To tell a joke, Antony Blinken said, “I don’t like to see big countries bully small countries!”

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is sometimes very cruel, even scolding himself.


No, he began to scold the United States again. On February 24, he was interviewed by CBS (CBS). When asked why the United States provided huge assistance to Ukraine, he said: “Most Americans do not like to see one big country bully another country from the bottom of their hearts. They think it is wrong and want to take action against it.”


Many netizens can’t be corrected by Antony Blinken’s words. Which big country likes to bully small countries most, is not the United States itself?

Since the United States has been able to bully other countries, it has never stopped bullying other countries.

Before the war between the United States and Spain in 1898, it had been bullying Latin American countries. Mexico had the most say in this matter, as well as Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, Grenada, Panama, Venezuela, Bolivia… So far, the United States is still bullying them.

After defeating the Spanish fleet, the United States began to bully the countries that the world could bully.

Later, there was the “Five-Eye Alliance”, and the presidents and prime ministers of the United States and allied countries knew their bedclothes well.

It even robs Afghanistan’s deposits in American financial institutions, and steals Syrian oil and wheat

At the end of the 1990s, there was a classic line in the Spring Festival Gala sketch, “The United States and Britain collaborated to bully the silver”. Ordinary Chinese people have long known the virtue of the United States.

Don’t Antony Blinken know that “American bullying” has been a global consensus for decades?

Antony Blinken’s talk was mainly aimed at Russia, so on the 24th, Zaharova, the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, responded: “I may have made a mistake, but I think this person represents the United States, not other countries. The Secretary of State should know the history of his country. Isn’t it the United States that invaded Iraq? Or is Iraq not small enough?”

How cheeky Antony Blinken must be to say that “it is wrong to bully other countries” and bully other countries endlessly at the same time.

In fact, Antony Blinken said the same thing about China and Russia last July, when he was interviewed by the TPS television channel, “China and Russia are trying to change the existing world order to meet their own interests, and Washington will take countermeasures against it. Otherwise, we will face a world where whoever is strong is right, and big countries can bully small countries.”.

A secretary of state can say the other way round. Why doesn’t he eat the other way round?

China certainly wants to change the existing world “order”, because it is a “order” dominated by the United States. China has said many times that “we should build a new international order”, that is, international relations based on fairness and justice.

Antony Blinken and other American politicians are not against “big countries bullying small countries”, but are afraid that they can no longer bully other countries as they wish in the future.

Speaking of Ukraine, the United States is now trying to dress up as a Ukrainian protector.

However, Ukraine, which has excellent conditions for development, has gradually fallen to this tragic situation. Which step has not been promoted by the American black hand? In the 2004 Orange Revolution, the US Embassy came to an end in person. In the 2014 Orange Revolution Version 2.0, the US Assistant Secretary of State Newland ran to the streets of Kiev to send cookies to the “protesters” to encourage them to persevere.

What the United States has done to Ukraine has gone far beyond the scope of “bullying”, which is the destruction of a country.

When Antony Blinken said “I don’t like to see big countries bully small countries”, people on the edge had better stay away from him, or they might be killed by thunder.

Antony Blinken wanted to build a chastity memorial archway for the United States, which is understandable, but the United States chastity memorial archway is built on a sea of blood.


The United States launched the “Arab Spring” alone, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of people and millions of refugees in the Middle East. Those small countries are still in turmoil.

The United States has countless crimes. Antony Blinken thought that he could turn the United States into a white lotus with his own clever mouth?

Netizens don’t need Antony Blinken to give us lessons. On the contrary, it should be Netizens who give Antony Blinken lessons.


What is America?

Full name: United States of America.

Nickname: Meidi, Lighthouse, Damei.

Age: 247.

Mother: The British Empire.

Father: I don’t know.

Marriage: Wives and concubines in groups.

Pets: global “people tease”.

Home address: the southern part of the North American continent, bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west, Canada in the north, and Mexico in the south, covering an area of 936.3 square kilometers.

Origin: colony.

Occupation: warmonger.

Resume: 1775-1783, War of Independence.

In 1846-1848, it invaded Mexico and occupied Mexican territory.

1861-1865, the Civil War.

In 1898, the war against Spain annexed the Hawaiian Islands and colonized the Philippines.

In 1903, he instigated a coup in Panama to seize the Panama Canal.

In 1906, it invaded Cuba.

In 1915, Haiti was occupied.

Peach picking in World War I and World War II.

In 1950, the Korean War was not won.

In 1958, the United States invaded Lebanon.

In 1959, mercenaries invaded Cuba and failed.

In 1960, the United States invaded Dominica.

In 1961, the military intervened in the Congo and killed President Lumumba.

In 1964, Vietnam was bombed and the Vietnam War was launched.

In 1970, it invaded the parrot mouth area of Cambodia.

In 1971, mercenaries invaded Yemen.

In 1983, the United States invaded Grenada.

In 1986, the US military bombed Libya.

In 1987, the US attacked the Iranian navy.

In 1988, the United States invaded Honduras.


In 1989, the US military occupied Panama and “arrested” Noriega, the capital of Panama’s national currency.

In 1991, the Gulf War.

In 1994, the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 1998, the Asian financial crisis was created.

In 1999, it bombed Yugoslavia and destroyed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

In 2001, the war in Afghanistan.

In 2003, the Iraq War.

In 2004, Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution”

In 2011, they bombed Libya together with Britain and France.

In 2011, the “Arab Spring”

In 2014, Ukraine again “Orange Revolution”.

The above are the main work experience, as well as the deeds of doing good deeds without name: studying “biological weapons” and “virus test” outside Ukraine, Georgia and other countries, and blowing up the “North Stream” natural gas pipeline

Specialities: financial war, economic war, public opinion war.

Life motto: America first.

Interpersonal relationship: A friend of the dead will never die of the poor.

In addition to bullying other countries, it also bullied international organizations: defaulting on the membership dues of the United Nations every year, paralyzing the WTO arbitration body, cutting off funds, threatening the WHO, threatening to sanction the “Hague International Criminal Court” to investigate the war crimes of the US military, withdrawing from UNESCO, withdrawing from the Human Rights Council

It is difficult to count the number of retreated groups, and the number of torn treaties is even more numerous. This is called “spirit of abandoning treaties”.

How qualified is such a country to blame others on the moral high ground?

However, we should also see that some countries are willing to be bullied by the United States, which is too cheap to describe, such as the AV power and those who are proud of eating the “military pot”.

There are also some cheap goods that are constantly asking Chinese people to reflect on the Internet. Whether the United States launches a trade war or instructs Canada to kidnap Meng Wanzhou, they should take the lead in reflecting.

The United States uses tariff fortresses to destroy global trade rules, uses administrative orders to cut off China’s chip supply channels, and “destroys Taiwan”, but they are still forcing us to reflect.

Therefore, the Secretary of State of the United States dare to turn black and white in public.

World public opinion has been reversed by the United States for a long time. It is time for a change.

The account books of the United States bullying other countries should not be too thick, not to mention small countries, but also big countries. The “Galaxy” incident should not be forgotten by the Chinese people.

These accounts will one day be settled by everyone.

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