This man was just strong enough to eat, but he scared Nezha away? What happened to this man in the end?

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This man was just strong enough to eat, but he scared Nezha away? What happened to this man in the end? The following is a detailed introduction by the Xiaobian of China story network. Let’s read on~

In many literary works, in order to add some interesting things, many works will introduce mythological elements. And “Fengshenbang” is purely a mythical novel. In such a scenario setting, even people with strong martial arts will certainly not be able to beat those who can do magic.

It’s true that his martial arts are excellent and he uses brute force after all. But if he knows magic, he can change it at will. I’m afraid there’s nothing he can do about his martial arts. But today I want to introduce a special case. He can’t do magic, but with his strength, he can’t help Nezha. Even the highly skilled Erlang God dared not confront him head-on.

Yuan Hong was only a monkey who had become a demon. Now that he has become a demon, he has more ideas. The comfortable life in the mountains has tired him, but the prosperity of the world has attracted his attention. As a demon monkey, how can I get wealth in the world? He found himself a way out.


At that time, King Zhou was worried. The happy time of fooling around with beautiful women every day was over. After all, there were too many bad things. Everyone could not bear it. A lot of people were waiting in line to rebel against him. Among them, the most powerful and largest is the Xiqi army. After all, they conformed to the people’s wishes and got everyone’s support. King Zhou’s life was getting harder and harder. After several rounds, King Zhou found that he was not their opponent. There are too many capable people in this place. What should we do?

Yuan Hong came down the mountain at this time, thinking that he had seen the opportunity, he went to King Zhou’s camp and helped him fight back the Xiqi army with his own ability. Then he could naturally get a rich and noble life. However, although the plan is good, we should also consider our own strength. After a few simple exchanges, Yuan Hong was overwhelmed. Of course, King Zhou also saw this situation. He had no choice but to write a notice and find competent people everywhere to help him.

At this time, one of the people revealed the list of the emperor. Who is this man? His name is Wu culture, and he is just an ordinary people. He doesn’t know magic at all. He relies on his strength. It is supposed that such people, in front of Jiang Ziya, Jiang Ziya and others, are not only abused? The result is really not like this.

King Zhou sent him to Yuan Hong’s army to help him. Yuan Hong felt confident when he saw the new guy. It turns out that Wu culture has a very special appearance and is a fierce person at first sight. But why do you say that? According to the book, his appearance is similar to that of King Kong. When this image is put into the barracks, not to mention Yuan Hong’s happiness, even the officers and men in the army are relieved to see it.

Moreover, Wu culture is also born with strength that ordinary people can’t match. He can propel ships on land by force. Since he is capable, of course he can eat. His appetite is also amazing. He can eat a cow in a meal. In this way, I’m afraid we’ll be able to subdue our opponents one stop ahead of the formation. Yuan Hong was so happy that he could hardly wait for a moment. He hurried to fight with the Xiqi army.

The first match was against the Dragon bearded tiger. At that time, wars were the same. Before starting, we had to talk about who was right and who was wrong. It seemed that whoever was reasonable could win. Wu Wenhua, after all, is a civilian with little combat experience. How can he know that the other side has the ability to throw stones. This time, Wu Wenhua suffered a loss. In order to save face, Wu Wenhua came up with an idea to rob the camp at night when the other party was not on guard.


Although this method is traditional, it is really effective. That night, the Xiqi army naturally did not expect that the opponent who had lost the battle in the daytime would attack. Just when they were a little careless, Wu Wenhua waved a wooden raft to fight in. The people in the military camp were startled and didn’t react at all. Even Jiang Ziya was scared and ran away.

Nezha was a famous action faction, but when he saw this scene, he was scared and dodged quickly. Wu Wenhua was already tall and powerful. For a while, no one dared to approach him. Seeing this scene, Erlang god suddenly thought of a plan. He became a monster bigger than Wu culture, and it really worked. Although Wu culture has strength, it is not bold. Seeing this monster, I was scared back.

In this way, Yang Jian has made a great contribution. This kind of brute force can’t resist those immortals after all. Later, Jiang Ziya came up with a poisonous trick to burn Wu culture to death. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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