Three questions about the red code incident of Henan’s random health code: Where does the bank’s confidence come from? Who is standing behind? Who are the decision makers?

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Recently, a number of depositors who made deposits in several village banks in Henan reported that they were unable to withdraw their deposits, and recently came to Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and other places to try to withdraw money offline. But upon arrival, their health codes were given red codes.

At about 16:00 on June 14, a staff member in the duty room of the Henan Provincial Health and Health Commission told The Paper ( that since yesterday (13th), the provincial Health and Health Commission and the 12345 government service hotline have received many reports. This is a complaint that “foreign depositors in Henan were assigned a red code”. After receiving the complaint, the Provincial Health and Health Commission has reported the complaint to the relevant departments yesterday, and is currently investigating and verifying.

As for why these depositors were given red codes and the progress of the investigation and verification, the staff member said that he did not know for the time being.

Peng Mei News reported on May 19 that online depositors of six village and town banks reported that they could not withdraw the money they had in the bank. The 6 banks include 4 in Henan Province and 2 in Anhui Province: Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank in Xuchang City, Henan Province, Shangcai Huimin Village Bank in Zhumadian City, Zhecheng Huanghuai Village Bank in Shangqiu City, and Xindongfang Village Bank in Kaifeng City Bank, as well as Xinhuaihe Village Bank in Guzhen, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, and Xinhuaihe Village Bank in Yixian County, Huangshan City. At present, the Xuchang Yuzhou police have intervened in the relevant cases of village banks and are conducting a comprehensive investigation.

After depositors came to Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and other places, they found that the health code was assigned a red code, which brought difficulties to daily travel. Earlier, there was a We-media article saying that many depositors of the village banks involved also found that the health code turned red. One of the depositors in Shenzhen did not leave Shenzhen, and the health code also turned red. When asked, he learned that it was from Henan. red code.

On June 14, several depositors told The Paper that their health codes had changed from red to green at noon that day. However, some savers also reported that not long after their health code turned green, it inexplicably changed back to red.

The health code is not a business, not a sale, but is related to the overall situation of epidemic prevention. The red code cannot be assigned randomly, and the red line cannot be stepped on randomly.

On June 13, information circulated on the Internet showed that depositors who went to Zhengzhou to communicate with village and town banks “difficult to withdraw money” were assigned “red codes”. Many depositors said that after scanning the code to fill in their personal information, their location code or Yukang code was displayed as a “red code”, and the “reason for code assignment” was, “inbound personnel who are undergoing centralized or home medical isolation observation”, etc.; but The health codes of non-depositors who traveled to Zhengzhou with their peers were not affected. In addition, many depositors who did not go to Zhengzhou were given “red codes” after filling in the information.

Some people said that this was a move to “surround Wei and save Zhao”, and Henan successfully diverted its attention from Tangshan. Although it is a joke, it has to be said that there is still some truth. This matter fermented on the evening of the 13th, and its speed of dissemination, great influence, and strong controversy have indeed overshadowed the Tangshan beating incident to a certain extent. For no other reason, because the absurdity index of this matter has created a new height, so that I once thought it was fake news.

The staff of the Zhengzhou 12345 hotline said, “After verification, it is because there are some problems with the big data information database.” This is obviously a lie. Those who have been assigned red codes all have a common identity. They are all depositors of Henan Communication Village Bank. No matter whether you have been to Henan or not, as long as you are a depositor of the bank, you will all become popular. And if you are not a depositor, even if you accompany the depositor to Henan, it will not be affected. If the big data information base is wrong, then this big data is too “sensible”.

The health code has been changed to a “save account code”, which is a “precision guidance” to use the public power and private use of epidemic prevention measures. It is reported that in April of this year, several village banks in Henan experienced difficulties in withdrawing cash, and then the supervisory authorities notified the shareholders of these banks that they were suspected of colluding with internal and external parties and illegally soliciting deposits. There is more news that more than 40 billion deposits involving 400,000 depositors are considered by banks as wealth management products. This undoubtedly exacerbated the panic among savers. The red code is given to depositors, and the purpose is very clear, that is, to prevent depositors from going to Henan to withdraw cash.

Isn’t this ridiculous? Depositors’ money is real gold and silver, and there is no reason not to. What’s more, neither the bank nor Henan is an extrajudicial place. Once the health code turns “red”, it means that you cannot take public transportation, enter public places, or go out, which is equivalent to “house arrest”. To solve the problem in such a simple and rude, even naive, outrageous way, to put it in a bad way, without 10 years of cerebral thrombosis, I really can’t open this brain hole.

What’s really scary about this is that it’s not an individual act, or even a few banks alone can do. According to my country’s “Infectious Disease Prevention Law”, “Emergency Response Law” and other relevant laws and regulations, the collection of personal information without consent is subject to strict restrictions, and the principle of “minimum” should be followed. The reason for strict restrictions is to respect personal privacy and public safety. Epidemic prevention is a game of chess across the country, and the premise is that the information is true and accurate. If the personal health code is abused, anyone can use it and change the information at will, then the epidemic prevention results we have achieved in the past three years may be destroyed at any time.

Where does the confidence of Henan Rural Bank come from? Who’s backing them up? Who is the decision maker who finally decides to give red codes to depositors? These are a few questions that must be asked and must not be answered. The special system arrangement under the specific circumstances of the health code, it can only be used for epidemic prevention and cannot be used for other purposes. If the health code is used as a means of maintaining stability or even restricting personal freedom, the nature is too bad, and it will fundamentally shake the public’s trust in the credibility of the local government.

Simple logic, since now you can assign red codes at will, will the same operation be done in the past and in the future? Since banks have the ability to make your health code red, what about other institutions and other organizations? When the health code turns red, it means that a citizen is unable to move. For the sake of the public interest and the overall situation of epidemic prevention, people surrender their rights and give up the freedom of travel, which is based on absolute trust in the entire epidemic prevention policy and epidemic prevention managers. But what if these managers themselves are untrustworthy?

We strongly urge the relevant departments in Henan to respond in a timely manner to this matter, and explain in detail the causes and consequences of the “red code”, the corrections and the accountability, and the focus is to clarify the interests of several banks and relevant functional departments. The health code is not a business, not a sale, but is related to the overall situation of epidemic prevention. The red code cannot be assigned randomly, and the red line cannot be stepped on randomly.

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