Those who hit people in Tangshan may have to wear out the bottom of the prison!

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Source: jingsiyouwo666 (id:jingsiyouwo666)

In the early morning of June 10, a beating incident occurred in Tangshan. By the afternoon of June 10, public opinion was fermenting. Subsequently, the public security organ of Hebei Province and Tangshan City made a series of arrangements and set up a big battle, which seemed to be to wipe out the relevant black and evil forces.

However, in my article on the beating incident in Tangshan on June 13, I said that this incident did significantly reduce the credibility of the government, causing people including me to have a little worry about what the government did. Worry about this time, the thunder and rain are small.

Today, I saw two briefings from government departments, which greatly eased my worry. At the same time, there is also a clear prediction as to whether the perpetrators of this beating incident can be severely punished by the law.

So after reading the two briefings, I was in a particularly good mood. This is about a very happy psychological state based on the anticipation that the batter may have to sit through the prison.

The two circulars, one from the Public Security Department of Hebei Province and the other from the discipline inspection and supervision organ of Hebei Province. Should be very authoritative.

From these two briefings, we can see such two facts.

First of all, what kind of punishment will the beater receive?

A key point here is the victim’s injury identification.

Because according to the law, if the victim of this beating is identified as a minor injury or minor injury, the qualitative probability of the beating is to make trouble, and the maximum sentence is 5 years. If the victim is identified as seriously injured, the beating will be characterized as intentional injury, and the maximum sentence is 10 years. Of course, this is not an aggravating penalty.

This morning, the Public Security Department of Hebei Province gave the answer in its Bulletin: among the four victims, two were slightly injured and two were slightly injured.

From this point of view, the crime of this beating incident will probably be characterized as the crime of provocation, with a maximum sentence of 5 years.

When I saw this news, I was a little disappointed, because I felt that even if I was punished, it would only be 5 years, and I didn’t seem to get rid of it.

But on second thought, it shows that the victim’s injury is not particularly serious, which should not be a particularly bad thing. We can’t expect the victims to get hurt in order to get the bad guys punished severely, can we? We should not deliberately raise the injury level of the victims in order to let the bad guys go to prison more, regardless of the law.

However, it is strictly in accordance with legal standards to say that the victim’s injury is not serious enough. In fact, according to the standard of life, a minor injury of grade II is already a very serious injury. Because minor, minor and serious injuries in law and the degree of injury in our daily life are completely two concepts.

In daily life, if a person is beaten black and blue, we feel that he has been beaten hard and miserable. But legally, the bruised nose and face are in most cases only minor injuries, sometimes even minor injuries.

Legally, if the inner wall of the eye is broken, the nasal bone is broken, and the metacarpal bone is broken, it is only a minor injury, not even a minor injury.

Legally, two rib fractures are considered as grade II minor injuries. This time, the two most serious victims were also identified as grade II minor injuries.

Further on, in law, only six broken ribs are considered as minor injuries. They are all minor injuries.

Legally, a severed thumb is only a minor injury.

Legally, a broken lung is a serious injury.

In a word, a minor injury or minor injury in law is actually a very serious injury, which is why the batter may be sentenced to five years in prison.

However, because the circumstances of this beating incident were very bad, from the sensibility of the common people, I felt that it would be cheaper for such a batter to serve only five years in prison. Although this kind of perceptual knowledge is not quite right, it is human nature.

But there is no way. We must comply with the law. I think this is also the basic principle and premise for us to understand this beating incident.

However, my friends, don’t worry. The notice shows that the police comrades of Guangyang branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau in Hebei Province are working actively and have found a lot of things. This time, the beater can’t pass easily. Among them, I mentioned on June 13 that Chen Jizhi was suspected of illegal detention on December 12, 2015. In addition, in 2018, he still pledged the car as a loan, knowing that the car he was owed by others was a stolen car. In addition, on June 9, 2022, the day before this beating, he and six other people carried out illegal and criminal activities of online gambling money laundering, involving a total of 660300 yuan.

