Traitor xuxiuzhong, jumped out again!

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Source: wechat official account: Bu Yidao has been authorized to reprint

Write / Hu Yidao & zanbakutou

Xu Xiuzhong said that she came back.

Yes, Xu Xiuzhong, who tried to discredit and attack his motherland by taking advantage of the Xinjiang issue.

Moreover, this time, it is more high-profile than her sudden “invisibility” in 2021.

The Australian newspaper titled her “exclusive interview” as “anti Beijing person Xu Xiuzhong returns to face China’s attack”.

With the label of “anti Beijing personage” and “China attack”, it is indeed very able to harvest traffic and attention in western public opinion and social media, but why did Xu Xiuzhong choose to “return with a high profile” at this time after a period of silence?

What is the purpose behind her announcement of “coming back”?


On July 4, the Australian published this interview. Let alone the content, there is a detail worth pondering.

The English version of this “exclusive interview” with Xu Xiuzhong is charged on the Australian website. The content of the Chinese version is free and open for reading on the Chinese website of the Australian.

How many meanings does this operation imply?

Obviously, we want these contents to be widely disseminated in Chinese cyberspace, and then affect netizens who are interested in China related issues.

After understanding this purpose, let’s see what this “exclusive interview” talks about.


The article claimed that “in the face of unprecedented threats to her life, friends and family, Xu Xiuzhong, a popular anti Beijing figure, made a strategic retirement. She said that this was because her work revealed Beijing’s wrong behavior and was punished. Now, she returned to the battlefield.”

In just three sentences, it can be seen that the Australian newspaper is establishing Xu Xiuzhong as a “fighting” figure, or building her into a “victim” and a model of “resisting Beijing”.

Moreover, in the “understatement”, he poured a basin of dirty water on China, slandering that “her retirement was because her life, friends and family were threatened”, and the source of this threat was not clearly stated, but it was obviously “the object of her disclosure”.

However, many media have reported before that Xu Xiuzhong’s friends and family in China refused to contact her because she sold her motherland and carried out all kinds of vilification and slander without scruple. Even Xu Xiuzhong himself said, “I have been condemned as one of the biggest traitors in China on national, commercial and social media.”.

For such people, it is normal to be expelled from the “circle of friends” and “circle of relatives and friends” in China. People who have a sense of justice and honor for their motherland will not be associated with people who sell their country for glory.

Moreover, Xu Xiuzhong lives well in Australia. How can anyone threaten her life?

In order to add “aura” to yourself, you deliberately play sad cards. This routine is too low-level.

Xu Xiuzhong also gave reasons for why he “returned”.

“Beijing and its supporters tried to keep me silent. Frankly, I can’t let them succeed – so I came back.”.

She also maliciously commented that “China is in a crazy era”.

Look at how eager Xu Xiuzhong is to dress up as a “female pioneer against China”.

Moreover, he added drama to himself and forcibly endowed himself with ideological significance.


We have written about Xu Xiuzhong before. She was born in Gansu Province in 1994 and is now an Australian. She has multiple identities, such as “columnist”, talk show actor and so on.

In 2012, she went to university and studied at the University of Melbourne in Australia since her sophomore year. Later, he joined Australian citizenship and joined the Australian Institute for strategic policy research (ASPI) in 2016. This institute sounds very professional, but it is actually an institution supported by American funds, deliberately slandering and vilifying China.


Xu Xiuzhong became a so-called “researcher” in this think tank and wrote many distorted articles about Xinjiang.

Especially in 2020, she published a “report” in ASPI, which made up that “thousands of Uighurs and other oppressed ethnic minorities in Xinjiang have been used as forced labor”. These people were detained, “re educated”, and then sent to work in factories outside Xinjiang.

These factories supply Nike, apple, Adidas and 80 other well-known clothing, automotive and technology brands. Strengthen the existence of so-called “forced labor” to western public opinion.

