Tianheng, a scholar who is a confidant dies.

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Tianheng, Liu Bangjing, you are a man



Tianheng’s story is a special mirror image of “a scholar who dies for a bosom friend” in Chinese history.

After eight years of struggle, Liu Bang finally established the Han Dynasty. How to deal with those influential figures between Chu and Han outside the Han system is also one of the urgent issues that Liu Bang needs to deal with.

Liu Bang pardoned Ji Bu, an old general of Xiangyu, and rearranged his work. For Kuai Tong, who once encouraged Han Xin to rebel, Liu Bang also chose not to investigate and let him go.

Hey, after all, everyone has his own way.

When the world was unified, the Han Dynasty also needed to bring this loyalty to the monarch into the category of ideology.

At this time, Tianheng on the island received an “e-mail” from Liu Bang from Luoyang: please come to Luoyang as soon as possible.

Yes, Liu Bang really thinks so.

Tianheng is a fierce man. Now there are only 15 counties directly under the central government in the Han Dynasty. If he wants to do something with a different king, it will be a nightmare for Liu Bang.

Oh, I heard that Tian Heng and Peng Yue, the king of Liang, have a very strong relationship.

Only by putting Tianheng under his own eyes could Liu Bang sleep.

To tell the truth, Tianheng doesn’t want to do anything at all. The world has returned to the Han Dynasty, and he can’t go against the historical trend. But he doesn’t want to be an official under Liu Bang. He used to be the king himself. Now he works for Liu Bang. Tianheng can’t accept this from the bottom of his heart.

Tianheng replied to Liu Bang, “I killed your emissary Li Shiqi on impulse. Now Li Shiqi’s younger brother Li Shang is an official in the dynasty. How do you want me to face him?”

Hehe, it’s easy to say.

Liu Bang told Li Shang, “don’t be hard on Tianheng when he comes, or I will be hard on you.”

Li Shang was naturally submissive.

Liu Bang continued to “call” Tianheng:

“I have already told Li Shang that he will only welcome you when you come. If you don’t come, I will send troops.”

Tianheng was silent. Liu Bang had invited himself twice. If there was a third exchange, he would have to face Liu Bang’s army.

Forget it, let’s go.

Tianheng set out with two attendants following Liu Bang’s emissary.

? Liang Wang and Peng Yue’s TV play legend of Chu and Han Dynasties / stills

Thirty miles away from Luoyang, Tian Heng asked: “I want to bathe and change clothes. This is the minimum respect for the emperor.”

No problem, the messenger has no reason to refuse.

After bathing, Tianheng explained to his two followers, “it’s not very far from Luoyang now. Take my head with you and you should be able to recognize it.”

There was no chance for the entourage to react. Tianheng committed suicide.

Liu Bang was shocked: “this is definitely a man.”

Tianheng was buried as a king, and his two followers were appointed as Duwei by Liu Bang.

But what happened next shocked Liu Bang.

The two attendants brought by Tianheng dug a hole beside Tianheng’s tomb and both committed suicide inside.

This news immediately occupied the “front page headlines” of the Empire, and “netizens” left messages one after another: man, absolute man!

At the same time, Liu Bang always felt uneasy. There were 500 Tianheng’s followers on the island. In case they were &\8230&# 8230;

These are the pillars of the country. Liu Bang has a thousand reasons to put them in important position.

However, it is still a little late.

After hearing the news of Tianheng’s suicide, people on the island did not hesitate to commit suicide and followed Tianheng on another “road”.

On that “road”, Tianheng was carrying the banner of “backbone” in front of him, and 500 people behind him were holding the banner of “scholars die for friends”.

Liu Bang cried.

He was shocked and moved, but also regretted that he could not use these people.

Tell me about Tian Heng.

Tianheng was the royal family of the state of Qi, but after the state of Qin unified the six kingdoms, these nobles became the key targets of the Qin Empire.

It is estimated that the salary is similar to that of Xiang Yu.

Taking advantage of the “daze Township uprising”, the Tian brothers also acted quickly in Qi and soon succeeded in restoring the state, once again establishing the state power of Qi.

The restoration of the state of Qi by the Tian brothers is a typical example of the revival of aristocratic monarchy.

Unlike other countries, the Tian brothers rely entirely on their own power. Unlike Wei, Zhao, Yan and South Korea, they either rely on the power of Chen Sheng, Zhang and Chu regime, or get the help of Chu regime, King Huai of Chu.

