Three things behind Tangshan scum beating girls!

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I believe everyone knows about Tangshan scum beating girls.

It’s just that. The atrocities of those scumbags are too bad. I firmly support the public security and judicial organs in Tangshan to severely punish them.

However, up to now, the public opinion on the Internet has been boiling, and there have been two very bad tendencies. I have to say something.

The first tendency is that the majority of netizens attacked the men in the barbecue shop, saying that they were too counselled to stand up and fight against evil forces to save the beaten girl.

Such words belong to moral kidnapping.

It is certainly a human virtue to be courageous and courageous. We also hope that in case of unfairness, someone can come out and help us. But to be realistic, it needs capital.

In fact, other men in the barbecue shop are ordinary people who make a living. They do not have strong physique or superb fighting skills. The most important thing is that the scum who beat girls is an organized violent gang, and the men around are all individual individuals.

Unorganized vs. organized, novice vs. recidivist, if you use such conditions to fight with fat scum, I’m afraid you won’t get any other results except yourself being beaten into the hospital.

In the end, the girl didn’t get out, so she got in.

Moreover, they all have families and jobs. They are injured and go to the hospital. What about their wives and children and their economic income?

This is a very practical problem.

The reason why it is a virtue to help people when they see injustice is that it is very rare in real life, and it is rare that makes it valuable.

In the outlaws of the marsh, the naughty Niu Er took to the streets. People ran away in a hurry. For many years, no one came out to do justice, until Niu Er met the brave Yang Zhi, an art expert.

So for those men who have not acted bravely, the majority of netizens really don’t have to be critical. They just make the most favorable choice for themselves, although this choice is not noble.

The second tendency is to enlarge the public security issue of scum beating girls into a social issue of confrontation between men and women. Many girls are crazy about boxing on little red books and microblogs.

Even Hu Xijin’s saying that “it is man’s nature to protect women” has been interpreted as Hu Xijin’s saying that women need protection, which shows that Hu Xijin is a male chauvinist.

I do not deny that there is a gender issue between men and women in the society, but in this case, the gender issue between men and women is not tenable, and female netizens who want to support the beaten girl should not stir up Gender Opposition and turn public security issues into social issues.

Because once female netizens start boxing, it is bound to exclude male netizens who hate scum, and male netizens’ boxing behavior towards female netizens is bound to be rebellious, and they are no longer willing to participate in this matter.

The result is that the female netizens weaken themselves and fight alone, while the male netizens are concerned about nothing.

The polarization of the masses caused by this gender confrontation cannot help in supporting the beaten girls.

Therefore, the correct way to support this case should be that male and female netizens form a united front to unite against organized violent gangs.

Only when netizens are not divided internally can they pool the overwhelming power. Only when the military and the people are united as one person can no one be invincible in the world.

In the face of such major issues of right and wrong, our netizens should not mess up.

I support that scum who beat girls should be severely punished. In addition to their indignation at the bad events, there are other reasons.

With the economic downturn this year, the economic income and quality of life of many people also began to decline. This situation will stimulate evil thoughts in human nature. It is conceivable that the frequency of such vicious events may be slightly higher than in the past.

The first choice of the targets of violence by these people must be women and children with poor resistance.

These women and children, who knows if they are your or my family, after all, there are local ruffians, scum and garbage people in every city.

Now, to support the beaten girls in Tangshan is actually to help you and my family, and to support the heavier punishment of the beaten scum. In fact, it is to give warning to those who are ready to act and let them know how serious the consequences of violence are.

Only with violence can we control violence. Only with generous rewards and heavy punishments can we keep the wind clean and the Qi upright.

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