Johnson, although he once claimed to be a “fevently Sinophile”, has repeatedly said that “he will not refuse investment opportunities in China” since taking office.

But in fact, since he took office, the United Kingdom has followed the United States in many issues related to China, such as Xinjiang, Hong Kong, the Taiwan Strait, 5g, and so on.

Old Johnson and his son do not always share the same views on many political issues. Even the differences between them are often exaggerated by British tabloids, saying that the family has staged one “family war after another” without gunsmoke.


The deepest rift between them is on the issue of brexit.

The vote for brexit not only split Britain, but also the Johnson family.

Finally, borisjohnson was the man who led Britain to complete the “brexit”. However, in May this year, his father stanleyjohnson chose to “return to Europe” – becoming a French.

In the brexit referendum in 2016, Johnson Sr. insisted on voting for staying in Europe despite his son Boris’ status as the core leader of the brexit movement.

In addition, in terms of epidemic prevention policy, old Johnson did not give his son face.

In March, 2020, Johnson called on the public to avoid bars and other public places as much as possible, and emphasized that the elderly were high-risk groups during the epidemic period and should comply with the epidemic prevention requirements.

However, Stanley’s backfoot publicly disagreed on the talk show: “of course I would go to the bar if I wanted to.”

In July, 2020, old Johnson flew to Greece for vacation regardless of the government’s epidemic prevention instructions.

According to the British government’s epidemic prevention guidelines, citizens should avoid all international trips except “necessary trips”.

Old Johnson said that this trip was to tidy up and ensure that there was no coronavirus in the villa before renting the house, so it was a “necessary Tour”.

In October, 2020, the British government stipulated that he should wear a mask in public, but old Johnson quit. The picture of him not wearing a mask was directly captured and exposed by the British media. The media also publicly shouted to the Prime Minister: when will your father pay the fine?


An expert on European issues said that old Johnson’s remarks on China were actually a rare “clean stream” in British politics.

As a retired conservative politician, he has no voting pressure, so he can make his own voice in his attitude towards China.

Old Johnson’s strong sense of European identity stems from his family background and political experience. Old Johnson’s mother was French, so he was fluent in French. He made it clear: “my mother and grandmother are French, and I am French!”

In 1973, after Britain joined the European Community (the predecessor of the European Union), Johnson Sr. was the first batch of British civil servants assigned to the European Community headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

From 1979 to 1984, he was the first directly elected member of the European Parliament.

Therefore, he has always firmly supported European integration.


Unfortunately, whether he insisted on Britain’s “no brexit” or contacts with China, Johnson Sr. seemed to be out of tune with the current British political arena.

“Arrogance”, “stupidity” and “arrogance” are the words most often used by British people to evaluate him.

Old Johnson’s normal attitude towards China has now been labeled as “abnormal” and questioned as “taking money from China”. Is he abnormal or is there something wrong with British public opinion?

The answer is obvious.

In fact, not only the UK, but also the University of Strasbourg Professor Christian mester in France was forced to resign as the ethics officer of the “European city cooperation project” because he agreed that Huawei 5g technology should be introduced to the city.

Claire Daley, a member of the European Parliament, has also been under pressure within the parliament because he has made some “normal” statements on China related issues.

Daley believes that it is in the self-interest of the European Union to continue doing business with China. He opposes “boycotting the Winter Olympics” and does not agree to intervene in the Taiwan Strait. Daley believes that if Europe always listens to the encouragement of the United States and follows the steps of the United States, it will only become a puppet attached to the United States in the end.


However, such warnings are far less marketable than the so-called “China Threat Theory” in today’s western public opinion environment.

Since the United States has determined the policy orientation of strategic competition with China as a big country, in almost all fields related to China, from the media to think tanks, it is cooperating with some western political elites to create a public opinion atmosphere of “China threat”, so as to shape the corresponding public consensus, ensure that this strategy can be recognized and supported by the society, and thus have long-term sustainability.

However, it should be noted that objectivity and truthfulness are the premise for public opinion, the media and think tanks to maintain their health and vitality.

If some western political elites continue to do their best to discredit and distort public opinion concerning China, their perception of “China threat” will eventually be broken by the facts, and their false “China narrative” will eventually be exposed.

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