Today’s incident may be the fuse of the future American Civil War!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

“Today is the darkest day in the United States. We have made tragic mistakes, reversed history, and reversed civilization for at least 50 years.”

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t worry. This is not what I said. This is what many big V and Biden in the United States said.

Pelosi concluded that today, the Supreme Court controlled by the Republican Party has achieved their dark and extreme goals, depriving women of their right to make their own reproductive health decisions.

They said that on June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the ruling in the Roe v. Wade case.

What is the “Roe v. Wade case”? Let me say it briefly.

In 1969, an American woman got pregnant unexpectedly, but because she was a waiter with no fixed place and little income, she did not have the ability to raise children, so she had to choose abortion.

But Texas is a conservative stronghold, and abortion is explicitly prohibited. Finally, the woman filed a lawsuit, accusing that the legal provisions prohibiting abortion infringed on personal privacy. In 1973, the supreme law ruled that the Texas abortion ban violated women’s legitimate rights with a 7:2 opinion, and finally confirmed that women could freely choose whether to have an abortion or not.

Today, the “Roe v. Wade case” was overturned, indicating that in the future, more than 20 conservative states will prohibit or strictly restrict abortion, and the abortion ban in 13 of them will take effect immediately after the “Roe v. Wade case” is overturned.

That is to say, in the future, nearly half of women in the United States will not have the right to abortion under any circumstances, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

Unfortunately, being sexually assaulted leads to pregnancy;

Impulsively or accidentally attacked after drinking or taking drugs;

The infant has been diagnosed or detected to have a serious and incurable congenital disease;

They have serious genetic diseases or bankruptcy and are unable to raise babies;


Anyway, no matter what the reason is, abortion is not allowed. You must be born Otherwise, we will punish the law and go to prison.

Of course, if an American woman wants to have an abortion, she can also go to “unrestricted” states to have an abortion, but for many poor American families, this will be a heavy burden.

In doing so, the United States simply has no human rights at all. Where is this still a free country?

As a result, the Supreme Court’s message has just been sent. Supporters and opponents of the right to abortion held demonstrations outside the Federal Supreme Court on the Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and a large number of police were on the scene to maintain order.

This move of the United States not only surprised the friendly countries, but also condemned by Britain, France and others. Even the United Nations could not see it anymore. The Secretary General of the United Nations said:

The United Nations has repeatedly reaffirmed that reproductive rights are an important part of women’s rights, a principle of human rights upheld by international agreements, and are reflected in laws to varying degrees in many parts of the world. Restricting abortion will not stop people from pursuing abortion, but will only be more dangerous.

The United States is the stronghold of global liberals. In today’s modern society, why would the United States go against the trend and deprive women of the right to abortion, while the Republican Party is fully opposed to abortion?

Let’s first find out why so many people in the United States oppose abortion.

The United States was a country founded by a group of Puritans. The development of the country is inseparable from religion. Whether it is the Convention signed by the Mayflower or the plundering of Indian land under the banner of God, a considerable number of “elites” in the United States believe that the United States has come to this day because of God’s care. They are the city on the mountain and the chosen son of heaven.


So today, religion still has a huge influence. Although fewer Americans believe in God, Christians still account for about 50% of the population.

According to the Christian doctrine, abortion is strictly forbidden. For example, on May 25, 2019 local time, Pope Francis of the Vatican held an anti abortion conference in Vatican City. Francis said at the anti abortion conference that abortion can never be forgiven, even if the fetus is seriously ill or may die.

He appealed to doctors and priests all over the world that no matter what the situation, we must wait until the fetus is full-term and regenerates.

Because according to the Bible, children are God’s gifts to every family.

And according to the doctrine, the sovereignty of life is in the hands of God, and no one has the right to deprive it.

You may say, no, if Christianity says that no one has the right to deprive other people of their lives, why are Americans not soft hearted in killing Indians? And today, they have not hesitated in slaughtering the poor in Afghanistan and bombing Syria?

That can’t be. It’s not the Americans who want to kill Indians.

The Americans said that it was all God told us to do, not my business

It’s all God’s will. All the people killed are pagans. It’s God’s fault to make mistakes. Americans are “pure and kind”

So, God, um, that’s what brother Di said. I gave you gifts when you were pregnant. That’s mine.

It’s all mine!

My stuff, why don’t you just say no? Did you call me to apply?

Since God has spoken, and the president of the United States takes an oath on the Bible when he takes office, so, uh, who does he listen to?


Above all, Christians constitute the mainstream population of anti abortion. Of course, there are many other forces that join the anti abortion movement. We are all called conservatives.

One of the reasons is that the white leftists in the United States have grown too fast in recent decades. They chant feminism, praise LGBT, like black life, and welcome immigrants White left’s proposition has become a political correctness of the United States, and has been oppressing all other remarks, making the traditional American conservatives dare to be angry and dare not speak.

In fact, in the 1970s and before, both Republicans and Democrats supported the legalization of abortion. After all, this is the basic consensus of human civilization and progress.

However, in the late 1970s, the Republican party found an opportunity that most people were indifferent to this issue. After all, it was not their own business. However, a large number of people were staunch conservatives who opposed abortion. This number was considerable.

As a result, the Republican Party took a clear-cut stand against abortion, which attracted many conservatives in the United States. Many people even joined the Republican party because they broke away from the Democratic Party, and became an effective force with firm will to fight

In the final analysis, it’s all about the votes

Today, almost all Republicans must oppose abortion. Otherwise, their own opinions are different from those of the voters. That’s bullshit. So their appeal is: it’s not rights, it’s life.

Abortion is contempt for the right to life.

Almost all Democrats must support the right to abortion. Their appeal is: my body, my freedom.

