This global inflation is not necessarily a bad thing!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

On the 2nd, someone left a message to me saying that the Middle East increased production by 50%, with an increase of more than 400000 barrels a day. It seems that this figure. This surprised me greatly, because Saudi Arabia has a daily output of more than 10million barrels.

Of course, I can understand the mood of this commentator. No one wants inflation. There is no bull market under inflation. Inflation seems to hurt ordinary people the most.

I have also been paying close attention to the data of crude oil. It is obvious that my friends who leave messages have a little fallacious data.

OPEC’s oil production fell by 120000 barrels per day to 28.6 million barrels per day in June for two reasons: Nigeria’s oil production fell to a record low due to the leakage of oil pipelines; Libya’s political situation was unstable, and crude oil production fell by a third.

Then the rest of the countries are emphasizing how difficult it is to increase production at present. It seems that no one has the compassion to sacrifice himself and make the global oil price plummet.

Looking at the information from OPEC alone, everyone said that the year was bad, and it would be good not to reduce production in July. If Biden came, or if he could barely increase the production capacity of 400000 barrels a month, this capacity would not be enough to fill the gap, that is, to cope with Biden’s visit to the Middle East.

As soon as OPEC data was released on Friday, oil prices immediately rose.

This can be seen as OPEC joining forces to fight against the printing of money in Europe and the United States.

European Central Bank President Lagarde said at the annual forum of European central bank governors that it is difficult for the world to return to the era of low inflation before the epidemic.

The so-called Elegy of the old civilized world is basically nothing more than this: the former resource countries have opened up to crazy mining, and the producer countries have been crazy in production all year round in 997. Finally, the fruits of hard work have been gently pulled by the European and American money printing machines, and the good days of being pulled away are no longer available.

From now on, no pains, no gains. If you want to get supplies, please work honestly. If you don’t have the ability to work, don’t be a big tailed wolf there, and go back to poverty honestly.

A few years ago, the world generally fell into a deflationary state, and PPI remained low. I still remember that in 2015, even the great Glencore was almost bankrupt.

At that time, I didn’t understand one thing. Why did the world print money crazily and finally print this situation? Shouldn’t printing too much money correspond to inflation? Mineral resources and raw materials are non renewable resources. Why are they so cheap?

Printing money has made the profits of China’s foreign trade processing enterprises thinner and thinner. Everyone is frantically rolling in to get the little white note printed by the imperialist money printer. What’s the matter?

Look at a big V in Taiwan Province. It turns out that many people on the mainland network have seen that the so-called various LGBTs and the black life expensive movement are to cover up the widening gap between the rich and the poor. He has not received systematic Marxist political and ideological education, so he has been under investigation. Finally, with the help of the Internet and the education of mainland netizens, he saw the truth of political correctness.

So there are many European and American people who can’t understand Chinese at all. They have been brainwashed by the White left Madonna Dharma for a long time. How can they wake up?

A miserable life, a sober moment, a blow from bloody reality, and a person who has been well taken care of all his life will only become a microphone of the media, a silly white and sweet with all kinds of skin colors.

Why can we maintain low prices in the past few decades, no matter how Europe and the United States print money? It is because of low prices and their first mover industrial advantages that people can maintain high welfare and high wages.

So people were born in Rome, and those who were not born in Rome had to live on mules and horses.

The American dream is actually the most real human need. Who doesn’t want to live a good life with endless abundance of materials with a little poor effort?

However, people have long played a “Washington consensus”, using neoliberalism as a pretext to cover up the activities of a few developed countries to transfer the wealth of most countries. Where is the cheapness of what is earned by hard work in the world?

Up to now, there are many big V playing the name learned by the brick family, luring everyone to exchange their wealth into dollars on various occasions, so as to obtain real wealth freedom. Look, it’s freedom again!

The world has been subjected to PUA for so long. The problem is that greed is endless. So much money has been swept away in the Asian financial storm, and so many countries have fallen into financial bankruptcy. Are they satisfied?

Latin American countries are poorer than each other due to their unique resources. Unfortunately, they have become the backyard of the United States. Behind them, resources have been pocketed by transnational capital giants through various ingenious capital means. People simply cannot share profits. How can they get rich? Chavez directly nationalized the oil company in Venezuela, which suddenly poked the lungs of the United States, so he was long subject to international sanctions and became an evil country.

Under the treatment of liberal shock therapy, Russia almost disintegrated for the second time. Putin was under pressure to nationalize some resources from the oligarchs, which allowed the country to slowly recover, so Putin also became the public enemy of the West.

In fact, everyone wants peaceful development, but development in a peaceful state is just a beautiful idea. Europe and the United States have long been united to draw a ceiling for your development.

Because of the greed of financial capital and the requirements of compound interest, this ceiling is getting lower and lower.

