Today, Russia should prepare for an all-round attack!

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Author: top ten sources: flower planting city (ID: hqsycn)

August 24 is the full six months after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and also the 31st independence day of Ukraine. It has special significance for Russia and Ukraine.

The author believes that Russia should carry out a greater attack, or even a full-scale attack, when it is within its power. The reasons are given in part II below.

In order to facilitate the explanation in the second part, I will first review the earlier. If you don’t want to see this part, you can directly go to the second part below.

Part I

It should be said that the Russian Ukrainian war has been going on until now, which is generally consistent with the author’s pre war prediction. Let me cite a few examples.

1. The author once believed that Russia is easy to fall into a tug of war, or even the quagmire of war.

The reason for judging is very simple. A big country is not afraid to fight a small country. It is afraid that a small country has the support of other big countries behind it. It will fight with you endlessly. The United States has defeated Vietnam, and the United States and the Soviet Union have both defeated Afghanistan.

The result is also true. Russia originally planned to fight the war for only two weeks, but now it has fought for six months and has not seen the end time.

? video screenshot of Russian rocket launcher

2. Think Russia will get into trouble

Once Russia moves lightly, the United States and the West will certainly use this as an excuse for global mobilization. Of course, the result is not as good as the West expected, but the United States and the West as a whole have imposed great sanctions on Russia.

Russia is indeed in a predicament. For example, Russian Airlines have started to dismantle their planes because they cannot get western parts. Not long ago, they dismantled an Airbus A320 and A350.

Russia itself also acknowledges that it is very likely that Russia will revise its development trajectory, and it will be very difficult in the next decade.

Not only is there the trouble of Western sanctions, but the surrounding environment of Russia has further deteriorated. The discord between Poland and the Baltic countries and Russia is not enough. Even its own ally Kazakhstan has confronted Russia. The harm of Finland and Sweden joining NATO to Russia is far greater than that of Ukraine.

This is not what the author is doing now, but what he predicted before the war. It is precisely for these reasons that the author did not recommend Russia to launch a war before the war. At that time, it was also predicted that under normal circumstances, Russia and Ukraine would not go to war, but if the two sides made a wrong judgment, the probability of war would greatly increase. As a result, the normal situation did not occur, but the unexpected situation occurred, and the result of the war was as expected. Now Ukraine was smashed and Russia was in trouble.

3. Only hit Wudong

Before the war, the author also said that if Russia has to fight, first, it should not set too high a strategic goal; second, it should not expand the scope of the war, and only achieve demilitarization of Ukraine and only fight in eastern Ukraine. Even, because the Russians and the udong people are of the same language and the same appearance and shape, outsiders can not distinguish them. Therefore, the author originally advocated that the Russian army could disguise itself as the “udong army” to fight. In this way, the outside world can not say anything, because as long as Russia does not recognize it, it will only be a “civil war” between the Ukrainian government army and the Ukrainian army, and it has nothing to do with Russia.

This can send a signal to Western Europe that “Russia has no intention to break through the Russian European isolation zone and threaten Western Europe”, thus minimizing resistance.

However, the Russian army did not do so at first. At the beginning, the Russian army made a rapid advance and launched a Blitzkrieg at any cost, in order to quickly seize Kiev and forcibly land the Zelensky regime. However, with the support of Western intelligence and weapons, Ukraine blocked the Russian army’s attack, and finally forced the Russian army to change its strategy, giving up attacking Ukraine and only attacking eastern Ukraine. This is also consistent with the original proposition of the author.

4. Ukraine will continue to attack Russia

This point was also emphasized by the author before the war.

Before the war, the author said many times that Ukraine has a large population of more than 40 million people. Once Western weapons and military aid are combined with more than 40 million Ukrainians, they will be able to attack Russia for a long time. Anyway, Ukraine will not be afraid of being destroyed.

Once such a situation is formed, Ukraine will continue to attack eastern Ukraine, Crimea, and even Russia.

Now there are signs that Ukraine is constantly attacking eastern Ukraine, and even destroying the zaborore nuclear power station to kidnap Russia and the whole of Europe through nuclear accidents; There have been constant explosions in Crimea, drones have attacked the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea fleet, the daughter of Russian social activist Du Jin has been bombed, and Russian border cities have been attacked from time to time

Part II:

Earlier, the author argued that Russia should not lightly use its sabres. Even if it does, it should only be limited to a small area.

However, the author believes that Russia should prepare for a bigger attack or even a full-scale attack

The reason is also very simple. The above-mentioned things have become the rope that restricts Russia. Russia should kill chickens and cut the mess with ox knives and sharp knives instead of cutting meat with blunt knives.

In detail, there are the following points:

1. Long delay is unfavorable to Russia

The United States has a long-term need to kill Russia, and even hopes to make Russia unable to recover. This not only solves Russia, but also has a demonstration effect on China.