During this period, her parents repeatedly advised her not to work for foreign countries and not to deliberately frame her own country. When she fell into a trap, her parents asked her to return home many times to stop being bewitched, but Xu Xiuzhong didn’t listen and insisted on making mistakes on the wrong path again and again.

After October 2021, she seemed invisible.

Why did Xu Xiuzhong announce the “return” at this time?

Analyzing the articles of the Australian newspaper and combining with some recent events, we can see that this time was carefully selected by Xu Xiuzhong and even the black hand behind her.

First, the Australian newspaper said in the article, “at an important moment in Australia’s geopolitics, she will contribute to public life again.”.

What is an “important moment”?

Obviously, this refers to the resignation of Morrison government and the coming into power of Albanese government. At present, the Albanese government is not as extreme and irrational as the Morrison government in terms of various China related issues.


So, for conservatives and “Anti China” in Australia, now is the “important moment” of geopolitics. If the Albanese government repairs relations with China step by step, the voice of these “Anti China factions” in Australia will naturally decline. The degree of attention will also be much less than before.

At this time, they need to launch a figure with gimmicks, which is also convenient for them to hype, to continue to maintain the popularity of the topic of “being hard on China” in Australia.

In this way, Xu Xiuzhong is a good choice. Because, during the Morrison administration, strong voices against China often appeared in Australia, especially Darden, the then Defense Minister of Australia, who was even more outspoken. In this case, Xu Xiuzhong, as a “pawn”, can’t play much role at all.


When the atmosphere in Australia’s domestic politics towards China quietly changes, those blackhands who hope that Australia will maintain a “strong and hard” public opinion atmosphere towards China certainly hope that the emergence of Chinese “Anti China pioneers” such as Xu Xiuzhong will affect Australia’s public life.

Second, Xu Xiuzhong’s high-profile announcement of “return” is also for the purpose of marketing himself. It is reported that she plans to deliver a speech at the antiote festival of the Sydney Opera House on September 11, with the theme “what will China do?” It also plans to publish a new book next year.

Her so-called memoir is called “how brave you are”.

Earlier this year, Xu Xiuzhong’s book was published by Allen & Unwin selected it and described it as a “geopolitical drama of the upcoming era”.

Obviously, Xu Xiuzhong needs to hype himself in order to sell his books better. The commercial power behind her is also willing to label her as “against China”, so that once her book is published, it may attract some ultra conservative and hardline people in Australia and some other western countries to buy it.

Looking at Navarro, Trump’s former adviser, who also hyped his “fight against China” color, turned his books, which were Patchwork and full of rumors and speculation, into bestsellers.

Third, not long ago, I wrote an article, “they began to fight against women in China…”, which revealed that the Australian Anti China think tank, the Australian Institute for strategic policy, cooperated with the Anti China media such as VOA, and fabricated China’s collective crackdown on overseas Chinese female journalists by using a so-called “report” previously produced by ASPI.

Xu Xiuzhong was once a so-called “policy analyst” of ASPI think tank. In an “exclusive interview”, the Australian newspaper claimed that “she is one of the main authors of the world’s most important research on the Chinese government’s persecution of Uighurs”.

This kind of statement makes people laugh.

Take a look at Xu Xiuzhong’s last article on ASPI website (published on October 19, 2021) and the “report” and articles previously published on the think tank website, and you will find that what she writes is first to meet “political requirements”. When you have a conclusion, collect and accumulate the so-called “evidence materials”.

However, these “evidence materials” simply can not withstand scrutiny, full of loopholes, and the donkey’s lips are not the horse’s mouth.

The Australian also deliberately emphasized that Xu Xiuzhong also worked as a reporter for the New York Times and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). This is obviously to connect her with the “overseas Chinese female journalist” in the ASPI “report”.

“Her work made her an angry target for the Chinese government, its social media robot corps and supporters: she was followed by mysterious people, her family and friends in China were interrogated, and she suffered industry-level humiliation attacks on the Internet,” she said

Xu Xiuzhong declared, “I can’t go to a Chinese restaurant (in Canberra) without being recognized. This movement is extremely averse to women in essence, calling me a female devil and accusing me of crazy promiscuity.”

