To coexist with strong drugs, Canada is really powerful!

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Canada, the first country in the European and American world to allow citizens to legally smoke marijuana, so that it is called Canada, has recently seen a moth.

In this country, we should try to coexist with strong drugs!

From January 31, 2023, Canada will allow citizens to hold a series of strong drugs such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, ecstasy, fentanyl, etc. with a weight of less than 2.5G.

The official language is that holding less than 2.5 grams is decriminalized, and holding more than 2.5 grams is still considered guilty.


What is even more outrageous is that there is a clause in the pilot policy, which says that “the drugs of drug addicts will not be confiscated, and relevant information on safe smoking will be provided to the users.”

Possession of 2.5 grams of drugs was not a felony in Canada in the past, but at least it was a drug addict. The police would confiscate the drugs and detain them.

However, if the Canadian police catch another drug addict with less than 2.5G of drugs, they will not confiscate the drugs and detain them. Instead, they will send the drug addicts to the “drug safety injection center” and government personnel will help them “safely take” drugs.

This is very outrageous for NIMA.

Why did the Canadian government make such an outrageous policy?

In the debate on this drug abuse policy in Canada, those who support drug abuse for national security are plausible and have a set of reasons.

Canada has banned drugs for so many years. Has drugs been eliminated?

The answer is No.

After years of drug prohibition in Canada, has the number of drug addicts decreased?

The answer is No.

Therefore, the achievements of drug control over the past hundred years show that it is impossible for Canada to eliminate drugs, or even to curb the growth in the number of drug users.

In that case, let’s look at the second set of questions.

The Canadian government’s crackdown on drugs has led to soaring drug prices. A large number of Canadian citizens have returned to poverty because of the high price of drugs, which has led to serious social security problems. Is this true?

Yes, it is.

Because the Canadian government is cracking down on drugs, many Canadian citizens buy and take inferior drugs through the underground black market, which seriously damages their health. However, because drugs are high-risk drugs, many ordinary citizens cannot master enough medical knowledge to take appropriate drugs, which leads to a large number of Canadian citizens dying from excessive drug use every year. Is this true?

Yes, it is.

Since the Canadian government has no ability to eliminate drugs at all, or even to curb the annual growth in the number of drug users, on the contrary, the drug control policy has led to serious physical damage and death of Canadian citizens, and has also led to bad social security problems.

What is the use of the Canadian government’s drug control policy? It’s obvious that all kinds of harm do no good.

This is the reason why some Canadian politicians advocate the abolition of drug control policies.

It sounds clear and reasonable, so it has received strong support, strong support and no brain support from many drug addicts.

In 2018, Canada lifted the ban on smoking marijuana and allowed citizens to smoke marijuana at will. Today, the marijuana industry has developed to the point that Canada’s state-run marijuana stores closed down after losing 25.7 million yuan due to poor management.

Marijuana users are potential drug users. The vast majority of drug users in Europe and the United States start with marijuana and then slowly smoke more powerful drugs.

When marijuana users are all over Canada, they will also strongly support the policy of legalizing the use of strong drugs.

But I thought, is there something wrong?

Because you can’t control the growth of drug users in your country, so you don’t control drugs?

In order to protect the physical health of drug addicts, the drug control policy was cancelled and the government arranged medical personnel to help take “healthy and safe” drugs?

Is there anything wrong with the minds of Canadian politicians?

I can’t help it, so I can’t help it. I also preach its benefits everywhere?

In recent years, European and American societies have learned from bad habits and advocated such wonderful remarks every day.

Because the novel coronavirus could not be banned and a large number of citizens died, it was advocated to coexist with the new coronavirus.


Because guns and ammunition cannot be banned and vicious shooting cases occur frequently, it advocates coexistence with guns.


Now it goes further, because it is impossible to ban strong drugs, it advocates coexistence with drugs.

Canada cannot curb the growth of drug addicts, neither can the US government, nor can European governments.

According to the idea of coexistence without prohibition, will all European and American societies coexist with drugs in the future?

When Europe and the United States all coexist with drugs, will China become a “drug lover”?

“You are the smartest”, “the more you attract, the more civilized” and “more advanced humanitarianism” are the words and ideas that some people want to use every day to attack China by public opinion?

Will western public opinion and China’s public figures come up with a set of scripts to whitewash the coexistence with drugs into science and smear the fight against drugs into political oppression?

Everyone takes drugs, he doesn’t mess.

Drugs? Big red bull.

If you can’t control it, you can lie flat, declare coexistence, and then you can treat nothing as happening. Is this the so-called western democracy?

Take Xin Guan as an example to explain the problem of coexistence with drugs. In fact, clearance and coexistence have never been a choice.

So far, no country in the world has declared to coexist with the virus when its people have not been infected on a large scale, and no country has decided to clear its people after they have been infected on a large scale.

All countries that choose to coexist with the new crown are not because the damage of the new crown is low, but because they have no way to clear, and they have no choice.

However, this is not the reason for these countries to exonerate themselves and advocate the science of coexistence.

Today, the concept of coexistence has become a universal reason. Everything can coexist. As long as the European and American governments can find a reason to coexist with it.

More than 100 years ago, Europe and the United States opened the door to China with cannons and forced the Chinese to take drugs.

More than a hundred years later, in the shocked eyes of the Chinese people, Europe and the United States took the initiative to give their citizens drugs.

Europe and the United States just want to be a great Qing Dynasty?

We can’t persuade Europe and the United States. As the saying goes, good words can’t persuade the damn ghost. If Europe and the United States want to die, no one can stop them.

However, there are a large number of Chinese children studying in Europe and the United States. In the past, many Chinese students were induced by their friends to take laughing gas, methamphetamine and other drugs in Europe and the United States, thus destroying their lives. Similar news is common.

As for the cases of passive marijuana addiction caused by “flying leaves” brought together by classmates and friends around us, they can be found everywhere.

Now, cannabis has been fully opened in Europe and the United States, and strong drugs are about to be fully opened. It is a national policy for us to send people to study abroad, which cannot be suspended.

Because, I would like to give you a suggestion. If you or your relatives plan to let your children study abroad, you must take good care of them and remind them repeatedly not to take drugs.

If you can, try to let the children go out when they are older, so as to ensure that the children have at least a sense of right and wrong, and at least know that drugs are absolutely untouchable.

If you go abroad and catch novel coronavirus, you will be fine after treatment. However, if you go abroad and catch drugs, you will be addicted for life. It is very difficult to detoxify. One time of exposure to drugs will basically destroy your whole life.

Your child can’t touch this thing, so please be careful.

The foreign moon may have been very round, but now there are too many messy things on it.

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