This is a secret thing that Japan is doing. We should be highly vigilant!

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The following article is from Zhou Botong

Japan has changed many countries and regions in the world by means of Holocaust, cultural brainwashing and mixing with local people. The process is extremely vicious and bloody. First, several “two devils” helped them. Finally, all the people in the whole country or the whole region became “two devils”. Many countries and regions infiltrated by Japanese economy and culture after the war are“

Palauanization “



Palau, an island country in the Pacific Ocean, has not established diplomatic relations with us. It is a “diplomatic country” on the other side of the Strait. There are two interesting points. First, this island country that was occupied by Japan is very pro Japanese; Second, the other side of the Strait attaches great importance to this island country and attaches more importance to it than other “countries with diplomatic relations” and is as close to this island country as it is to Japan.

Why? Among them, there are origins.

During World War II, Japan was crazy about land grabbing. It grabbed an island country called Palau from the Germans in the Pacific Ocean. There were not many people on the island. The Japanese felt that it was not necessary to solve the problem by means of massacre. After occupying the island, they forced all the islanders to learn Japanese culture. They taught the islanders Japanese culture, education, language and religious beliefs, and mixed race through rape or marriage.

During World War II, the United States intended to help the people of Palau gain independence, but what Americans did not expect was that the people they wanted to help took up guns and fought fiercely. This war was known as one of the “four bloody wars in the Pacific”. The people of Palau have been completely brainwashed by Japan, and all the people in the whole country have become two devils!

In the eyes of the Chinese people, this war is “the most unworthy war”, but the palauans think it is worth it. As some young people on the other side of the Strait say, my grandmother is willing to be a comfort woman. Isn’t this a repetition of Palau?

The national flags of Palau are the same as those of Japan. They are all sanitary napkin colors, with a blue background and a white background. They have also built a monument for the Japanese and have not established diplomatic relations with China. Such a small country often accuses US of bullying the other side and Japan. It is totally forgetting its ancestors. It has become a virtue of Japan. When others occupy you, you still shout “father”. Isn’t Japan like this to the United States?


Today, Japan continues to promote its own “global mixed race program”. They quietly engage in “cultural brainwashing” in the form of overseas investment. The young people of the countries he massacred are particularly fond of the Japanese and have a serious Anti China sentiment.

For example, primary schools throughout Vietnam began to promote Japanese teaching; There are Japanese schools in Thailand, which are specially designed to train Japanese. If they are trained, they can either marry Thai people or find opportunities to change into Thai nationality. The ultimate goal is to let the Japanese master the key and lifeline of Thailand; Many new Japanese high schools have been set up in Outer Mongolia. The uniforms of students are Japanese. The textbooks are also made with the help of Japanese. Japanese animation is popular throughout the country.

The second devils in these countries collected the Japanese money, and the massacre of their ancestors by the Japanese was forgotten. They just invested in several factories. Then they regarded the Japanese as the guests of honor, saying that we were wage earners of investors. Even the textbooks were written by the Japanese. I think the Japanese would wake up with a smile in private: “the great Japanese Empire raped your mother to save face for you lower class people!”

We must not underestimate the Japanese. Although they seem very mean, as long as they want to infiltrate a country or region, there is no failure. They have succeeded in Southeast Asia and the other side of the Strait. Their children have been influenced by Japanese culture since childhood, and they very much agree with Japan, Kazakhstan and Japan.

Japan did not succeed in the Americas for the time being. After the surrender of Japan in World War II, they went to the Americans to discuss the idea of establishing a Japanese school in the place where the Pearl Harbor Incident broke out. The United States was also confused and thought: how many people in the United States died tragically at the hands of your Japanese in the Pearl Island incident, and now have the courage to build a school here? Fuck off! Up to now, there is no Japanese school in the United States. The American Education Department says that the Japanese, animals and animals, once cultural invasion, will inevitably lead to the destruction of the country!

In Brazil, South America, Japan emigrated 1.5 million people. What makes Japan lose count is that they did not assimilate Brazilians, but were assimilated by Brazil. In those days, Brazil was short of labor, and the Qing government said that it would get some wage earners, but the Qing government refused because the Chinese who went to the United States to work were abused and many died. The Qing Dynasty thought it was bad to sell people to work.

Then the Brazilian government went to Japan. At that time, Japan had a large population and a small land. The government organized a group of people and sold them at a good price. The first generation of people went there was also miserable, and all they did was manual work. Even if the pigs were sold by the Japanese government, they still preached the Japanese style. After World War II, Japan failed, but they preached that the great Japanese Empire had won the war. They even made fake coins to publicize the countries occupied by the great Japanese Empire. Japanese overseas Chinese can use these fake coins to buy the goods of the occupying countries.