Moreover, the notice said that the suspects in these other criminal clues have been arrested.

In this way, the main culprit of this beating incident is not as simple as serving five years in prison.

I also saw that there was a keyword in the bulletin of Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau.

I mentioned on June 13 that chenjizhi, the principal criminal of this beating incident, was suspected of illegally detaining others on December 12, 2015. At that time, I said that this matter came from the judgment and ruling document of Tangshan intermediate people’s Court of Hebei Province. In that document, it was mainly said that Liu Tao, Chen Jizhi’s accomplice, beat people when collecting debts and illegally detained them in Chen Jizhi’s factory. From this description, it seems that chenjizhi is not the most important criminal in this case.

However, in the bulletin of Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau this morning, I saw the word “Instigation”, saying that chenjizhi “instigated” others to illegally detain after beating others.

The word “Instigation” shows that Chen Jizhi was the mastermind in the illegal detention case in 2015, and is likely to be legally recognized as the first major offender in this case. If so, then it is likely that on the basis of our normal reasoning, the crime will be aggravated.

It’s not over yet. In a circular issued this morning by the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department, it said that the public security organ had also found other illegal and criminal clues such as Chen Jizhi and others’ provocation, gathering people to fight and opening casinos.

In other words, the beating incident on June 10 was basically investigated, and then the three incidents of illegal detention in 2015, illegal pledge loans in 2018, and illegal gambling and money laundering the day before the beating were basically investigated. In addition, there are still some clues that have been found and are still under investigation. It’s hard to say how much more can be found out. The police comrades of Guangyang branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau in Hebei Province have worked hard, but they still need to make persistent efforts. Come on!

In this way, adding all the bad things Chen Jizhi did, I analyzed that he was very likely to wear out the bottom of the prison.

I didn’t know the beater in the Tangshan beating incident, and I had no grievances. Before this, I didn’t know their names at all. However, I am now so gnashing my teeth in describing this matter. Because if these people are brought to justice, the arrogance of people like him will be much reduced, and I will be much safer when I go to the streets in the future. I think this should be the psychology of most people.

This is the first information I want to share with my friends about the official briefing this morning.

The second message is to expand on this basis.

In fact, I am not worried that the beaters in this beating incident will escape the law, because this incident has aroused the public indignation of the people all over the country.

What I am worried about is that this incident reflects the incompleteness of the anti Mafia and evil forces in Tangshan, and it can be inferred that the umbrella of the anti Mafia and evil forces in Tangshan has not been cleared, at least there is the problem of dereliction of duty by the relevant departments.

My logic is that no matter how severe legal sanctions are imposed on the perpetrators of this beating incident, if we do not solve the problems of incomplete anti Mafia and evil eradication, the failure to clean up the protective umbrella, and the dereliction of duty by relevant departments, the people’s sense of security will still not be guaranteed, and people like me will still be trembling when they go to the streets in the future.

So I read the official briefing today and I am still paying attention to this issue.

First of all, I saw the description of the beating incident in the early morning of June 10 in the second natural paragraph of the notice issued by the Public Security Department of Hebei Province. This is an official report and authoritative report, which is naturally more accurate and reliable than the previous rumors in the media.

The notice said that at 2:40 a.m. on June 10, these people began to harass girls, then began to beat people, and fled at 2:47.

The notice also said that the public security organ received the alarm at 2:41 and rushed to the scene at 3:09.

This detail attracted my great attention.

On the one hand, this is inconsistent with the previous statements circulated in the media. On June 13, I also borrowed the statements circulated in the media. I said that the police called the police at 2:42 and arrived at 2:46. At that time, I commented that the police were very fast.

Now it seems that some media, including me, were wrong.

And this mistake is fatal. According to what I said in the media on June 13, the police went out very quickly and performed very well.

