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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Arthur was severely reprimanded by the White House office today. Because he “misplaced” the order of the pages of the presidential memorandum, President Biden was once again questioned by the public and the opposition. When Biden attended the green energy executive meeting a few days ago, he took out a memo to show the industry elites the president’s concern and understanding of the green energy industry. When he took out a memo from the folder in front of him and began to show it to the reporters’ lens, it was amazing, because what was written on the paper was Biden’s activity details. The details are breathtaking. For example, how Biden walked into the conference room, how he greeted the participants after entering the conference room, said something for two minutes after greeting, then asked a question to a participant, thanked them, and then stood up and left the conference room. With meticulous activity guidance, even an idiot can be qualified for the important post of president of the United States according to this note. The problem was that Biden wanted to take out the prepared industry map during his speech, but mistakenly took the one for detailed guidance instead of the one for industry display. The seasoned reporters soon discovered this detail, and took a clear picture of every letter on the paper with the high-definition camera in their hands. The White House entourage soon found out the problem, immediately terminated the meeting, transferred the president to another place in the most skillful way, and announced that the meeting would be terminated. This incident immediately caused an uproar in the United States. Can the president still do his job independently? Who wrote the details of the event to the president? Who is in control of the United States? A series of problems appeared on American social platforms [the mainstream media are mostly friends and supporters of the Democratic Party, so…] This is not a big problem for Biden, because whether Biden is Alzheimer’s disease or not is not a new topic for a long time. He often calls others’ names wrong, and even his vice president sometimes makes mistakes. Therefore, it is not worth making a fuss about taking the wrong piece of paper. But this time I took the wrong paper. Obviously, there was a factor of negligence on the part of the staff. Next, President Biden will have at least two more years in office, and may even need to be re elected. Therefore, such negligence of the staff should be avoided as far as possible, that is, the person who made the mistake this time must bear the responsibility for it. “You may not be able to go to Europe.” White House chief of staff Ron Klein told Arthur. “I still want to retrieve the monitoring at that time. Before the president attended the meeting, I checked the order of memoranda three times according to the regulations. I know this is very important, especially for our president.” Arthur was not convinced. He clearly and definitely remembered that he had checked the order of the memorandum. There was only one possibility that the president had drawn the wrong order. It’s not his fault. “Needless to say, someone must be responsible for this. The only person responsible for this is you. This is not what the president means. The president knows what kind of person he is. This is what I mean. We can’t let the people above feel that the White House office personnel are irresponsible. Therefore, I need you to take this responsibility.” Ron Klein, director of the White House Office, also known as the White House chief of staff, is actually the president’s butler in the White House. As a butler, Ron is actually the number two man in the White House. But since Ron took office more than a year ago, he has rarely brushed the sense of existence. He does not appear in public and will not make his own judgment on the domestic and international affairs of the United States. Ron has only one task: to ‘serve the president.’ Biden had already shown his Alzheimer’s to people around him before the election. Biden’s situation is exactly what the Democratic controllers need. First of all, Biden has a very serious problem in their hands [his family has done a lot of lawless things in Ukraine and has a lot of interests]. Second, Biden with the trend of Alzheimer’s disease is easier to be arranged into the role they need. However, Ron Klein, who was not interested in showing off, became Biden’s butler and de facto affairs director. For example, the detailed guidance of the meeting and all the details of Biden’s activities are the masterpieces of Ron’s team. Just accidentally exposed by Biden. This out of control situation is also Ron’s dereliction of duty, so he needs Arthur to carry the pot. Otherwise, controllers will question Ron’s ability to work. “However, the president’s visit to Europe this time to attend two important meetings in succession, whether it is the NATO summit or the G7 summit, requires people who are more familiar with him to serve. If I don’t go to Europe, will it cause more worry?” Arthur knew it was impossible not to carry the pot. His arm could not wring his thigh. But he didn’t want to lose his job because he was in trouble. After joining Ron’s team, he learned that the real dominator of the United States is not the president and Congress, but a more mysterious force. He is lucky to be a member of this force, and his future is limitless. Naturally, he can’t lose his team membership because of this small mistake [to be exact, back pot]. “No, no, no, Arthur, the president will be fine. Didn’t you go to Japan last time?” Ron waved his hand. “But the last time I went to Japan, there was an accident. The president’s description of Taiwan had problems. It exceeded the team’s definition of the Taiwan