Three questions from “Welcome to Beijing”!

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Author: Wenboling Source: Wenboling’s Fireworks World (ID: wenboling 2020)

After sorting out the computer at the weekend, I accidentally turned over the promotional film “Welcome to Beijing” of the Beijing Olympic Games 15 years ago. After watching it again, I had a feeling of being separated.

Maybe it’s because of old age. Those smiling faces that were roast in the past do not look so hateful now.

It is said that one generation will do things for one generation, which, in turn, can also be forced by one generation.

From the fifties to the seventies, people may not have enough to eat when they were young and have no books to read when they were young, but at least they have experienced a complete prosperity cycle, and only when they retire, they will face great changes in the times.

People born in the era of great strides forward from 1980 to 2000, who grew up listening to the words “the future will be better and better”, are always full of hope for the future, as sang in “Tomorrow will be better”:

“Let our smiles, full of youthful pride, offer our sincere prayers for tomorrow.”

As a result, we really entered the society and became familiar with the rules. The new technologies that had been emerging in endlessly before suddenly disappeared, resulting in the engine that had been roaring for decades suddenly stopped. At a glance, there were only high housing prices and scarce job opportunities.

So this group of people were thrown into the air, unable to advance or retreat.

Come on, the real environment does not allow, and the world is facing the problem of stagnation. What can you do personally?

Come back, the thinking pattern formed in the first half of life is not allowed, and many people have received a good education and have a high degree of education. It’s really hard for them to work with people who are not highly educated.

This is probably what Kong Yiji’s literature, which has become particularly popular recently, means.

It can be said that young people listen to the rain song upstairs, and the red candle faints. The river is wide and the clouds are low. The broken wild geese call the west wind.

Of course, writing an article is not to hurt the spring and autumn, but to watch the video 15 years ago and associate several problems.

First, public opinion is unreliable.

In the early years, the public opinion was that China looked up to Europe and the United States, and dogs wanted to emigrate. At that time, a white man walked into the street, and almost all could get the treatment of the stars and the moon.

Later, all walks of life in China began to rectify, which was equivalent to reshaping all aspects of the country. Public opinion began to soar all the way. For some time, they even felt that they had already pressed the US emperor. It was only a move away from them. In particular, the success of epidemic prevention in the first two years has led to the extreme surge of public opinion.

You and I are no exception.

However, since the New Year’s Day this year, the public opinion has turned 180 degrees. On all major Internet platforms, every current news is full of strange voices, expressing the admiration of the United States and the downfall of China’s economy without disguise.

Jack Ma, whom everyone shouted to fight two years ago, has now become the teacher of some people again, with pity and heartache in his words.

Without looking at the date of the review, I thought it was ten years ago.

There are indeed many problems in the past two years, which must be corrected and adjusted. But because of some local problems, it is absolutely not objective to negate the overall achievements.

So from the two major public opinion turns in the past ten years, most people can easily go from one extreme to the other, vividly explaining what is “public opinion is unreliable”

We are in an era of rapid change. It is necessary to exercise our ability to think independently. In every group event and public opinion field, we should not draw conclusions easily, so as not to be intimidated by public opinion when facing major events.

The second problem is that the base of grand narrative is daily necessities.

It is human nature to like grand narration, especially men’s nature, but some people especially like to put aside the facts and talk about some vague concepts.

For example, some scholars and doctors in the late Qing Dynasty said that foreigners are nothing special. As long as we love the Qing Dynasty and work hard to cultivate our moral character and clean up the people’s hearts, the Qing Dynasty will be permanent. But I don’t know what to do if foreigners really call and how to clean up the hearts of the people.

Some intellectuals in the revolutionary era said that our revolution would be successful. But when asked how to do it, he immediately caught his eyes and finally had no choice but to fight and rush at all costs.

Now there are also such problems.

People’s Daily published an article entitled “Work hard, life will be sweeter and sweeter”. The full text was only a few hundred words, and the result was a mess by netizens.

The problem with this article is that it only talks about grand narrative and not about daily necessities. Who works hard, to what extent, whose days are getting sweeter, when can they taste sweet, how to realize the transformation from dry to sweet, and so on, are not mentioned.

