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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Some interesting news.

1? The Ukrainian government and military issued a call up order for male citizens in Odessa who did not obey the government’s Beach ban. It is easy to be misunderstood as catching a strong man. In fact, it should not be, because we can’t catch a few strong men. The Ukrainian government blocked some beaches in Odessa for security reasons. Some young people felt that they were not free enough, so they pulled down the warning signs and went to the beach to revel. Relevant Ukrainian departments and the military jointly issued conscription orders to some male Ukrainian citizens. The implication is that since you are not afraid of death and still want to play when your country is destroyed, go to the front. This practice is certainly illegal in peacetime, but there seems to be nothing to say during war.

2? However, the shortage of Ukrainian troops is also a fact. ZELINSKY ordered that the territorial defense forces in the West would go to the front line to fight against Russia. On the surface, this incident is only a domestic military mobilization, but in fact it is of far-reaching significance. First of all, after the Lvov front line troops are deployed to eastern Ukraine, there will be empty cities on the western line in Ukraine. In this case, Poland is likely to take advantage of it. At present, nearly 10000 “volunteers” from Poland and Lithuania have entered Ukraine. Most of these people should not have entered the eastern front of Ukraine at present. Otherwise, Russia would have made a case with some prisoners or corpses that can prove their identity. In my opinion, these people are very likely to stay in Wuxi in the name of training. Next, if the situation permits, it may automatically evolve into the defense army of Wuxi region with empty defense. Like the Turkish troops entering the northwest of Syria, once stationed, it is impossible to ask them to leave. I even suspect that it was ZELINSKY’s intention. Since Russia can take back the sovereignty of Ukraine, what is the problem with Poland taking back or defending Ukraine?

I even suspect that ZELINSKY’s move was even intentional. As a matter of fact, ZELINSKY’s attributes are in doubt. It is more accurate to say that he is a Jew than a Ukrainian. When Zelensky was just elected, I checked his background. He was a standard Jew and had the ideal of going to Israel for pilgrimage in his youth. His election must have much to do with Israel. The interests he defended were not the interests of the Ukrainian people, but the Jewish layout of Europe.

Last month, he removed garrushkin, commander of the Ukrainian national defense force, and replaced him with an obedient major general tantura. Within a month, the territorial defense forces on the western front were transferred to the eastern front. Generally speaking, garushkin is a veteran general with mature experience, and also has very good cooperation with NATO. The biggest possibility of replacing garushkin is not that he did not fight well, but that he and ZELINSKY had a conflict between their operational concepts and objectives. One of the biggest conflicts should be the use of troops on the western front.

In the current Wudong battlefield, even Zelinski himself said that he lacked heavy weapons, rather than soldiers with insufficient combat experience. Under the attack of Russia’s powerful rockets and precision guided missiles, no matter how many raw melons and eggs can only become cannon fodder. The best use of the Western Front troops should be to keep Wuxi and send them to the front line after mastering NATO weapons assisted by the United States and Europe. ZELINSKY did this not for the sake of victory, but for the sake of sacrificing more soldiers to make his passionate performance more tragic. Of course, another possibility is to make room for Poland.

Why did the Jews do this? I think that under the circumstances that Russia is invincible, eastern Ukraine is certainly difficult to preserve. If Russia only targets Ukraine, then the remaining Ukraine is still a country with a large territory, at least a big country for Europe, which is full of small countries. Then there is still a buffer between NATO and Russia. There is room for relaxation between Russia and Europe. The United States and the Jews want a Russia and Europe that are constantly tense and have no room to ease. Let Russia occupy udong, let Poland and other countries carve up part of udong, and then Ukraine will become a small Kyiv principality. That may be the direction that ZELINSKY is working on.

3? The United States and Europe are preparing to build grain reserves on the Polish side near the Ukrainian border. There are two purposes, one is to transfer the food in Ukraine, and the other is to prepare for the food harvest in Ukraine in July. That is to say, the United States is not only searching for Ukraine’s last wealth, but also clearing away the country. Ukrainian people can throw it to Russia, Ukrainian land can throw it to Russia, but Ukrainian food is not good, and Russia must be responsible for the food security of the Ukrainian people on this land.



4? French President macron said in Romania that the EU needs to start a new dialogue with Russia and Ukraine. What is the new dialogue? It’s a counter-offer, of course. It is also a good way to make concessions, just like Chairman Jiang’s strategic turn forward. Ukraine seems to have traded land for peace.

However, on the day of the agreement, can the Polish armed forces in USSI be escorted out of the country? Will NATO become Poland’s umbrella? So as to form a direct deterrent to Russia? I think macron is a little late in thinking about this. Without aunt Mo, Europe would always be one step behind the United States.

To sum up, after the end of the Ukrainian grain harvest season in July, August and September should be the time for the initial results of the Russian Ukrainian war. On that day, the Americans have also looted all the wealth of Ukraine, and their interest in war will naturally fade.

And more importantly. In September, the United States should also shift more energy to East Asia. Time does not wait for it. The world will change.

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