Legalization of abortion is a fundamental human right and freedom.

Of course, in addition to the above reasons, there are also a large number of retail investors who are also opposed to abortion. For example, one group firmly believes that the white birth rate in the United States is getting lower and lower, which leads to the fact that the United States is constantly occupied by other ethnic groups, especially the Latin ethnic groups. Why are there fewer and fewer white people? It is because of the irresponsibility of those feminists. They just do it, kill it, and bury it when they are happy These people are also united by the Republicans.

Well, if there is a liberal White left, naturally there will also be a conservative white right.

In the end, trump suddenly rose up, bravely stood up, publicly opposed the remarks of the White left, opposed immigration, and opposed LGB, and became the spiritual leader of American conservatives.

Trump, that is a cruel man!

As early as 2016, trump vowed to wipe out the White left in the United States. During the campaign debate with Hillary Clinton, trump made it clear that as long as he became president, he would definitely arrange people for the supreme law, and then overturned the “Roe v. Wade case” to prohibit abortion for American women.

Unexpectedly, trump really did what he said.

This is mainly due to trump’s four-year term in office, which has been continuously adding people to the supreme law, including a total of three conservative justices.

There are nine justices in the supreme law of the United States. Trump used to be three conservatives and six liberals. After Trump’s mediation, he finally became six conservatives and three liberals. He changed his offensive and defensive positions and finally overturned the Roe v. Wade case.

So today is also Trump’s victory day.

So, regarding this result, the Democratic Party leader and current US President Biden angrily said:

We are very clear that the health and lives of women in this country are now in danger. This is a sad day for the court and the country. The Supreme Court has explicitly deprived many Americans of their constitutional rights, which are of vital importance;

This is the embodiment of extreme ideology and the tragic mistake of the supreme court!

And trump, the leader of the Republican Party and former US president, said happily:

Today’s decision… And other recently announced decisions, are possible because I have fulfilled all my commitments, including nominating and making three respected and powerful constitutionalists judges of the United States Supreme Court.

It is my honor to do so!

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party, leading their own voting positions, are at war again.

However, do you think this is a war on women’s rights? It is not at all. Neither trump nor Biden pay attention to this.

This is a struggle between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party in the United States. Whether abortion is legal or not is only the fuse of the party struggle, but it is the poor women in the United States who have become victims of the struggle.

Today, the United States has been divided into two distinct and powerful camps, namely:

Gather liberals, LGBT, extreme feminism, black life expensive, abortion legal, environmentalists, and Democrats who support high technology;

A Republican Party with red necks, white men, religious personnel, conservatives, anti abortion, support for traditional industries and racists;

All the views of the two factions are highly opposed.

A Democrat can care nothing about environmental protection, immigration, women’s rights, LGBT But for the sake of their own votes, they must be consistent with the basic demands of the party.

Moreover, in this era of information explosion, any centrist or fence rider is regarded as compromise and surrender. For example, today, the two factions are fighting over the legality of abortion. If someone dares to be a good man, stand up and say, well, Biden is reasonable, and trump is good

Waiting for him, he was overturned by all Americans.

Therefore, the two groups of Americans led by the two parties in the United States will only struggle harder and harder in the future.

For a mature American politician, whether he supports abortion or not has nothing to do with women’s rights or whether it is fair and just. He can completely ignore these, but what his basic political demands need to advocate.

As for democracy and freedom, it’s none of their business.

Only position, no right or wrong!

Otherwise, if you support abortion, how can the Republicans treat you as one of their own?

In the end, the political views of the two parties will only become more and more clear, and there will be no room for any centrists, because the centrists will inevitably be abandoned, and the supporters of the parties will become more and more hostile.

All new politicians, in order to stand out in American politics, must learn from Trump and call on their vote holders in the simplest and most brutal way.

Only the clearer and more extreme slogans can get more votes.

Partisan hatred in the United States will only intensify.

As we all know, containment of China is the only consensus between the two parties in the United States, but the consensus does not mean that it is their greatest concern.

Because there is also a premise here, that is, for the two parties and their supporters, what is the primary contradiction and what is the secondary contradiction.

Both trump and Biden certainly know that China is the biggest challenge for the United States, but is China their biggest enemy?

Obviously not, because only when the two parties kill each other can they enter the White House and have the political basis for playing games with China. Therefore, the main contradiction is party struggle, not China!

This is especially true for Party supporters in the United States. Today, liberals who support the legalization of abortion in the United States can’t wait to tear up the Conservatives. There is no time to take care of China

In 1861, because of slavery and abolition, the United States formed two factions.

In fact, even more than 100 years ago, neither the United States of America in the North nor the United States of America in the South cared about the life and death of blacks at all. Instead, they cared about the interests of the bourgeoisie. Whether they made money from cotton or from the development of industrial products was their focus.

Slavery and abolition are just a fuse.


Today, whether abortion is legal has become the basic political demand and fuse of the conservatives who oppose it in the East and the liberals who support it in the West.

The White House has become the front line of the struggle between the two factions.

In this struggle, it is impossible for the two sides to compromise or give in, because giving in is failure and the contradictions will only become more and more acute.

The civil war in the United States has ended, but the war between the East and the west is coming

Note: some friends will ask you when they see this. Do you mean that the fence riding faction is still very good, and the compromise faction is also valuable?

No, I never meant that! Compromise depends on where to compromise.

Many issues can be discussed, but it is impossible to discuss principled issues.

For example, whether the drug teaching materials are tolerated, whether the black and evil forces should be thoroughly investigated, whether corruption should be severely punished, and whether the United States should surrender

Just like 80 years ago, whether to resist Japanese aggression or not is a matter of principle without any discussion.

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