This scene has moved China and answered the questions of the world!

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Original: Yin Guoming source: wechat official account: Mingren Mingcha has been authorized to reprint

In the face of the forest fire, the people of Chongqing have taken practical actions to make people in the world think again: why is the Chinese nation invincible?

More than 1000 firefighters gathered at the fire site, but there were more than 20000 local volunteers. Among them, those young motorcyclists who usually make people think they are unruly rushed to the front of the fire this time and became the main force for transporting urgently needed materials to the mountains. Some were afraid of their families and went to the fire-fighting scene without telling them.

One firefighter said: it was the first time that I saw volunteers rush faster than firefighters. It was the first time that I could eat ice cream when I was fighting a fire on the front line. The firefighters from other places were also shocked. They said with emotion: “we put out the fire in so many places. Only here are all volunteers…” this place is so shocking. It is the first time that we see so many volunteers protecting us without sleeping. What we want is what we want. “.

Some netizens said that they suddenly understood what it means to “build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall”.

There are two photos, which hit the soul of the Chinese people, and many people burst into tears after seeing them. The first photo is the scene of Jinyun Mountain in Beibei, Chongqing during the disaster fighting at night. On the left is the raging red fire, and on the right is the star river formed by the lights in the hands of fire fighters. From the perspective of the photo, a capital “person” is formed. The second photo shows the group of volunteers in Chongqing winding from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain carrying supplies.

Chongqing, a heroic city and a heroic people, has shown heroic spirit in the face of forest fires and set an example for the people of the whole country. It was with this unity that the open fire of Jinyun Mountain in Beibei was put out. Unity is the reappearance of power, and the miracle of man conquering nature has become a reality at this moment.

These photos and videos will quickly spread all over the world through the Internet, so that the world can understand the spiritual code of why China can rise again from the historical trough, and also let some opponents who dream of containing China know in advance that their efforts are doomed to be futile.

These fire-fighting scenes can not help but remind people of the Huaihai Campaign in that year. The people’s Liberation Army invested 600000 troops, but there were five million people supporting the front. In that decisive battle, the people’s liberation army defeated 800000 Kuomintang troops with better equipment by 600000, and wiped out nearly 560000 enemies, creating a miracle in military history. Stalin, who had just led the Soviet military and people to victory in the patriotic war, felt incredible when he heard the news of the victory in the Huaihai Campaign: “600000 defeated 800000. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle!” It is said that later Stalin specially asked Eugene, the first ambassador of the Soviet Union to China, to study the reasons for the victory of the Huai Hai Campaign after he came to China.

Chen Yi has a familiar saying about this: “the victory of the Huaihai Campaign was pushed out by the people with a small car!” Although it is said from the perspective of logistics, it points to the fundamental problem.

The victory of the people’s Liberation Army was first of all because the question of who to fight for was solved. The soldiers of the people’s Liberation Army and the people in front of the army knew that this was to protect the revolutionary achievements and that the land allocated to them should not be lost. Therefore, the people in the liberated areas would rather eat less than support the front-line materials. After ideological education, the defeated and captured soldiers joined the PLA and soon became PLA soldiers who were not afraid of sacrifice.

Such an army and such a people are invincible. Our system and our people can create any miracle on earth (to borrow the words of a great man, don’t just make a literal mechanical understanding).

A mountain fire broke out in Australia and burned for several months. Finally, he had to lie flat. The United States has a serious forest fire, which is similar.

Similarly, in the face of the test of the global public health crisis, China and the West have also given different answers. China has insisted on zero, prevented the spread of the virus in society, and also created a miracle. However, the West quickly chose to coexist, exposing the whole people to rounds of virus attacks, and the death toll continued to rise, leaving more people with sequelae.

The national destiny of a country is closely related to the people’s mental state. In the face of the forest fire, the spirit of Chongqing residents reminds me of the state of “one billion people and one billion soldiers, ten thousand miles of rivers and ten thousand miles of camps” as Chairman Mao said.

This state of mind can keep our country from being defeated by any foreign enemy. Therefore, the disintegration of this mental state has become an important goal for the west to infiltrate China’s values.

