Those who advocate changing the world after 00 are bad!

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Boling said:

I wrote a short essay on International Children’s Day,

Let’s have a brief talk about what came to mind.


I do not know since when, there has been a trend of advocating the Post-00 era on the Internet.

They say that the Post-00 generation is the most vigorous generation, which can completely change the world and rectify bad habits in the workplace. Many bloggers also make video clips of this kind of stem, which often gets good traffic.

Let me say, this kind of atmosphere is actually bad.

The main reason why they are so vigorous after 2000 is that they are young.

So far, the largest Post-00 generation, that is, the age of just graduating from University, have not really entered the society, have not had time to feel the cruelty of the society, and still live under the wings of their parents.

Since we have parents to protect us from the wind and rain, we don’t have to worry about everything. Naturally, we can have no scruples. We can quit the work we don’t like. We dare to hate the boss when we are wronged. If we can’t, we can still go home and eat the old. Anyway, we are still young, right.

This is the characteristic of all young people. It has nothing to do with whether they are after 00.

Ten years ago, when we just graduated, we were very vigorous. Seeing officials such as county heads and mayors, we didn’t take it seriously. Thinking that you would dare to bully me, I went downstairs to stab you. It’s a big deal to run away.

As for those business owners, I don’t care. You just have some bad money. I will be rich in the future.

Moreover, the social atmosphere was bad at that time, and the people were very dissatisfied. Some young people who had just graduated joined very small leftist groups and studied revolutionary theories all day long.

Are these young people fierce?

But now?

I don’t have the spirit I used to have. Let alone local officials such as county heads and mayors, I can’t even provoke the director of the community neighborhood committee.

He also stabbed people to run away. Where can those with families go? A monk cannot run away from the temple.

The young leftists who study revolutionary theory began to work, marry and have children as early as eight years ago. Up to now, they have no voice at all.

Young Americans in the 1960s had similar experiences.

At that time, the United States was fighting in Vietnam. There were problems such as racial oppression and the monopoly of interest channels by old-fashioned authority figures in the country. As a result, young Americans born in baby boomers after World War II appeared in an anti authority and anti oppression movement.

Some of them formed bands to celebrate freedom, and some moved to the suburbs to explore the ideal society. They became very popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

However, in the 1980s, these young people gradually passed the age of 30 and had to work to support their families. As a result, their enthusiasm for changing the world quickly faded. After that, they no longer focused on the grand narrative of changing the world, but only cared about their daily necessities.

Young people who have not really entered the society and have their parents to tell the truth can certainly be very vigorous, but the daily necessities of life can dispel all the vitality.


Therefore, it is unrealistic to place the hope of changing the world and reorganizing the workplace on a generation of people and think of finishing their work in one battle.

The world is spiraling upward. Any grand narrative needs to be done by young people from generation to generation.

Young people such as Zeng Guofan and zuozongtang in the late Qing Dynasty changed the dominant world of the Eight Banners aristocracy. In the late Qing Dynasty, Zourong, Sun Yat Sen and other young people changed the world ruled by the Manchu and Qing Dynasties. The students of the May 4th movement changed the world monopolized by the old culture. After 20 and 30, they changed the world in which China was beaten in Korea. After 50 and 60, they changed the world in which the market economy was not active.

No one is young forever, but someone is young forever.

Things need to be done step by step. The world needs to be changed a little bit. The key to changing the world is not to talk, but to practice.

Therefore, instead of advocating that the world can be changed and the workplace can be reorganized after 00 at the macro level, it is better to give them some job opportunities and some thinking opportunities to explore and ponder by themselves rather than guiding what they should do after 00.

The road they are taking now is the road of China in the future.


This is not difficult to understand. We understand. Do those who advocate that the world will be completely changed after 00 understand?

The probability is understandable.

Then why do they advocate with different opinions?

According to my observation, most of those who advocate the post-00s are those who have worked for many years and

People who are not in high positions have serious concerns with their families and their families. They have no ambition to change the world and rectify the workplace, but they are subject to PUA in the workplace. They are quite dissatisfied in both life and workplace.

So what should we do? How can we change the status quo?

Take advantage of the reckless youth of the Post-00 generation, and advocate the Post-00 generation to rush forward.

If they can achieve something after 00, they will be the biggest beneficiaries. If they are defeated after 00, they will have no loss. Life will go on as before.

Consciously or unconsciously, they regard the Post-00 generation as cannon fodder, and the Post-00 generation also makes cannon fodder consciously or unconsciously due to age and other limitations.

These people who advocate that the world will be completely changed after the 00’s are really bad.

I hope friends after 00 can read more books to avoid being cheated.

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