This description is simply “exclusive” to confirm ASPI’s “report”.


Chen Hong, director of the Australian research center of East China Normal University, said that Xu Xiuzhong claimed that she had “returned”, but the fact was that she had never left the Anti China public opinion field, never stopped making Anti China rumors, and had always been slandering China.

The so-called “return” is nothing more than a script, a gimmick used to attract public attention.

Xu Xiuzhong talked about talk shows in Australia in his early years, and then continued to “show his face” in China related and Anti China TV programs and other media reports, which has a certain social exposure, so it is normal to be recognized in public places. There are many fabricated lies, which are naturally spurned by local Chinese and overseas Chinese when they appear in public on Anti China occasions.


Where does the state suppress individuals and the government suppress individuals? If there is a government background against her, which government and political forces instigated those who supported her and worked with her on twitter?

In the final analysis, she now portrays herself as a “victim” and deliberately emphasizes her female identity, falsely claiming that she has been “politically persecuted” and “bullied by the state”. While vigorously abusing and attacking China, he also played the weak in an attempt to win public sympathy and public opinion recognition.

Chen Hong said that in Australia’s Anti China circles, the identities of “scholars” and “researchers” are being abused. Anyone who passes through coarse packaging seems to be able to put on the cloak of a scholar and express China related opinions as an “authority on China issues”.

Xu Xiuzhong once worked in some media for a short time, and then suddenly became a so-called “researcher” of the Australian Institute for strategic policy (ASPI). In fact, the essence of the Institute’s long-term funding from defense, diplomatic agencies and arms dealers of the United States, Australia and other countries is self-evident.

For ASPI and its behind the scenes Anti China forces, Xu Xiuzhong is indeed a handy tool.

Born in China, she has a Chinese face. On talk shows and other occasions, she is good at mocking herself in the way that Westerners are used to, even joking about her surname, mocking the identity, image and China of Chinese, and winning the laughter of Australian audiences. Now, whether she is publishing a book or making an anti China speech in the opera house, she adds “personal experience” to the face of Chinese people, in fact, she wants to put a “cloak of truth” on her repeated lies.

This time, she announced her return with great fanfare. Obviously, she was used as a tool to create Anti China public opinion in the media, and then influence government decisions through public opinion.

Chen Hong mentioned that nowadays, anti china forces have formed a fixed “routine” in Australia:

First, intelligence departments and relevant political forces “feed” the media and create topics; Then some scholars, many of them pseudo scholars, played the role of “authority” and jumped up and down the “front desk” to mislead the public; Then, through public opinion polls and news reports, it came to the conclusion that “the views of the majority of the Australian people on China have deteriorated”. The ultimate goal is to promote the government to formulate and implement Anti China policies and serve its anti China purposes.


At present, China Australia relations are facing an important juncture. Both sides are releasing a certain amount of goodwill. The prospect of bilateral relations is facing the dawn of easing and thawing. At this juncture, anti China elements such as Xu Xiuzhong jumped out to “be demons”, and their motives can be imagined.

However, being willing to act as an anti China “tool” is not only disgraceful, but also doomed to face the fate of “throwing it away as soon as it is used up”.

A public opinion researcher analyzed that in recent years, some so-called “dissidents” have gone overseas to engage in Anti China activities. The way they have adopted is nothing more than to make a fuss and do everything possible to touch the Chinese government. In order to make the local people buy it, they also try their best to rely on Western “political correctness” such as freedom, democracy and women’s rights. However, in the end, the Anti China public opinion event, which lasted for at most three to five days, was quickly ignored.

These people have long been notorious in the circle of Chinese and overseas Chinese because they have no strong points and rely on “Anti China” to make money. If they are abandoned by Westerners again, they are likely to not even have enough to eat.

This is also the main reason why Xu Xiuzhong are unwilling to be lonely and jump up and down in the field of western public opinion.

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