The cultural “elites” deeply influenced by the West propagate selfish and rational “human nature”, laugh at “Lei Feng spirit”, slander revolutionary heroism, laugh at and bid farewell to the lofty, and want to return China to the state of the old Chinese people.

What was the spirit of the people of old China?

Jin Yinan once said that when the Eight Power Allied forces attacked Beijing, some of the ordinary people at that time gathered around, some led the way, some helped to transport ammunition, and some helped the aggressors to hold the ladder of the attack. Lu Xun’s “medicine” and other works also revealed the mental numbness of the Chinese people at that time.

The total number of “puppet troops” during the whole war of resistance against Japan after Japan’s invasion of China exceeded 2 million, of which the number of Chinese “puppet troops” who directly assisted the Japanese military operations exceeded 1 million at most. There are also a large number of cultural puppet troops who do not hold guns, and they are dedicated to breaking the Chinese people’s will to fight against Japan.

After the September 18th Incident, Hu Shi said: “I can’t go out to advocate war against my conscience… I’d rather perish the country than learn this Zhuang language to advocate war!”

Hu Shi once wrote to foreign minister Wang Shijie, advocating that “China can recognize Manchuria.” Hu Shi also took the lead in organizing a “self-conscious National Salvation Association” to resist the “Anti Japanese and national salvation” groups.

At that time, China did not have such a state of mental laxity. How could little Japan dare to move China? The reason why the Japanese Kanto army of 120000 people dared to launch the “September 18” incident against the 200000 northeast troops stationed in the northeast, with more than 600 large and medium-sized artillery, more than 2000 mortars, and more than 2000 machine guns was their judgment of the mental state of the Chinese people at that time. One of the masterminds of the incident, Ishigaki seigiro, mentioned in his mobilization before the station that “[China] is a country that is very different from the situation of modern countries. In the final analysis, it is just adding the name of the state to such an area with autonomous tribes. Therefore, from the Perspective of the real national development history of the general public, the national consciousness is undoubtedly very weak”.

How could a few Japanese soldiers control a county in China if they were not mentally lax?

The Chinese people have regained their vitality, which is really thanks to the efforts of the Communists of Chairman Mao’s generation.

Under the influence of the revolution and the tide of national salvation led by the party, the mental state of the insensitive Chinese in Lu Xun’s works has changed greatly. This change began in the base areas and liberated areas, and later spread to the whole country with the victory of the revolution.

The war to resist US aggression and aid Korea ended China’s humiliating record of repeatedly losing to Western powers in modern history. The reason why a country with a lot of things to do can drive the “United Nations army” composed of 17 countries led by the United States back from the Yalu River to the south of the 38th parallel is that the soldiers in the front are not afraid of sacrifice and the people in the rear are fully supportive. This is the unity we have shown in Chongqing in the face of forest fires.

The recent revelations of the decadence of Chinese cultural “elites” one after another have sounded an alarm bell for us. These cultural “elites” have several common characteristics: they deny China’s achievements in the first three decades, the system of new China, and the Chinese revolution. Some of them worshipped the west, some praised the Republic of China, some praised Hu Shi, some beautified Li Hongzhang, and some reversed Liu Wencai’s case. A large number of such comment articles and literary works have appeared. There are even people who seek reasons for the Eight Power Allied forces’ invasion of China, wash the land for Wang Jingwei’s betrayal of the country, and whitewash the tragic case created by the Japanese invading China; What’s more, they have also taken up the idea of textbooks for Chinese children.

They took the lead in mocking Lei Feng, spreading rumors about Mao anying, making fun of Qiu Shaoyun, smearing the five heroes of Langya Mountain and slandering Liu Hulan. More importantly, they slandered our founding leader in various ways.

The ultimate purpose of all this they have done is to destroy China’s system, at the same time, to disintegrate the spirit of the Chinese people, and to return the Chinese people to the state when the Eight Power Allied forces attacked Beijing.

Their efforts are not ineffective. In the face of disasters and tests, not every place can do the same as Chongqing people. In some places, some people took the opportunity to launch the national disaster relief fund and turned disaster relief into business.

We can not ignore the existence of these people and their role. Failure to defeat them will not only hinder China’s rise, but also make such a great people feel sorry. The struggle against them is of overall, decisive and fundamental significance.

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