Three top deceptive armies besieged Putin!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

As a senior gourd eater, we must fully realize that the most popular technique in today’s global village is deception. No matter what your age, gender or class, you have to face the ubiquitous deception.

The higher the level, the more complicated the deception.

The more people do extraordinary things, the more violent they will be.

As one of the most powerful figures in the global village, Putin is also at the forefront of doing the most important thing in his life. The deception he faces is more complex and violent than ever before. To sum up, at the present stage, Putin is faced with a large number of deceptions mainly from three aspects: Clinton, Kissinger and macron.

01 Clinton bluff

In the middle of April, under the tug of war between Russia and Ukraine, former US President Clinton published a signed article. This article mainly talks about two points.

First, NATO’s eastward expansion is not that the west is eager to expand its sphere of influence, but that Eastern European countries want to join NATO to seek more solid security protection.

——The implication is that Russia is very arrogant, which frightens its neighbors. This is the consistent thinking of Western politicians, that is, to portray Russia as a villain, while they are the world police who restrict the villains. This view is nothing new.

Second, Clinton stressed that the door of NATO has actually been open to Russia.

——This is a bit shocking.

You should know that Yeltsin and Putin repeatedly applied to join NATO, but they were ruthlessly rejected. After being rejected three times, Putin began to turn to tough confrontation.

After Clinton’s article was published, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on the late night show on April 19 that “the Russians finally decided that it was not what they wanted to do”—— The implication is that Russia does not want to join NATO.


First of all, what does “Russia should not be humiliated” mean? For details, please refer to two cases.

Case 1: humiliation against relatives of the Russian leadership.

Putin’s daughter, Medvedev’s son and so on were all excluded from the West because of the Ukrainian war. In the latest US sanctions, the passports of a group of senior Russian children, including Medvedev’s son, were cancelled—— As the saying goes, misfortune is worse than family; But in order to disgust Russia, the United States has gone to great lengths.

Case 2: humiliation against the Russian leadership.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov plans to visit Serbia. In Europe, Serbia is one of the few countries with good relations with Russia. However, if Bulgaria, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia around Serbia refuse the Russian delegation’s special plane to fly through its airspace, Lavrov will not be able to make a normal visit. This is absolutely a naked humiliation for big countries.

Macron threw out the topic of “not humiliating Russia” and emphasized the “diplomatic solution”, which is also an olive branch to Russia. This olive branch is very important to the moderates in Russia. Because the moderates in Russia still want to reconcile with the West. And France can provide an opportunity for reconciliation between Russia and the West.

Finally, macromin said, “France can act as a mediator”. This should be understood from two aspects:

On the one hand, France hopes for stability in Europe and deceives Russia to stop.

On the other hand, it is out of interest. As a mediator, Turkey has benefited too much from Russia (including but not limited to acting as an intermediary for Russian steel, natural gas, grain and other materials, making a lot of difference).

France clearly sees business opportunities.

04 thinking

Clinton, Kissinger and macron have said different things at different times and places, but their essence is the same, that is, they deceive Russia.


The flicker here can be understood in two levels.

The first is to trick Putin into continuing to believe in the West. After all, when Putin first ascended the throne, he also had illusions about the West (for example, he applied to join NATO several times).

If Putin believes in the west again, it will definitely be the gospel of Western politicians. Just as the West fooled Gorbachev and Yeltsin, it gained too many benefits.

The second layer is to deceive Russian moderates to prepare for the post Putin Era.

After all, Putin is no longer young. Far sighted players in the global village must be planning for the post Putin Era. Russia’s elite class, pro Western forces are still very strong.

No matter the United States or Europe, if they can’t fool Putin, they must place their hopes on the Russian leaders after Putin. From this perspective, we can understand the recent words and deeds of the American and European elite.

Of course, in this world, everyone is not a fool.

While the west is fooling Russia, Russia is also fooling the West. Putin certainly hopes that the West will acquiesce in Russia’s actual occupation of eastern and southern Ukraine and lift sanctions against Russia.

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