This is 80000 tons?

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

When the Fujian ship was launched, the official news said that the displacement was 80000 tons.

However, careful Netizens found that the waterline of aircraft carrier 003 had reached 13 meters.

This is too much. The 80000 ton Fujian warship, not only the Shandong warship whose waterline is far more than 60000 ton, is even deeper than the 100000 ton Ford. Many military fans ask angrily? This is more than 80000 tons? What TM is called TM’s “surplus ton”? There is a 10000 ton ship left?



You can compare the shapes of the Ford ship and the Fujian ship. The Fujian ship has a total length of about 315-320 meters, a maximum width of 75-78 meters and a maximum draft of 13 meters; Captain Ford is 337 meters, the ship is 77 meters wide, and the draft is 12 meters Fujian warship is wider and shorter than Ford. At present, Fujian warship has not completed outfitting. It may not be known what kind of “super aircraft carrier” it is until it is officially commissioned.


Ordinary people in China may be numbed by the rapid development of China’s military equipment and the new warships like dumplings in recent years. In fact, the world is shocked by the aircraft carrier 003. The western media call it “the most powerful aircraft carrier outside the United States” and “the most powerful super aircraft carrier in the history of Asia and Europe”.

Our weaponry data is actually an old tradition. For example, before the launch of the 002 Shandong warship, various reports always repeated “about 50000 tons”. As a result, it was a circle larger than the Liaoning warship. It was a large aircraft carrier of more than 65000 tons, with a full load displacement of nearly 70000 tons. It was the largest aircraft carrier except the United States.

When the 075 amphibious assault ship was launched, it said that there were more than 20000 tons, but the actual displacement was 40000 tons, and the “surplus” was 20000 tons At present, all three 075 ships have been built and put into use. The PLA’s 075 amphibious assault ship is equivalent to the hornet class amphibious assault ship of the US Navy, both of which are large ships with a displacement of more than 40000 tons. 075 can carry 3 726A hovercraft or dozens of amphibious infantry vehicles, more than 25 helicopters, and can also carry new shipborne unmanned helicopters, which can further improve the operational level of amphibious attack ships. It is regarded as a “sharp weapon for seizing the island”, also known as a “quasi aircraft carrier”. Many people may not know that the Japanese “chuiyun” aircraft carrier is only 20000 tons, 075 is equivalent to two “chuiyun”.

According to Japan’s current “four aircraft carriers”, we may not know how many “aircraft carriers” there are.


The 075 is so powerful that the work of the 076 “war bureau” becomes quite difficult. Last year, the US Congress published an analysis document on the modernization of the Chinese Navy, which clearly mentioned the 076 amphibious assault ship, together with a concept map. A concept map shows various shipborne aircraft of 076, including zhi20 and stealth UAV; In the other picture, the angled deck is installed on 076, and even the elevator and electromagnetic ejection are added According to this picture, 076 is not an amphibious attack ship but a standard aircraft carrier Even large aircraft carriers.



According to this speculation of the US side, 076 should not be a simple “amphibious attack ship”. It mainly engages in UAV operations. It is equipped with an angled deck and has electromagnetic catapults. Rather than calling 076 an amphibious attack ship, it is actually a medium-sized unmanned aircraft carrier.


Many people still worry that the Fujian warship is not nuclear powered, but you can think about it in another direction. If we have a 90000 ton super aircraft carrier with conventional power, and carry three of the world’s most advanced electromagnetic catapults, more than 30 phased array radars, large and small, we can run at a speed of more than 30 knots Are we even better? Is there any other “black technology”?

The only advantage of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is in fact its endurance capability, but the biggest trouble of a nuclear aircraft carrier is that the reactor needs to be maintained, overhauled and refueled, and the first repair is three years; The advantage of conventional powered aircraft carriers is that they can be deployed at any time, but they need to carry large supply ships (nannies) with them.

As we all know, electromagnetic ejection requires huge energy, so many people are looking forward to nuclear powered aircraft carriers. In fact, there is a common sense – Electromagnetic ejection has nothing to do with the type of power. It is an outright rumor that conventional powered aircraft carriers lack enough power from electric bombs. The energy utilization rate of electromagnetic catapults is as high as 90%, which is much higher than that of steam catapults that convert high-pressure steam into mechanical energy. Electromagnetic ejection is more energy-saving than steam ejection, The steam ejection with greater kinetic energy consumption in the conventional power belt can naturally lead to more energy-saving electromagnetic ejection.

Ford class electromagnetic ejection is a medium voltage AC technology, which was developed more than 20 years ago. Now it is impossible to change the direction, and the AC electromagnetic ejection has almost no solution. Theoretically, there was one failure in 4100 launches, but in fact, there were only 400 faultless launches. When the aircraft carrier is operating at a high intensity, it will eject more than 100 carrier based aircraft every day. So the Americans came to the conclusion that only 7% of the Ford class wanted to complete high-intensity operations for four consecutive days. Even if only one day of high-intensity operation is maintained, the success rate is only 70%.

This is due to the design structure of four Ford class catapults. If one fails, the other three will be paralyzed. The aircraft carrier built at a cost of $13billion can not guarantee 100% success even in a day’s high-intensity operation. The catapult drags its hind legs, making its combat effectiveness inferior to the Nimitz class of the previous generation.

Due to the backward technology, Ford class electromagnetic catapults can only launch carrier based aircraft of no more than 25 tons, and even f/a-18 and f-35c cannot take off under the condition of full load and oil. Our medium voltage DC electromagnetic catapult can launch various types of carrier based aircraft of 3-45 tons, thanks to the efforts of academician maweiming’s team.

Since it is necessary to drive the carrier based aircraft weighing more than 30 tons to take off at a speed of 300 km / h, electromagnetic ejection requires instant large energy. This huge amount of electric energy released within a few seconds can not be supported by any power system, even the nuclear aircraft carrier generator with high power generation can not directly support electromagnetic ejection. Academician maweiming blazed a new trail, successively solved the technical problems of medium voltage DC technology and super capacitor, and developed a comprehensive marine power system. This enables the 003 aircraft carrier to use all electric propulsion. After the aircraft carrier adopts the medium voltage DC transmission network, it can realize any switching between DC and AC. The super capacitor can instantly concentrate the power of the whole ship for electromagnetic ejection, greatly improving the operational efficiency. This alone is decades ahead of the United States.


If the United States wants to catch up, it will have to scrap all the electromagnetic ejection technology reserves of Ford class aircraft carriers in the past 20 years and start over again. This is called “the wrong route, the harder you work, the worse it will be”.

Compared with the ski jump takeoff, electromagnetic ejection has made great progress. The carrier aircraft taking off by ski jump cannot take off with full fuel and ammunition. The combat effectiveness and combat radius are greatly reduced Now, what we want to look forward to is actually the more advanced stealth fourth generation carrier based aircraft.

You can calculate that the Navy now has two large ski jump deck aircraft carriers, Liaoning and Shandong, and an electromagnetic ejection “super aircraft carrier”, Fujian. Three 075 amphibious landing ships have been launched in two years, followed by the launch of “medium UAV aircraft carriers” such as 076, and the construction of aircraft carrier 004

In the future, the Pacific Ocean will really be big enough to accommodate two big countries.

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