Now it seems that the police received the alarm at 2:41 and arrived at the scene at 3:09. It took 28 minutes, that is, nearly half an hour. This time is too slow.

Although I don’t know whether the Chinese authorities have any time requirements for the police to go out, from the actual needs of people’s safety, common sense tells us that the police speed is too slow.

More importantly, 120 medical staff arrived at the scene at 2:55, 14 minutes earlier than the police.

We generally believe that the medical staff are rescuing the dying and healing the wounded, not the disciplined forces. It is understandable if the response to an emergency is a little slower than that of the police.

But this time, the medical staff were 14 minutes faster than the police. I really should give a big compliment to the medical staff who showed up that night. In the past two years, Chinese medical and nursing personnel have been brave and moving in the prevention and control of the epidemic. In such an emergency as the Tangshan beating incident, people are once again awed by it. It’s really good!

In contrast, this time, the performance of the relevant personnel of the Lubei branch of Tangshan Public Security Bureau was far from satisfactory. Think of chenjizhi, the principal offender in this beating incident. He committed an offence in 2015, but he failed to catch the beating this time. When we think about it again, from the occurrence of this beating incident to June 10, there was a great deal of public opinion in the afternoon, and Tangshan has not told the public whether they would file a case for investigation All this makes people feel that there are problems behind it.

However, fortunately, the notification from the discipline inspection and supervision organ of Hebei Province shows that relevant personnel are already under investigation. Ma Aijun, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Lubei branch of the Public Security Bureau in Tangshan City, where the beating incident took place, and also deputy head of the Lubei District Government of Tangshan City, has accepted the disciplinary review and supervision investigation of the Discipline Inspection Commission. At the same time, the following directors of the Airport Road police station, the Deputy station master of Changhong Road police station, the Airport Road police station and the former director of Guangming Li police station all accepted the disciplinary review and supervision investigation of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

This is the news I want to see.

I have always believed that the handling of the beating of people in Tangshan must not be limited to the legal sanctions against those who beat people. In particular, it must be pursued to the end, pointing directly at the black and evil forces and the umbrella behind them. Even if there is no umbrella, the dereliction of duty and malfeasance of relevant departments should be investigated to the end. Otherwise, the safety of the people will not be guaranteed no matter how severely the beater is sentenced. It is impossible to solve the problem at its root by merely arresting and convicting a few thugs.

It is now discovered from the circular that the relevant departments are following this line of thinking. So I feel at ease.

In particular, both designated jurisdiction and remote jurisdiction have been applied to the disciplinary review, supervision and investigation of the black sheep within the police.

The discipline review, supervision and investigation of the director of the Lubei branch of Tangshan Public Security Bureau should normally be carried out by the Discipline Inspection Commission of Tangshan city. However, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Hebei Province has designated jurisdiction, and this matter is now in the charge of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Langfang city.

The discipline review, supervision and investigation of several people under the Lubei branch of Tangshan Public Security Bureau are also under the jurisdiction of the supervision committee of Tangshan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. Instead of being in the charge of the local Lubei District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the supervision committee of Tangshan Caofeidian district and Fengnan District Commission for discipline inspection are respectively responsible.

Only in this way can I rest assured.

Not only that, in today’s official bulletin, in addition to the two words of designated jurisdiction and remote jurisdiction, I also saw a new word called “upgraded jurisdiction” (this word comes from the bulletin of Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau).

In the public security system, the meaning of upgraded jurisdiction is that a case can be handled by the grass-roots organs as a rule, but under special circumstances, it can be handled by the organs at the next higher level.

The advantage of doing so is naturally to prevent some man-made interference.

In the Circular of Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau, three words are used side by side, namely: listing for supervision, using police in different places, and upgrading for jurisdiction.

In fact, when it comes to the word “promotion”, the two circulars we saw today are “promotion”, that is, raising the level. Why do you say that?

