This Turkish is not simple. Putin called him twice in three days!

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The article is reproduced with authorization from Niu Tanqin (ID: Bullpiano) Author: Niu Tanqin


Western cartoons are politically incorrect, but it’s interesting to see them

This Turkish is very complicated. Anyway, Putin made two phone calls to him in three days.

The first call was on February 24, the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict. He and Putin exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine.

The second phone call was on February 26, when Putin called to congratulate him on his 69th birthday. Putin said it very sensibly: you enjoy well-deserved respect among your compatriots and abroad. In this difficult moment, in a critical situation, when the Turks are overcoming the tragic consequences of the devastating earthquake, you have shown the best qualities of politicians and a person. Your courage and ability are fully demonstrated when you make balanced and necessary decisions

Please note: the best quality.

Who is he?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye.

Two phone calls in three days were so close to Putin. Looking around the world, there was no one except Erdogan.

Check it out. On October 7th last year, Putin’s 70th birthday, the first person who called to congratulate him on his birthday was Erdogan. Now Erdogan is 69 years old, and Putin has also made a call, which is the second call in three days.

This Turkish is really extraordinary.


Especially last year, he had at least five things that impressed the world, or made some people dumbfounded.

First, he mediated the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict.

In the past year, Erdogan has been running back and forth, and the telephone has been directly connected to Moscow and Kiev. Anyway, on the first anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict on February 24, he had a telephone conversation with Putin and Zerenskyu. Looking around the world, Erdogan is the only one.

Let alone say that he really did something. Under the mediation of Türkiye, Russia and Ukraine exported grain, which greatly alleviated the world food crisis. I remember that UN Secretary General Guterres personally went to Türkiye and said with great emotion: “Today, there is a lighthouse on the Black Sea, which is a beacon of hope, a beacon of possibility, and a beacon of a world in need of liberation more than ever before.”

What the United States cannot do, and what France and Germany want to do but cannot, Türkiye can do.

Second, he boycotted Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

After the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, Sweden and Finland, which were originally neutral, applied to join NATO. The United States is very happy that it has finally done what it has wanted to do for many years but failed to do. However, Türkiye strongly opposes Cheng Yaojin.

Later, under the mediation of the United States, Sweden and Finland bowed down and promised to extradite “terrorists” to Türkiye. Of course, the so-called democracy and freedom are over now. However, this triggered a backlash from Swedish far right people, burning scriptures in front of Türkiye’s embassy. Erdogan was furious: Sweden’s accession to NATO is not a question.

What the United States wants to do is going to be spoiled by Türkiye, and the United States has no choice. This is Erdogan.


Third, he was also good at diplomacy in Central Asia.

Anyway, there was a photo last year, which should be the most proud one of Erdogan’s life. In this photo, he is the undisputed “C”, and Putin is a minor supporting role.

This is a temporary gathering during the SCO Summit. Erdogan, sitting in a chair, is telling a story to everyone. The three people on the sofa are listening very carefully, one of them is Putin. Unlike Erdogan, who was waving and talking, Putin folded his hands together and looked intently at Erdogan

On Putin’s left is President Lukashenko of Belarus, on Putin’s right is President Rahman of Tajikistan, and on Erdogan’s side is President Aliyev of Azerbaijan

This shows that Erdogan is good at dancing. Going west, he can attend the NATO summit. Türkiye is a NATO ally; To the east, he also attended the SCO Summit and talked with Putin and other leaders.

Türkiye is the only country like this!

In event 4, he did not hesitate to pick on the Western 9 countries.

Which nine countries?

United States

The Netherlands








In any case, at the beginning of February this year, Türkiye, which was angry, summoned all the ambassadors of the nine western countries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye, and then scolded them severely. They denounced these countries for closing their consulates in Istanbul on the grounds of so-called terrorist attacks, which is intended to combat Türkiye’s tourism industry.

Türkiye is even more impolite to the leading US. Türkiye’s Interior Minister Soilou publicly told the Turkish people that he angrily scolded in front of the US ambassador: “Please take your dirty hands away from Türkiye!”

