This round of G7 is aimed at China and Russia!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

01 old man’s chest muscle

This round of G7 summit was held in Bavaria, Germany.

When the leaders of the participating countries took their seats at the round table meeting, they made fun of Putin.

Johnson asked the others, “put on your coat? Take off your coat? How about we take off our clothes?”

Trudeau replied, “let’s finish the picture first.”

But Johnson continued: “we all need to show a tougher stance than Putin.”

Trudeau then said, “we will take a picture of a horse riding with bare upper body.”


European Commission President von delaine joined the dialogue: “Oh, yes! Riding is the best.”

“We have to show them the lower chest,” Johnson said

It is estimated that some melon eaters do not quite understand the meaning of this passage. This is because the United States and Britain want to pull their allies to show their muscles to Russia. Johnson in particular, as always, wants to be tough with Russia.

As soon as we met, Johnson wanted to talk about Russia. However, he also wanted to show humor, so he started by making fun of Putin’s photos.

As they said, Putin’s half naked riding photo was taken during the 2009 annual holiday, which is known as the symbol of tough guy.


By the way, among those above, Biden would not win if he compared his chest muscles with Putin; Johnson reckons half the weight, and macron and Trudeau reckon they can win.

Johnson took this picture as a starting point, which is to try to be tough with Putin. Why is Johnson so anxious to show strength to Russia? Because he is worried that the EU is not tough on Russia, especially France and Germany.

As previously analyzed in the article, France and Germany have different interests from Britain and the United States in dealing with Russia.

Britain and the United States need turmoil in Eurasia. The Eurasian continent here mainly refers to the periphery of Russia and China. In this way, wealth and elites can migrate to North America and make a lot of money.

Germany and France need peace on the European continent, and in particular, they do not want to do real business with Russia. That would hurt your strength. Therefore, France and Germany still hope that Russia and Ukraine can negotiate.

For example, when macron and Schultz visited Ukraine in the middle of the year, they released similar meanings. Although the release was very vague, Putin understood it and said that he did not oppose Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

Example 2: also on June 26, European Commission President von der lain gave an interview in Germany, saying that he wanted to meet Putin at the G20 summit in Indonesia and touch the ideas of both sides! This is a soft signal to Russia. We should know that Britain and the United States boycotted Russia’s participation in the G20 summit in Indonesia.

So Johnson worried that Germany and France would reconcile with Russia, so he pulled everyone together to be tough on Russia.

But to be realistic, this round of G7 is ostensibly aimed at Russia and China at the same time. In the view of the United States, China is the strongest competitor.

02 Biden’s satellite

Recently, the “Roe v. Wade case” was overturned by the Republican led Supreme Court, and the United States was torn apart again. Now Biden’s support rate has continued to decline, and Trump’s shadow has once again come up.

Biden urgently needs a breakthrough in foreign policy to ease the pressure.

So he put a “satellite” on it: it said that the United States would raise $200billion through grants, federal financing and private investment to work with the G7 countries to mobilize more than $600billion for the global infrastructure plan by 2027.

From a numerical point of view, this is definitely a big deal.

However, this plan is still just a plan. Like Biden’s infrastructure plan in the United States and the “global portal plan” in Europe, it is in the plan; Not even a decent ppt. You should know that boss Jia, boss Xu and other experts all know how to make ppt wonderful when cutting leeks. Western politicians don’t even bother to do PPT.

However, regardless of the quality of the satellite, the intention is very obvious, that is, to play a game with China’s “road belt plan”.

At present, many countries in Eurasia are primitive and backward, and their infrastructure needs are very large. China may not be perfect, but as the strongest infrastructure maniac in history, it really has no rivals in the infrastructure field.


So why should Biden compete with China in the field of infrastructure?

Ostensibly to support infrastructure development in developing countries,

In essence, it is under the banner of “supporting the infrastructure construction of developing countries” to increase the influence of the United States,

Trying to weaken China’s influence in developing countries,

Finally, we should draw circles to deal with China (isolate China).

Given that the comprehensive strength of the United States is still relatively strong, Biden’s satellite still poses a certain threat.

03 show your muscles

According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, at the G7 summit, the Japanese self defense force, the US Navy and the Australian Navy have conducted joint tactical training in the Pacific Ocean.

Japan dispatched “quasi aircraft carrier”, “chuiyun” and frigate “Gaobo”

US sends nuclear powered aircraft carrier Reagan

Australia sent the amphibious assault ship Canberra

Although the three countries unanimously claim that this is to strengthen security cooperation, the close cooperation between navies will be strengthened through this large-scale naval combat exercise.

But you don’t have to think about it. XiangZhuang’s sword dance is intended to show his muscles to China.

At this stage, the U.S. Navy is still dominant in the Pacific Ocean and regards the Chinese Navy as an imaginary enemy. Australia and Japan are the most important thugs of the United States in the Pacific.

Now that the United States has succeeded in dragging Russia down through Ukraine, it will certainly find trouble around China. For China, the most sensitive place is the Taiwan Strait.

The United States wants to tempt the drug sects to take risks on the one hand and raise the price of the game with China on the other hand by showing its sea edge. As for Japan and Australia, they only played a pawn role.

Of course, if one day, China’s comprehensive strength in the Pacific will overwhelm the United States and win the war; Then Japan can in turn act as a pawn of China.

In the context of the game between China and the United States, Taiwan actually plays a very important role.

According to the Korean Chosun Ilbo on June 27, according to the data of market research institutions, in the global semiconductor OEM market ranking, TSMC in Taiwan, China, China, ranked first with a 53.6% share, followed by South Korea, ranking second with 16.3%.

To know the semiconductor industry, the voice is still held by the United States and its allies.

The United States has been working with many allies to suppress, block and sanction China’s semiconductor industry. If China takes back Taiwan and takes the semiconductor industry chain represented by TSMC into its bag, China’s disadvantages in the semiconductor field will be relatively weakened. The technological advantages that western countries depend on for survival will be greatly reduced.

04 summary

In short, this round of G7 nominally supports Ukraine and Russia to continue to work, but the United States has not forgotten China and even focused on China.

Now the west is taking a hard confrontation against Russia and a soft containment against China.


Of course, the west is not new.

At the beginning of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, China and the Soviet Union enjoyed good relations. At that time, the Soviet Union was strong and China was relatively weak.

The west is a hard confrontation with China, but neither the Korean war nor the Vietnam War has taken advantage of it; The West’s cold war soft containment of the Soviet Union.

As the Soviet Union made the great power chauvinism mistake, the Sino Soviet relations broke up. Nixon seized the opportunity to visit China and improve Sino US relations. The Soviet Union finally played itself out.

China is now strong, while Russia is relatively weak.

The West applied its previous routine against the Soviet Union to China and its previous routine against China to Russia. Their goal is still to try to kill China and Russia and win another “cold war like victory”.

So from this perspective, the Sino US game is a long and tortuous process.

Unlike the Soviet Union, China will never make Soviet mistakes.

In the past several thousand years,

What kind of scenes have you never seen in China?

What kind of storms have you never experienced?

What kind of pain have you not suffered?

What kind of glory has not been achieved?

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