Once Western military aid is combined with more than 40 million people in Ukraine, it will be able to attack Russia for a long time.

Ukraine doesn’t care. It’s not afraid to spend time with Russia. It has been destroyed and is not afraid of getting worse.

But Russia is different.

In itself, Russia is not afraid of long-term consumption. It has food and energy. It does not matter even if it fights with Ukraine for 10 or 20 years. However, the problem is that Russia’s opponent is not Ukraine. It wants to participate in the competition between China, the United States, Russia, Japan, India and Europe (EU). If Russia only focuses on Ukraine and waits for its long-lasting war to end, other countries will not know where to go. This is unfavorable to Russia in terms of strategy.

For example, in the Olympic Games, several athletes were running marathons, but one of them left the track and went to fight with others. After he had finished the race, he went to the police station for a long time and then went to the hospital for a long time. When he came back, other people did not know where to go. It was not cost-effective.

2. The West has done its best

Earlier, the author argued that Russia should not lightly use its sabres, and that it should only move in a small range. The reason is to minimize Western interaction, so as to minimize resistance and its own difficulties.

But now it’s different.

As Russia’s attack on Ukraine and China, and even the signs of attacking Ukraine and Western Europe, have caused great fear in the West. Under a confrontation between Russia and Western Europe, the West has already done all the tricks it should do, such as attacking Russia’s economic artery – Russian energy, kicking Russia out of swift, and seizing Russian national assets.

So now Russia has nothing to worry about. No matter how you impose sanctions, it will probably be the same. Instead, the Russian army can carry out greater actions.

? video screenshot of 2022-g7 Summit

3. The West has been in constant trouble, creating conditions for Russia

Europe itself, however, is facing constant difficulties, inflation is at its peak, the energy crisis, the food crisis, and the coming winter are all extremely unfriendly to Europe.

The situation in the United States is not very good either. It is also caused by various troubles such as inflation and the risk of economic recession. In addition, it also needs to consume its strength to fight against China.

All this has created conditions for Russia to step up its crackdown.

4. Russia cannot withdraw if it wants to

As mentioned in the first part of the above, the United States is now trying to stick to Russia and cause long-term damage to Russia. On the one hand, it wants to make Russia unable to recover, and on the other hand, it wants China to see Russia’s “example” and play a demonstration effect.

Once Western weapons are combined with more than 40 million Ukrainians, it will also have a lasting impact on Russia, including eastern Ukraine, Crimea, and even Russia itself.

Therefore, even if Russia wants to withdraw now, as long as Ukraine keeps attacking, Russia cannot withdraw,

The better way to get rid of it is to completely surrender Ukraine so that it will not and dare not continue to attack.

Just like two people fighting, you can really win, but the other side is constantly pestering you. The better way to get rid of it is to completely subdue him. Either you fight him personally or call the police station. Both of these two methods can achieve the above objectives.

In view of the above four reasons, the author believes that Russia should change its strategy at present, that is, it should kill the chicken and cut the mess with a bull’s knife and a sharp knife, and carry out an all-round attack on Ukraine to completely subdue Ukraine, so as to end the war as soon as possible, get rid of the war quagmire and return to the track of great power competition.

? video screenshot of Russian Army

In this regard, the author believes that there are two important points:

1. It is necessary to start from Belarus and directly cut off the Western military aid flowing into Ukraine;

2. Try to take the “liberation of Ukraine” as the banner.

It should be noted that after Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, either the oligarchs were in power, or the oligarchs’ puppets and Western agents were in power,

Take the current Zelensky government as an example. 80% of the ministerial level cadres hold foreign passports. The first time the war broke out, they sent their families abroad.

How can such a group of people work for the people? The oligarchs take turns in power, and they will only benefit themselves. Western agents will not consider the well-being of the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian people do not understand that they chose Zelensky because they are desperate for the above-mentioned situation. They hope to elect a different political personality Zelensky and hope that he can really change Ukraine like the people’s public servant.

Therefore, Russia can fully promise to “not occupy an inch of Ukraine’s territory”, take the banner of “liberating Ukraine and returning power to the Ukrainian people” as the banner to resonate with the Ukrainians, and then cooperate with the comprehensive attack to completely subdue Ukraine.

After the Ukraine issue is resolved, Russia will either immediately return to the track of great power competition, or waste a little more time by concentrating its troops on the Finnish border, forcing Finland and Switzerland to give up joining NATO. After the border issue is resolved, the plan for Russia’s rise will be relaunched.

Finally, I would like to point out that these ideas are not easy to implement. For example, Russia, which pursues expansionism, is difficult to “not occupy Ukrainian territory”, which makes it difficult for the Ukrainian people to sympathize with and support Russia’s “liberation of Ukraine”; For example, if Russia wants to launch an all-round attack on Ukraine, only Putin knows whether it still has this force

In a word, these are only the author’s personal views, which can provide readers with an ideological reference. It is right to throw a brick to attract jade.

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