issue. In the end, you asked the White House spokesman to correct it?” A month ago, during his visit to Japan, Biden spoke beyond the outline on Taiwan’s security issues. Finally, the White House team corrected the deviation. “It’s no secret what kind of person the president is now. You don’t have to worry about it. If you really want to go to Europe, I can arrange for you to carry out a secret mission.” “Does it have anything to do with the president’s schedule?” Arthur didn’t want to lose his qualification to serve the president. Because he deeply understands that serving the president means controlling the president. What could be more fulfilling in the world than participating in controlling the president of the United States? “Either relevant or irrelevant.” Ron replied. “What does that mean?” Arthur wondered. “You know, Ukrainian wheat is about to be harvested. The president’s family is a big player in Ukrainian energy trade and grain trade. But now there is a problem, how can we transport these grains out of Ukraine. The president is worried about this, which is also our worry. Now, Spain, Italy and Germany are waiting for Ukrainian grain this season. Originally, energy restrictions have made it difficult for Europe to continue If the grain cannot be transported out again, whether Europe will follow the United States and obey our instructions is a very big problem. After all, it can be overcome if we don’t have enough food. Something will happen if we don’t have enough to eat. So we need to solve this problem. ” “I see. This is also the main task that the president needs to complete when he goes to Europe for a meeting. In addition, Ukrainian food can also make the president’s family a little better off.” Arthur did not hide in front of Ron. As the president’s Messenger, the team only respected the president in front of outsiders. “You are right. The president has been a little depressed recently, so we have to give him some sweets. We should try to get the food from Ukraine. And this is also related to Russia. If we can get the food from Ukraine, it is equivalent to asking Ukraine to pay for our expenses for the Russian Ukrainian war. Now Russia hopes to take advantage of the global food crisis and the food needs of European countries for Ukraine Ask for the chips for active negotiation. We must not let them do what they want. As long as the Ukrainian grain is transported out, Russia and we will be somewhat weaker in the strength of the hard bar. So your task is very important this time. ” “What do I need to do? I have made an investigation before. Now the passage of the Black Sea is blocked by Russia. For railway transportation, it is necessary to build new tracks, because the width of the Ukrainian railway is different from that of the European Union. I am afraid it will be too late to build a new railway. If it is transported by road, it will be difficult to find cars. The food in Ukraine is tens of millions of tons. Road transportation is just a drop in the bucket. Solve the problem No problem. ” As a member of the presidential lineman, Arthur is much more professional than those American politicians who stand on the table. Otherwise, he would not be selected into the lineman team. “What is the best means of transport for bulk goods?” Ron asked. “Of course it’s a waterway. But now Mariupol has been occupied by Russia, and the waterway on Odessa has been strangled by Snake Island. It’s almost impossible for the waterway to go through now.” Arthur shook his head. “Now the United Nations and Turkey are talking with Russia and Ukraine about transporting food by water. It seems that everyone knows that the so-called land and railway are not reliable, so we still have to think about ways by water.” “But there is a problem here. If Russia is allowed to allow Ukrainian grain to be transported to Europe by water through Turkey, then Russia is bound to propose that its own grain can also be transported through the same channel. That would not be cheaper for Russia and would not be in line with our purpose of suppressing Russia’s economy.” Arthur put forward the key point of the problem: not only to transport the grain from Ukraine, but also to completely blockade Russia. Therefore, he believes that the so-called Quartet food negotiations will not produce results. Even if there is, the United States should destroy it, otherwise, Russia will get more chips. “If the negotiation can solve the problem, what’s the point of your going to Ukraine? As the president’s team of facilitators, we should stand higher, see farther and attack harder than the president.” “What can I do?” Asked Arthur. “Open up the waterway.” Ron spits out just a few words. But the tone was full of killing. “I am not a front-line combat officer, but an administrative officer. How can I do this?” Arthur felt puzzled and even frightened. I am not a professional commander or even a soldier. How can I get through the waterway of the black sea? “When President Biden goes to Europe this time, he will send a big gift to Ukraine, four sets of hippocampal rocket systems. Your task is to make some rockets fight according to our plan, not according to the meaning of the Ukrainian military. In this matter, only the members of our lineman team can hold down Zelensky, otherwise we will not achieve our strategic goal.” Ron said. The hippocampus rocket system is one of the most advanced land warfare weapons in the United States. It has a medium range of 70 kilometers and a long range of more than 300. However, the United States did not provide a remote system this time. This rocket system is highly mobile and covers a wide range. It can also launch submunitions. The rocket launched by one system alone can cover 10000 square meters, which is the key to destroying the artillery positions of the other side

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