Therefore, at the beginning, the state of Qi was divorced from the joint anti Qin alliance led by Chu, and had a strong independence.

All countries soon welcomed the central army of the 200000 Qin army led by Qin General Zhang Han.

? Zhang Han’s TV play legend of Chu and Han Dynasties / stills

Tian Dan, king of Qi, was killed by Zhang Han in the process of saving the state of Wei.

Tian Rong made Tian Shi, Tian Dan’s son, king of Qi.

The enfeoffment of Xiangyu Hongmen is a turning point in history, which means that history has changed from the aristocratic monarchy to the era of kings of various countries.

When dealing with the problem of Qi, Xiang Yu showed his mind. He made Tiandu, the general of Qi who followed him into the pass, king of Qi, and Tian’an, the king of Jibei, and established Tianshi, the former king of Qi, as the king of Jiaodong.

Tianrong, the actual ruler of the state of Qi, didn’t get any farts.

Xiangyu’s purpose was to cause civil strife in the state of Qi with the unfair enfeoffment system, and then, as the leader of the alliance, he sent troops to Qi and further extended his territory in the Western Chu.

Some people say that Xiangyu is stupid. In fact, Xiangyu is smarter than anyone else. When Hongmen was enfeoffed, he not only occupied the territory of King Huai of Chu, but also occupied the whole territory of Korea and part of the essence land in the eastern part of Wei.

Qi is the meat he wants to eat next.

As expected, Tianrong was not satisfied. After killing Tian Shi, the king of Qi, he sent troops to defeat Tian An and Tian Du and unify the state of Qi.

Xiangyu has been waiting to send troops.

Tianrong died in battle.

When his brother died in the war, the country was burned and looted by Xiang Yu, causing a depression.

Tian Heng, who was hated by his country and his family, set up an affair in Chengyang. Taking advantage of the gap between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, Tian Heng recovered part of the land of the state of Qi and established Tian Guang, Tian Rong’s son, as king of Qi.

Tianheng assisted Tian Guang as the prime minister, and all affairs of the state of Qi were decided by Tianheng alone.

At this time, the pattern of the world is that Liu Bang and Xiang Yu are at the front line of Xingyang, Han Xin successively takes Wei, Zhao and Yan in the northern battlefield, and Qi is the next goal in the plan drawn up by Han Xin and Liu Bang.

Liu Bang first sent the envoy Li Shiqi to the Qi State public relations, hoping to pull the Qi state into his own camp with low-cost diplomatic means.

Looking at Liu Bang’s unlimited expansion of land and the trend of victory, Tianheng rationally chose to join the Lianheng anti Chu camp with the Han as the leader.

The state of Qi and the state of Han signed a “strategic cooperation framework agreement” to stop the troops on the border and organize a grand Patty to celebrate the cooperation.

However, Liu Bang did not give Han Xin an order to stop the army.

Encouraged by Kuai Tong, a counselor, Han Xin launched a blitzkrieg to take down the state of Qi, which was completely off guard.

? Kuai Tong’s TV play legend of Chu and Han Dynasties / stills

Tianheng cried. What about playing?

The furious king of Qi directly killed Li Shiqi, the envoy of the Han Dynasty.

Tianheng can only form an alliance with Xiangyu’s western Chu.

However, the 200000 elite Chu troops led by Chu general long Qie were destroyed by Han Xin’s regiment. The ambition that Tianheng had just ignited was ruthlessly extinguished.

After hearing the news that Tian Guang, the king of Qi, was dead, Tian Heng had no choice but to call himself king of Qi and fight against the Han army with “guerrilla warfare”.

However, the state of Qi is no longer the state of Qi.

Under the pursuit of the Han Army, Tianheng had only one way to escape to the end of the world.


The moment Liu Bang declared Tao emperor, it also means that the state of Qi of the Tian family has become history.

Although Tianheng is a tragic figure, the story of “a scholar dies for a bosom friend” deduced by him and 500 strong men has been handed down from generation to generation.

In 1930, when the Japanese invaders were eyeing China, the famous painter Xu Beihong created a painting, “five hundred heroes of Tianheng”.



? Xubeihong’s painting “five hundred heroes of Tianheng”

What Xu Beihong wanted to say to the Chinese people was: wealth and honor should not be allowed to be lewd, and power should not be allowed to be subdued.



(this article only represents the author’s point of view, not the position of this number)



China’s national history is once again new!



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