The economy in Europe and the United States has grown, but the life of the median people has remained 30 or 40 years ago.

Because the incremental part is eaten by financial capital, there is not much space left for ordinary people.

So why is it so important to reduce CPI? No matter how tolerant people are, they can’t accumulate like sponges. In the past, there were a large number of cheap goods to provide nipple music. Giving a little cheap happiness to the bottom can make them forget that they are exploited.

If they feel that life is more difficult than before, they should immediately throw out gender opposition, racial opposition and lbgt minority power opposition. In short, they should transfer the class opposition to all kinds of inexplicable confrontation, and then make a political correctness, so that the people can aim their anger at the so-called right minority.

Do you think Americans really care about the rights of blacks? Or what kind of gay paradise?

Jumping around every day in the name of women’s rights, as a result, a 10-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and pregnant and had to give birth.

Behind all the sharp confrontational topics is the cover up of the increasingly out of control gap between the rich and the poor.

Of course, in the low price stage, it’s easy to cover up anything. Ordinary people generally don’t learn mathematics, but if they are better at mathematics, they can get a high paid job, which means they are divorced from the bottom, so it’s difficult for them to calculate the imbalance of wealth.

But high inflation will soon tear away all disguises.

No matter how stupid people are, they will feel something is wrong when facing the imbalance of income and expenditure. The luxurious life of the rich is publicized in the news, and the bottom can’t even satisfy titty fun, so it’s difficult to hold down the discontent of the people.

At the end of the Empire, the interests of the parties were higher than those of the Empire. The 2020 general election completely intensified the contradictions, and everyone saw a fragmented United States that could not have any major consensus.

High prices intensified the internal contradictions of the Empire.

Funny thing is, according to American polls, more than 70% of Americans do not support Biden’s re-election, which means that no matter how friendly Biden is with you, all the promises he made during his tenure will be completely abolished in two years at most.

For two years, who is willing to make major sacrifices?

Moreover, if inflation cannot be held down, Biden will probably be completely ignored in the mid-term election.

With the intensification of social contradictions, many people at the bottom have realized that it is unrealistic to expect others to make a revolution immediately, but it should be possible to cast a vote of distrust on the current government.

So you see, in the past, the president of the United States ordered all the princes in the world to give face. Now everyone is pretending to be deaf and dumb there.

It’s not that everyone doesn’t believe that the United States has no power to control anyone, but that the control power of the United States is really not in the hands of the U.S. government now. You’re all fighting inside. People outside at least have to wait and see this infighting and make a clear distinction, and then choose whether to listen or not.

In the final analysis, G7 is just following the United States. When the United States is questioned, the control of the dollar naturally declines, and the euro and yen are not taken seriously.

Leaving the US emperor, neon is a fart. Why should the money printing machine be exploited all over the world?

So on the surface, Europe and the United States have fallen into an unprecedented inflation crisis, but in fact, it is because of the decline in national strength that the younger brothers in the world have begun to take independent self-examination and are out of control.

Looking at the OPEC data in June, it is clear that everyone is working together to reduce production capacity to control prices, so raising interest rates will not be a problem at all. The basic demand is there. You can not buy it and wait for the country to stop.

Except for energy, commodity prices are falling, but as long as energy can bear it, others will not fall much. After all, all industrial production is based on fossil energy.

The longer OPEC can carry it, the more serious the recession will be in Europe and the United States, and the faster its control over the world will decline.

This is a zero sum game. In the past, they took too much advantage of the world. Now they take less advantage of it, and they begin to be unbearable. If they can’t bear it and have no way to deal with it, then the oppressed people will have more courage.

Under this structure, the world economic pattern will be redefined.

Now the United States is pinning its hopes on the implementation of a radical interest rate hike policy, hoping to hit it hard, and then everything will return to normal.

This is what I have always said, beware of the financial crisis launched by the United States.

But now the European Union has begun to have different voices. After all, the European Union has been the hardest hit in the energy boom this time. Poor countries have already fallen into a national debt crisis. If interest rates are raised quickly and the table is reduced, the result will be a debt collapse, which is afraid to split first.

The reason why Japan dare not raise interest rates is the same. The Bank of Japan is not afraid of not being able to repay the principal. Originally, people did not intend to repay it, but if the interest can not be repaid, then the debt will default instantly. This is absolutely impossible. The Ponzi scheme can be delayed for one more day.

Can a divided United States, with two lousy little brothers, really solve the out of control world order?

But for us, it’s really a good thing, no broken, no standing.

The establishment of a new order means that the needs that were once too concentrated in Europe and the United States will be broken down into the vast number of developing countries, with a vast world and great prospects.

At that time, the so-called joint suppression of the United States and the West will become a joke.

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