Look around the world and scold the United States in this way, but the United States has not lost its temper, let’s leave Türkiye alone.

Event 5: He founded the magic Erdogan economics.

A few days ago, Türkiye cut interest rates again by 50 basis points. It’s normal to cut interest rates, but what about inflation in Türkiye? Although it is no longer nearly 90% of the record set at the end of last year, it still remains at 60%.

This makes the world a little silly. You know, to curb high inflation, the common practice of global central banks is to raise interest rates; But Türkiye does not want to cut interest rates. Whoever does not cut interest rates will leave. Erdogan has fired three central bank governors. In his words, “We have been cheated by western economics for a long time”.

In any case, western economists are deeply affected by Türkiye. Finally, an important conclusion is drawn: Türkiye is launching a comprehensive challenge to classical economics.

Many people believe that Western economics and Türkiye’s economy can only survive in this way.

But this is Erdogan.

Of course, Erdogan has done more than these five things in the past year. He said that the Turkish army crossed the border into Iraq and Syria to launch a siege against the Kurdish armed forces. Even if it is the Kurdish armed forces of America’s allies, Türkiye will fight without fail.

After the earthquake in Türkiye, he took an active part in disaster relief. He made a national speech at the first time, visited the earthquake site for many times and sent birthday cakes to the girls in the disaster area. Although many Turks believe that he is responsible for the shoddy construction in the disaster area, this probability will not affect his support rate.

This is Erdogan.


Finally, what do you think?

Three simple points.

First, the Middle East plays a tough role.

There is a long list of names that can be heard, including Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak in Egypt, Assad in Syria, Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, Khomeini in Iran, Ben-Gurion, Rabin and Sharon in Israel, Arafat in Palestine, and many kings and emirs in the Arabian Peninsula.

Although the final outcome is different, they have all had a strong influence on geopolitics. Erdogan is undoubtedly one of the most famous villains in the Middle East today, and even the most important person in Türkiye after Kemal.

At the age of 69, Putin made two phone calls in three days, which is really unusual.

Second, Türkiye is rising.

Türkiye in China is indeed not simple. It has to be said that Türkiye is rising, although inflation is rising faster.

Mediated the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict and boycotted Finland and Sweden to join NATO. In the context of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, he still went to Russia to visit Putin, even at the expense of scolding the United States. As a NATO country, Türkiye, Erdogan does have a set of skillful whirlwind dance that dazzles people.

If there are winners in the Russia Ukraine conflict, Türkiye is the first winner; If the Nobel Prize is fair, Erdogan will definitely be the first candidate for the Peace Prize. The crisis is indeed an opportunity for Türkiye.


Third, in the final analysis, it is the national interest.

In the past 10 years, Türkiye once regarded Russia’s opponents and enemies. In the Syrian battlefield, Türkiye also attacked Russian air force fighters; But Putin ignored the past and secretly sent Erdogan information about CIA participation in the coup to help him tide over the difficulties

Let’s go back to the old saying: there is no permanent friend, no permanent enemy, only permanent interests.

But after all, Türkiye is a NATO ally. Erdogan and Putin are getting closer, and the United States is letting it go?

It’s impossible!

Therefore, we have seen a series of recent confrontations and Türkiye’s frustration and anger. Although Türkiye’s relations with the West have eased due to the earthquake. But if Erdogan and Putin keep calling, you see, there are now nine western countries, not excluding the next 19 and 29 western countries, putting pressure on Türkiye, digging holes for Türkiye

But is Türkiye afraid?

Erdogan sometimes refuses to eat. Among other things, Türkiye was really pushed to the brink. One million more refugees would be enough for Europeans to drink.

Fight, then go on fighting.

Of course, Erdogan, as a ruthless character, is also very clear in his heart. Although Putin made a very warm birthday call on his 69th birthday, Biden, Makron and Sholtz didn’t say anything. He should remind himself from time to time: Be careful of the CIA, and don’t instigate another coup!

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