Because this incident happened in Lubei District, Tangshan City, under normal circumstances, the notification of relevant information is carried out by Lubei District, and there is no big problem. If we raise the level to be notified by Tangshan City, there will be no problem.

However, we have seen two circulars today, one from the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department and the other from the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision. In short, they are all notifications from relevant departments of Hebei Province.

It seems that the circular has also been upgraded, and it can be said that it has been upgraded by two levels. The briefing is not just an introduction. Whoever reports will be responsible.

This should be an institutional advantage of China. To put it simply, the top can control the bottom, and the bottom must listen to the top. When the lower level is unreliable, the upper level should count on it. If you can’t count on it, who can you count on?

Some people may think it is natural. Yes, I think so.

However, not all countries in the world are like this. For example, a very typical feature of the United States is that the top cannot control the bottom.

To be specific, the central government has no way to take the state government, let alone such sensitive events as human life is of great concern and the eradication of evil. Even for the rescue after a fire, snow or building collapse, the federal government of the United States has no way to take the state government, and the state government has no way to take the city government, which has led to a series of problems.

At about 1:30 a.m. on June 24, 2021, a residential building in Miami, Florida collapsed, and more than 100 residents did not know whether they were alive or dead.

After the incident, the professional rescue team of the federal emergency measures agency of the United States immediately stood by and was ready to start rescue at any time.

However, they could not start because they were waiting for the White House’s order.

However, the White House could not give the order in time because it was waiting for the Florida governor’s statement. Only when the governor declares a state-level emergency, the federal, that is, the central government’s rescue team can go into the field.

However, the governor could not declare a state of emergency in time because he had to wait for the Miami City Government to make a statement first.

However, for some unknown reason, the statement of the Miami municipal government was delayed. Later, 16 hours later, at 5:30 p.m. that day, the state government issued a statement according to the statement of the municipal government, so the White House issued an order to let the central government’s rescue team set out for rescue.

A residential building collapsed at 1:30 a.m., when people were sleeping, and more than 100 people did not know whether to live or die. 16 hours later, the rescue team arrived at the scene. How can we save people? Sure enough, they didn’t save the last one. They only dug out the bodies of the victims.

This is the United States. If something happens at the bottom, the top can’t help. Not to mention that something has happened below, and the top should direct what the bottom should do, let alone think about it.

In the United States, the relationship between the federal government and the state government is not a relationship between superiors and subordinates, but a relationship of brotherhood. In their concept, each state is an independent country. Because there are some things that cannot be done at the state level, such as national defense and foreign affairs, they can only delegate these things to the federal government. The federal government has no control over other things except those entrusted to the federal government. Even if it is to help, it is not for you to help.

So we often see news that American governors and even mayors under the state do not take the president seriously.

In september2020, the police shot and killed Blake, an African American man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, which led to large-scale protests and riots for a time.

US President trump wants to visit this state and exert his influence. As a result, Kenosha city officials — please note that they are not the governor of Wisconsin, but the officials of Kenosha city under Wisconsin. They directly told the media that they would rather trump not come at this time. Andyberg, the head of the 10th District and County Council under the city of kinosha, also expressed the same views on the media.

My friends can reason that if the president of the United States thinks that Kenosha city or Wisconsin has handled the police shooting of black people unfairly, and he wants to take care of it, can he still take care of it?

When the president can not control the governor or the mayor of the city below the state, if the bad guys want to do something bad in a city or state and want to escape punishment, they only need to deal with the officials of the city or state, and everything will be fine.

However, this is definitely not possible in China. For example, someone who wants to do evil things in Tangshan City has not yet been investigated. He may be able to succeed for a while by fixing some officials in Tangshan city. For example, chenjizhi, the principal criminal in the Tangshan beating incident, committed the crime in 2015. Until this time, he was not caught. According to normal analysis, there must be people in Tangshan secretly helping him.

