To explore the mystery of Zhuanxu’s identity, what family members did Zhuanxu have?

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Hello, everyone. This is the Xiaobian of China story network. Today, I will tell you the story of Zhuanxu. Welcome to pay attention.

(I) the mystery of Zhuanxu’s identity

There have always been two different opinions about Zhuanxu’s identity: one holds that Zhuanxu was the grandson of the Yellow Emperor and the son of Chang Yi (the second son of the Yellow Emperor and Lei Zu); The other believes that Zhuanxu was the great grandson of the Yellow Emperor, the grandson of Chang Yi and the son of Han Liu. It is said that when the Yellow Emperor was alive, he arranged twelve sons to be vassals everywhere. In order to avoid the vassals fighting each other for the throne, he did not choose one of them as his successor, but appointed Zhuanxu, the most promising of his grandchildren, as crown prince. Zhuanxu was born with early wisdom, calm and resourceful, and was the most ideal successor. When the yellow emperor ascended to the queen of heaven, Zhuanxu naturally inherited the throne and became the supreme leader of the tribal alliance. It was also one of the five ancient emperors (Yellow Emperor, Zhuanxu, Diku, Yao and Shun).


(II) Zhuanxu’s family members

Zhuanxu’s grandfather was the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor was the leader of the alliance of ancient Chinese tribes. He was the co owner of the Chinese nation in ancient times and the head of the five emperors. He was honored as the “first human ancestor” of China. His grandmother was Lei Zu, who pioneered the method of mulberry and silkworm breeding and the art of spinning and weaving silk, which was called Lei Zu’s first silkworm in history. His father is Chang Yi and his mother is Chang servant. Zhuanxu’s concubines were zoutu and shengben.


The zoutu clan is a descendant of the Jiuli nationality. After the Yellow Emperor destroyed Chiyou, his people were divided into two parts: one part of the evil people were exiled to the cold Arctic; The rest of the good people have moved to zoutu. Zoutu was kind and simple since childhood. When he met a tortoise on the road, he gave way respectfully. After hearing her virtuous name, Zhuanxu married her and became a concubine. It is said that the zoutu family gave birth to nine sons for Zhuanxu, the first of whom was born normally and named Yu Zu. Later, she began to dream about the sun. Every time she dreamed about the sun, she gave birth to a son. She dreamed a total of eight times and gave birth to eight sons. The name of the Sheng Ben family is Nu Dan. They have three sons. One is Bo Cheng and the other is Bo Fu; An old boy named Zhang Juan; One is Jiyu. Bo said that he had been on a wild trip since he was a child and often disappeared. Juan Zhang likes to ask for immortals to visit Tao. No one knows where he is. Ji Yu died young

(III) how many sons did Zhuanxu have

There were many descendants of Zhuanxu, and Quyuan claimed to be the descendants of Zhuanxu. It is said that Zhuanxu had twenty-four sons handed down from generation to generation, including the old boy, Bofu, Zhongdao, tuotou, Shushi, Sanmian, Ji Yu, danghuang, abuse ghost, child ghost, poor ghost, Tao Wu, poor cicada, Miao people, Cangshu, Tuo decadent, Tao Jian, Dalin, Shejiang, Tingjian, Zhongrong, Shuda, Cheng, etc. However, many of Zhuanxu’s sons were incompetent and did things that hurt nature and justice. It is said that three of his sons died shortly after birth. One of them lived in the river and became a malaria ghost, spreading malaria germs among people; A person who lives in Ruoshui and becomes a monster is like a three-year-old child. He has red eyes and ears, a black body with red inside and dark hair. He likes to confuse people by learning from people’s voices; There is also a child ghost who lives in a corner of a house and specializes in teaching people to get sick and frighten children. In addition, Zhuanxu had a son named Tao Wu, who was even more fierce and stubborn. He is also called arrogant and hard to teach. It is said that Tao Wu turned into a monster in the West. He was like a tiger. His tail was two feet long, his hair was two feet long, and his face was fanged. He ran rampant in the wilderness. No one dared to stop him.


Zhuanxu’s descendants multiplied into many tribes, one of which had three faces, one arm and immortality. Among Zhuanxu’s descendants, there was also a very famous figure, Peng Zu. Pengzu was Zhuanxu’s great grandson. His father’s name was Lu Zhong, and his mother was the daughter of the Guifang family, named Nachi. Peng Zu’s mother was very strange. She had only one breast, and her child could not be born after three years of pregnancy. A doctor was invited to have a look. It turned out that it was not dystocia, but that the fetus was not in the uterus at all, but in two threats. Without the birth canal, the child could not be born naturally, so the doctor cut the left flank of Nachi with a scalpel and gave birth to three sons; He also divided the right flank and gave birth to three sons. He gave birth to six boys at a time. Pengzu was one of them, and later he was named Zhen Keng. Peng Zu lived for more than 800 years from the time of Yao and Shun to the early years of the Zhou Dynasty. Zhuanxu was an emperor with unparalleled merits. He was brave and resourceful in his life. He was the son of the Yellow Emperor and the son of Chang Yi. However, few of his sons inherited his deeds, as if the wisdom of a lifetime had suddenly stopped behind him. However, the times are progressing, and the achievements of this great man will always flow in the long river of history and baptize future generations. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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