China’s third domestically produced aircraft carrier is about to launch

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Author: animal production team leader source: official account: animal production team

After a long cry, I came out, still holding the pipa half covered my face!

003 underwater soon!

On June 14, the US media released an ultra-high definition satellite picture, which clearly showed the construction status of aircraft carrier 003. We don’t have to worry about leaks. The construction of super large aircraft carriers can’t be covered up. All aircraft carriers in the world are built in a fair and aboveboard manner, but only three countries, China, the United States and Russia, still have a full set of aircraft carrier construction technology.


Someone has to ask, didn’t Britain also build the Queen Elizabeth? Didn’t France build the Charles de Gaulle? India next door has just built a domestic aircraft carrier, the Vikram?

You must note that I am talking about “a complete set of aircraft carrier construction technology”. What is “full set of aircraft carrier construction technology”? That is, every screw on the ship is made by ourselves. India’s domestic aircraft carrier is a large assembled aircraft carrier. Its construction technology comes from the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Italy and Israel.

Although the French de Gaulle is known as the pride of the French navy, its steam catapult and E-2C shipborne early warning aircraft are provided by the United States. If the United States did not provide steam catapults, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle would have to build a big cocked head like China’s Liaoning, and could not carry the E-2C carrier based early warning aircraft.


French de Gaulle

As a traditional aircraft carrier power, Britain is praised as second only to the United States for its aircraft carrier construction technology. However, Britain gave up self-developed carrier based aircraft. After the retirement of the “sea harrier” carrier aircraft, Britain has no domestic carrier aircraft, and all rely on the U.S. to provide f-35c stealth carrier aircraft.

In terms of complete and complete aircraft carrier construction technology, only China, the United States and Russia. However, after the completion of aircraft carrier 003, China will replace Britain and become the world’s second largest aircraft carrier technology power after the United States.

Why did I say that the aircraft carrier 003 would be launched soon? Let’s go back to the picture taken by the US satellite, as shown below:


Open the picture with a computer, and after zooming in, you can clearly see that all the construction equipment on aircraft carrier 003 have been removed, and all the shelter sheds have been removed. Two long colored flags were hung on the left and right sides of the island. These small colored flags are obviously used for launching ceremonies.

At the front of the aircraft carrier deck, there are three pink dotted strips. These pink dotted strips are temporary sheds built by construction workers. Next to the shed, we can clearly see three long strip-shaped grooves. As everyone with a good eye knows, this is the place where the electromagnetic catapult is installed. Aircraft carrier 003 will be equipped with three electromagnetic catapults.

This information is enough to show that there is only the last process left before the aircraft carrier is launched: the installation of electromagnetic catapults. After the installation of three electromagnetic catapults, the launch of No. 003 will be just around the corner.


Electromagnetic catapult

After the launch of aircraft carrier 003, we will also carry out fine decoration on it, such as the kitchen, dormitory, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. for soldiers’ daily life, such as radar, weapon warehouse, electronic information system and hangar for combat. After the fine decoration, the aircraft carrier 003 will be ready for sea trials. As the aircraft carrier system is very complicated, generally speaking, the trial run time is about half a year.

According to this step, the 003 will almost be ready for service in June next year and will join the battle sequence of the Chinese people’s navy.

For the Chinese Navy, the aircraft carrier 003 has a cross era significance. According to various public information, aircraft carrier 003 will still be a transitional aircraft carrier. Just like the Liaoning, as the first ship of China’s first generation aircraft carrier, it has great experimental significance. When the No. 2 Ship Shandong was in service, the combat effectiveness of the Shandong was much higher than that of the Liaoning, and there were 12 more J-15 carrier based aircraft.

The aircraft carrier 003 was originally benchmarked to the US Kitty Hawk, with a displacement of about 80000 tons. It was powered by steam, equipped with steam catapults, and carried a j-15t conventional carrier aircraft. However, due to academician maweiming’s first breakthrough in the electromagnetic catapult, the successful development of the J-35 stealth carrier aircraft has enabled the 003 aircraft carrier to cross the Kitty Hawk and partially the Nimitz class, and directly completed the benchmarking with the Ford class in some technologies.


American Eagle

This was something that neither the Chinese Navy nor the United States had expected in advance. When China built the 003 aircraft carrier, it coincided with the renewal of the US aircraft carrier. Among them, the upgrading of steam catapults to electromagnetic catapults and the upgrading of conventional carrier based aircraft to stealth carrier based aircraft have made the Chinese Navy see the technical development direction of aircraft carriers and feel great pressure.

Because the original 003 aircraft carrier design has fallen behind before it was born!

If the Kitty Hawk continues to be benchmarked on the 003 aircraft carrier, it will not only fail to catch up with the Nimitz class aircraft carrier, but will also be left far behind by the Ford class. At this time, the Chinese Navy chose two plans, one conservative and the other advanced, which were carried out simultaneously. That is, steam catapults and electromagnetic catapults are developed synchronously, and j-15t conventional carrier aircraft and j-31 stealth carrier aircraft are developed synchronously.


This is the advantage of abundant military expenditure. If you don’t have money, you have to choose. If you have money, you have to have it all. The result was wonderful. The steam catapult and the electromagnetic catapult were successfully developed. However, because the electromagnetic catapult is too advanced, the steam catapult has become a running companion. In order to launch the electromagnetic catapult, the aircraft carrier 003 took the initiative to delay the construction period.

This delay brings another piece of good news. That is, the Shenfei group withstood the pressure, continuously improved the j-31 stealth fighter, and successfully designed China’s first stealth carrier aircraft, the J-35.

The orders for the stealth fighter of the air force were all taken by the j-20 of the Chengdu air force. The highly meritorious Shenfei was almost forced to a dead end because of the j-31’s lack of life, and was in a desperate situation. With the J-35, he won the Navy order at one fell swoop, which could also be regarded as keeping Shenfei’s face.


The horse racing mechanism of Chengdu airlines and Shenyang Airlines has enabled the Chinese air force and the Chinese navy to win once each, realizing a win-win situation for the Chinese people’s Liberation Army.

By this time, the 003 aircraft carrier had become the only fairy aircraft carrier in the world. It has a displacement of about 80000 tons, which is equivalent to the Kitty Hawk of the United States. It uses steam power, but it is equipped with the advanced electromagnetic catapult only equipped at Ford level. In terms of carrier aircraft, it carries both j-15t conventional carrier aircraft and J-35 stealth carrier aircraft. This is the only aircraft carrier in the world, but it fully reflects China’s determination to build a large aircraft carrier ocean going Navy.

I can say without reservation that after the aircraft carrier 003 came into service, the aircraft carrier construction technology of the Chinese navy has completely surpassed not only Russia but also the Soviet Union. The Ulyanovsk, the strongest nuclear powered aircraft carrier designed by the Soviet Union, was interrupted due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union before it was completed, leaving only the “Kuznetsov” to be inherited by Russia.

But now, the dream of a large aircraft carrier that the Soviet Navy once failed to fulfill is being continued in our great eastern country.


For the Chinese Navy, the 003 will usher in another era of large aircraft carriers.

It is not like a combat aircraft carrier, it is more like an experimental aircraft carrier. Just like the Liaoning, the No. 1 eldest brother goes to the front to explore the way. The real combat aircraft carrier is the No. 2 Ship!

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