Tian Wang’s sister-in-law, Fang Yuan’s best friend, Cai Tianfeng, was dismembered and Guo Fucheng returned to Hong Kong in an emergency

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According to Hong Kong media reports, on the 24th, a case of dismemberment was found in Longwei Village, Tai Po, Hong Kong. The deceased was a 28-year-old female model and celebrity Cai Tianfeng who had been missing for many days. The preliminary investigation of the police believed that the deceased had a huge money dispute with his ex-husband’s family, involving tens of millions of dollars. Some people were dissatisfied with the way of handling property and killed the deceased’s ex-husband at large, and his brother and parents were arrested.

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It is reported that the deceased Cai Tianfeng married a man surnamed Kuang in his early years and had a couple of children. Later, the two divorced. In 2016, Cai Tianfeng married the son of one of the founders of Tanzai Rice Noodles, and stayed in the mansion of Mount Gatori in Ho Man Tin. In recent years, she has appeared in well-known magazines for many times, and was described as “one of the most popular and influential figures in the industry”, and “a rising star with a bright future”.

According to Hong Kong media reports, after divorce, Cai Tianfeng still takes good care of her ex-husband’s family and employs her ex-husband’s brother as a private driver. In the subsequent marriage, the husband and wife were financially independent. Cai Tianfeng’s own property and investment amount to 100 million yuan. Once she dies, her property will belong to her children, that is, the children born to her ex-husband are also heirs. It was reported that the mastermind of the murder was suspected to be the father of the deceased Cai Tianfeng’s ex-husband, who negotiated with his two sons about the plan of murder. The family of the ex-husband drove Cai Tianfeng to pick up her daughter on the day of the crime. They first made Cai unconscious in the car, and then sent her to the village house to implement the killing plan.

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Cai Tianfeng is the daughter-in-law of a rich family in Hong Kong. In addition to the famous ladies and models, she is also a good friend of Guo Fucheng’s wife, Fang Yuan. They are sisters. They often go shopping together and gather together at Guo Fucheng’s home. So we can see how close their relationship is.

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After the news of Cai Tianfeng’s death came out, the media tried to interview Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan’s family refused, saying that Fang Yuan was frightened and scared now, and hoped that she would not be disturbed and have a good rest. After all, Cai Tianfeng is her good friend and best friend. The two of them are often together. How can they not be sad and not afraid when they hear that their best friend has been brutally killed?

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It is reported that Guo Fucheng is currently on a road show in the mainland, and netizens reported that Guo Fucheng was sitting beside him on the same day, but he left suddenly in the middle of the road show. He left in a hurry before the road show was over. Now I think it should be an emergency return home to accompany Fang Yuan. After all, Fang Yuan was so frightened.

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In fact, both Fangyuan and Cai Tianfeng celebrate their birthdays together every year, so the relationship is very good. This time, knowing that her best friend was killed by a corpse, Fang Yuan must not be in a good mental state, so Guo Fucheng returned to Hong Kong in an emergency and was indeed a good husband.

I hope that the murderer of Cai Tianfeng will be arrested by the police soon!

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