However, now that things are getting worse, people in Tangshan city can’t protect him. Hebei Province has come forward to take charge, and Hebei Province has realized designated jurisdiction, remote jurisdiction and upgraded jurisdiction. It is conceivable that these bad guys’ umbrellas in Tangshan will not work.

Further analysis shows that if someone has great energy, he can handle Hebei Province. However, there is another day above Hebei Province, that is, the central government.

Logically speaking, if we want to rest easy when doing bad things in China, we must take care of the central government. But is the central government so easy to handle?

However, it is much easier to handle a district and a city. In the United States, if you want to do bad things without being investigated, you won’t have so much trouble. Just take care of one city and one state.

Therefore, I have shared with my friends before that China and the United States have many problems, but China has the possibility to solve the problems, while the United States does not.

Take the social security problems reflected in the Tangshan beating incident for example. The social security situation in China in the 1990s was very bad. Anyone who has grown up in the 1990s should bear in mind the situation of that period.

My personal experience is:

Take the minibus, OK. Then, several people stood up and looked sinister. Standing in front of everyone from the back row to the front row, everyone automatically took out the money and gave it to him. If one person looked at him more, he would be immediately slapped.

I myself have been pointed at by the nose and warned by bad people because I stood up when my friend was in danger: “be careful when you go out in the future. Don’t let me see you.” So for a few years, I went out with self-defense tools.

When I went out at that time, the question I thought most was: should I resist? Under what circumstances did I resist? How can I resist without breaking the law? What if I kill someone when I resist? How should I resist? In case someone is killed, can I be called self-defense? Self defense is the first legal term I studied deeply.

Later, more and more people resisted and organized resistance in all aspects. A standard configuration on the minibus is a lot of wooden sticks, so that people on the bus can fight back at any time when they encounter gangsters. On the door of the minibus was written a few big red characters: “the assailant can be killed on the spot.” I still clearly remember that the word “shoot” was written in an explosive way, bloody and full of terror. Seeing that word, I guess the bad guys were scared.

Later, I didn’t know when I would go out without a self-defense guy.

Later, in the second decade of the 20th century, I suddenly saw in a reading that China had become one of the safest countries in the world.

At that time, I saw such a specific authoritative figure, which is an international authoritative indicator of the public security situation of a country and region, that is, the number of homicides per 100000 people, that is, the average number of homicides per 100000 people in a year. This figure in China has fluctuated between 0.5 and 1 in the past 10 years.

What is the ranking level of China in the world? Approximately within the 20th place. The top ranking I know is No. 7. Unfortunately, I can’t find that information today.

Most of the countries with the same good public security as China are small countries that most of us cannot name. The only countries and regions we are familiar with are Japan, Singapore and Austria, as well as Hong Kong and Macao in China.

I have only 2016 figures on hand today. Let me introduce them to my friends. In 2016, there were 0.62 homicides per 100000 people in China, ranking 17th in the world.

The top 20 countries in that year were such countries. I read the names of these countries from the first to the 20th:

Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Macao, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, French Polynesia, Brunei, Indonesia, Austria, Bahrain, Norway, Palestine, the Netherlands, China, Madagascar, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates.

We found that among the world’s well-known big countries, except China and Japan, they all entered the top 20. In 2016, the number of deaths per 100000 people in the United States was 4.88, eight times that of China.

After the Tangshan beating incident, the people of the whole country denounced it together, and public opinion was boiling. Among the criticisms, some people in the media soberly pointed out that the Chinese people were so angry about this beating incident, on the premise that China’s overall social security situation was good, so such a vicious incident could not be tolerated. Some people in the media pointed out that such an event may not be a thing at all in most countries in the world, but it is a big thing in China.

This was not the case in China 30 years ago.

China is not so good at the beginning!

China is slowly becoming so good!

China, not good enough now! That is why there was a beating incident in Tangshan.

China, better, better! So,

We must win the hard battle of the follow-up handling of the Tangshan beating incident and make China better!

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