The extreme emotions of these lunatics are very serious. In Brazil, they use newspapers, magazines and radio to publicize their ideas to the Japanese overseas Chinese, saying that the Japanese are the most noble race in the world, and it is just to kill the inferior people. The Brazilian people are increasingly disgusted with the Japanese, and many Japanese immigrants are monitored by Brazil as spies or suspicious elements, The property of a large number of Japanese enterprises was also confiscated as war compensation. In 1943, Brazil ordered Japanese immigrants not to move freely in Brazil without permission. It was not until 1945 that Brazil declared a full-scale war against Japan that the decades long Japanese immigration to Brazil was ended.


Although there are 1.5 million Japanese living in Brazil now, they are all integrated with Brazilian culture. Why do you take the initiative to adapt to other people’s culture? The reason is simple. You should be beaten!

The Japanese ambushed a large number of people in China’s neighboring countries, changing the culture and concepts of other countries. Is he still drooling over China? The answer is yes. They have never given up destroying China.

They are crazy to want Chinese land. This incident can be traced back to 1933. At that time, Japan was in the war of aggression against China. After occupying China’s territory, Japan planned to transport 5 million Japanese immigrants to China. At that time, although there were many cultural devils, many official devils, and many businessmen devils, our great people said that there were no two devils among the farmers and workers, and they would certainly be able to drive out the Japanese.

How tragic it is! The Japanese massacre everywhere they go in China. The evil done by the Japanese on Chinese land is 40 million lives. Every time China was occupied, the news spread to the Japanese island, and all Japanese people took to the streets with banners to celebrate, including Japanese women!


Nowadays, many people say that Japanese women are very gentle and kind. In fact, they are completely wrong. Not only did they feel like snakes and scorpions in the war years, they clamored to kill the people of other countries; In peacetime, they were not good to their husbands. Many Japanese women were seriously brainwashed by feminism. Their greatest wish was that their husbands would die early.

There is a very common behavior, that is, many Japanese women will buy a lot of life insurance for their husbands, and the beneficiaries will fill in their own names. Once the husband has an accident and dies early, he can get a large amount of compensation from the insurance company.

Many non-governmental organizations in Japan have transmitted this idea of female boxing to China, but South Korea has succeeded.

Japan began to speed up its cultural penetration. A few years ago, I visited Russia and said that we would set up Japanese schools in Moscow. The Russian Ministry of education replied: you can set up Japanese schools in Siberia! The Japanese asked, “how can we run a school if there are no Japanese there?” the Russian replied, “no! There are 200000 Japanese!”, The Japanese were mocked and ran away in dismay.


The Japanese have a thorough understanding of the Chinese character. They have written many books to analyze our character. They think that there are many people of blood in this nation, but there are also many second devils. The biggest characteristic of the second devils in this country is that they want money but not life!

The Japanese think that as long as they are willing to pay money, these two devils want money but don’t want life. Even if you give money to some people in the Donglin Party, which was united in the Ming Dynasty, the organization will fall apart at once. It seems that although there are many people, four or five Japanese can be destroyed. Look, in the Qing Dynasty, Li Hongzhang took kickbacks. Is it still difficult to invade this country?

In the peacetime, Japan’s encroachment measure is to gradually carry out the mixed blood program by building schools in other countries. They usually invest in some companies or factories in the country where they are located, and then find a reason to say that it is convenient for children to read and so on. In order to attract Japanese investment, some countries agreed and set up special Japanese schools, which foreigners are not allowed to enter.

After these children grow up, some are clerks of Japanese companies in the country, some have changed their nationality and become local people, some have married local people, in a word, they stay in the country in various ways. As for what the Japanese want to do in the future, who knows about these crazy people?

In the United States, Europe and Russia, there are no Japanese schools. Because the Japanese go to other countries to spread culture, but they strictly guard their own positions, so the Europeans and Americans have no good feelings for Japan.

China’s Confucius Institutes are open in Japan, and everyone can enter. Even so, a large number of Japanese people protested that they were engaged in infiltration and spy agencies, and demanded that they be closed. And they opened 35 Japanese schools in China, without considering our feelings?

However, what Japan is most afraid of is the Chinese farmers and workers. They say that although these people are honest, if they unite, the whole country of Japan will become powder. They say that they will change the strategy of 1937 and “unite” our farmers and workers this time.

The Japanese really think too much. Our farm workers are the most backbone. They won’t sell the country for a few silver coins. This time, if you provoke again, there will be no Japan on the map!

Finally, the most important thing is that there are signs of “palauanization” on the island on the other side. Hurry up to take it back. The “de palauanization” is a big and important thing!

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