Tianxiwei is exposed to play a big card. Tian Xiwei’s friends share chat records and overturn the car

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Many melon eaters should have known Tian Xiwei in the past two days. Although she came out in 2018 and has no representative works, there have been various gossip news about her recently. Tianxiwei was exposed to play a big card, but tianxiwei’s friend was supposed to speak for tianxiwei in the chat records, but she was overturned, and instead did something about tianxiwei playing a big card. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Tianxiwei is exposed to play a big card

The cause of the incident was that the radio operator of the production team broke the news that the female lead of the production team did not start work. As a result, the whole group waited until 3 a.m. and angrily denounced the change of the female lead as an artist without professional ethics. The radiographer also showed a group photo of himself and other actors in the crew, and they soon locked in the target. Tian Xiwei was the heroine accused in the radiographer’s article.

The incident caused heated discussion on the Internet, and Tian Xiwei naturally denied playing big cards. Tianxiwei’s friends also sent out a document, saying that someone had maliciously recruited tianxiwei into the black, saying that Tian Xiwei had suffered a lot of grievances in the process of shooting TV dramas, and had to be labeled as a big brand. Tianxiwei also showed a screenshot of her wechat chat with Tian Xiwei, but the content of the screenshot, in the eyes of the melon eaters, made Tian Xiwei’s crew play a big card.

Tianxiwei friends’ chat records overturn

In the chat screenshot, tianxiwei complains that her working time is up, so she has to leave. As a result, a group of staff asked her to continue shooting. Tianxiwei complains that the staff have no spirit of contract and kidnap her morally. Tianxiwei and her friends think that tianxiwei is the one who stands for the reason, but many people who eat melons don’t think so. After all, the work of actors is very special. With such a high salary, they should finish shooting their scenes before leaving, rather than going to and from work on time. Netizen roast tianxiwei really wants to go to and from work by the hour, so don’t be an actor. Just find a job with a monthly salary of several thousand.

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