This kind of article is sprayed, which is normal.

Are there no problems for netizens?

Nowadays, netizens are divided into two groups. One group believes that the moon in foreign countries is round without reason, and the other group believes that we have risen to be the first blue star.

But how does the moon round in foreign countries, whether it is elliptical or semi-circular, I don’t know. We don’t know where we have risen, to what extent we have risen, and to what extent we are still lagging behind.

This is to talk only about grand narrative and not about daily necessities.

At the time of the teacher revolution, the grand narrative system of the Chinese revolution was also constructed by dividing the fields, giving the cadres and soldiers room to grow, giving the people respect for their personality, and improving the food standards.

In the current environment, if both the government and the people only talk about grand narratives and do not talk about daily necessities, and want to go whoring with each other, I’m afraid there will be a problem.

So let’s go back to life. Neither side should indulge in the grand narrative. It is a powerful grand narrative to bring together thousands of struggling and struggling people who are well managed.

According to the first two questions, there is a third question about the means of production.

In fact, whether you feel tired in life, insecure in work, or unable to guarantee the eight-hour working system, it is ultimately a matter of ownership of means of production.

The workers in the first three decades have strong stability and high happiness index. That is because the law stipulates that the working class is the leading class, and everyone has a share in the means of production of the factory.

Those who have permanent property have perseverance. When workers have the means of production, they can work with peace of mind and give birth to children in a down-to-earth way. Even if they offend the leaders, they don’t have to worry about being laid off.

So now there is a voice that hopes to go back to the previous three decades and re-establish state-owned enterprises.

But to be honest, the market economy has been implemented for more than 40 years, which is longer than the time of public ownership by the whole people. So far, it has formed a strong historical inertia, and it is impossible to go back.

In addition, there is a saying in the old version of the Three Kingdoms: “How can a big man live in the world and stay depressed for a long time”, which means that everyone has the desire to become famous.

Now in the market economy, you feel oppressed by the people who have already emerged. But once you return to the previous 30 years and realize the relative fairness of most people, you will feel that it is too fair. There is no place to exert your skills, and you will also want to fight in the free competition environment.

Therefore, it is neither possible nor realistic to use the production relations of the first three decades to occupy the means of production.

To offend people, after the rise of the trend of thought in the previous three decades, not only the big capital was frightened, but also the small and micro enterprises were worried. Many people had their passports ready, and when they were not ready, they would run out.

If this happens, it means that a large amount of capital has fled and the wealth created by the Chinese people has been lost. Whether this is good or not, I believe we all have a judgment in our hearts.

How can we make most people possess the means of production, achieve the goal of perseverance, stable work, and high happiness?

From the perspective of the history of the struggle between the international communist movement and capitalism, socialism has absorbed the advantages of capitalist market economy, and capitalism has also absorbed the advantages of socialist macro-control. The general direction is the integration of two doctrines and two routes.

Rather than being left or right, and vacillating between public ownership and complete private ownership of the means of production, it is better to think about it,

Is the socialization of means of production possible.

The so-called socialization of means of production means that the means of production belong to a certain company, but after certain basic conditions are met, employees can also indirectly own the ownership of means of production through shareholding, and learn from the advantages of Japan in the employment system, and cannot arbitrarily dismiss employees.

In other words, part of the owners of enterprises are deprived of their unlimited power and economic interests and distributed to the employees of the enterprises.

By analogy with history, it is similar to not returning to the well-field system of the Zhou Dynasty, nor building the powerful manor of the Sui and Tang dynasties, but ensuring the legitimate interests of the farmers, and striving for the permanent tenancy of landless farmers. The landlords cannot increase the rent at will or give up the tenancy.

Compared with the great ideal of communism, this is certainly a step backward, but in today’s world, it may be the biggest achievement that can be achieved in a short time, and it is also a way to eliminate the potential social crisis.

On this road, Huawei and Pangdonglai have played a certain exemplary role.

Of course, in order to realize the socialization of the means of production in society, the country and the world, the owners of enterprises need to give up part of their interests, and the workers need to strive for and finally reach a consensus.

In order to reach such a consensus, it is necessary to play games with each other, but this kind of game is ultimately the lowest intensity.

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