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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

March 23, Mariupol. Seanpinner and his team ambushed behind a building in the steel plant. About 500 meters away from them is the periphery of the steel plant, where several streets have been occupied by the Russians. Seanpinner’s team’s mission is to snipe at any moving object there. And search one of the streets, because there is a secret exit of the underground city. The Russians should not know this exit at present, but if they do not take it back, the evacuation plan of the dungeons will be affected in the future.

With a “bang” shot, a dark figure just rising in the street ahead fell heavily.

“Yeah, this is my fourth fruit in Ukraine.” Sean said, picked up a small awl and carved a strawberry pattern on a metal card. This sign has been engraved with six such designs. According to Sean himself, the first two are his booty in Iraq. But in Iraq, killing is not enjoyable, because the defense area of his army is the Kurdish area. The higher authorities strictly ordered that we should have good relations with the Kurds and not kill indiscriminately. So, although Sean stayed in Iraq for more than a year, he didn’t have many opportunities to kill people. These two strawberries were not armed men, but Iraqi Shiite civilians. One of them was an Iraqi woman, and that woman was unlucky. When his surveillance mission was almost over, he suddenly appeared from a street corner and was shot as a target, I don’t know why this woman went out so early. Sean didn’t care. I was only complacent that I had a strawberry on my metal card.

“Captain, that doesn’t seem to be a soldier.” Eden aslin, though timid, had good eyes. He had long noticed the shadow on the street ahead, wearing a typical Ukrainian aunt’s headscarf. The woman seemed to realize that her area was very dangerous, so she bent down and walked in the street, as if she was going somewhere. The main reason for Eden to determine that he was a civilian was that he had no weapons in his hands.

“No, Eden, that’s a Russian dressed as a Ukrainian woman. That’s our enemy. In this case, how can Ukrainian residents stay in this dangerous place?” Sean corrected Eden. This statement is absolutely not allowed. All the dead ghosts under Shawn’s gun are damned enemies. This is true in Iraq, as well as in Ukraine.

Twenty days later, on April 12, Sean led his team to the back of the steel factory building again. At this time, they had some regrets about their participation in the war. The Ukrainians said that the good remuneration had not been paid into the account, and in March, only 1000 US dollars were paid each. In the iron and steel plant, because they are not the core personnel of the Asian speed camp, they even have enough to eat, but the tasks assigned to them are not few. Moreover, as the situation became more and more tense, the Russian attack became more and more fierce. The Asian speed battalion even sent a supervision team to monitor their combat tasks. Those who fear war or want to flee and surrender will be executed on the spot. Although they are British and their treatment will be a little better, they are not much better.

However, Sean doesn’t care about this. As a captain, he still has a little face in front of the top management of the Asian speed camp, and now there are eight strawberries on the metal card. This is all heroic military feats. As long as he can escape this time, he will not only be rewarded by the British government, but also get more than 10000 US dollars from the Ukrainian government, not including his salary. But he was more interested in the blood splashing after pulling the trigger.

“Pop pop…” After several shots, Sean and Eden saw that several people around them had been shot and fell down. They immediately realized that they were afraid of being surrounded by Russians. Also, they have used this ambush site several times. It is not surprising that the Russians have set up ambushes here to encircle them. At this time, if they want to escape back to the dungeons, it is not impossible. As long as the Asian speed Battalion soldiers in charge of supervising the war help them attract fire and let them win time to run back. But to Sean’s disappointment, there was no movement behind them, while the gunfire around them became more and more intense. It was obvious that the sub speed camp bastards of the commandos ran away first. Left them to the Russians.


Sean and Eden

“Don’t shoot, we are British, we surrender!” Sean saw the opportunity quickly. It is impossible to count on Aiden aslin as a counsellor. At this time, aslin seems to have been scared to pee his pants. Sean believes that as a British citizen, the Russians should not easily kill themselves. After all, their value is much higher than those Ukrainian soldiers.

Sure enough, the Russians stopped shooting and shouted to them to lay down their weapons and surrender. Sean and Eden did it one by one, so they became Russian prisoners from mercenaries.

“Can I call my family?”

In the POW camp, all prisoners of war were distinguished. After strict examination, Ukrainian soldiers or militia were held separately. Foreign military personnel or volunteers were detained in other places. Eden aslin felt much more relaxed when he arrived at the POW camp. Soon, he asked the soldiers in charge of the POW camp to call.

Eden aslin’s purpose is very simple, that is to report peace to his family first, and then hope that his family can make an appeal in the UK and let the British government come forward to rescue them.

“Of course.” The Russians seem very kind. Soon aslin was arranged to talk to his family.


“We call on the British government to take positive action to rescue these British citizens held in Russia.” Eden’s family was indeed very positive. After receiving the phone call, they immediately held a press conference, hoping to exert pressure on the British government through the media. Just two weeks ago, Aiden’s family were still proud of Aiden. They thought that Aiden was a brave man, a man of noble moral character, and a man who had the courage to sacrifice for the interests of the Ukrainian people.

At the same time, Eden’s family also hoped through the media that Eden could receive humanitarian care in Russia and give Eden the necessary dignity, because Eden is a British citizen.

However, Sean’s family seemed to be indifferent to Sean’s capture. In an interview with reporters, they kept silent for a long time before saying, “let God decide his life and death.” Obviously, the murderous 48 – year-old Sean doesn’t have a good relationship with his family.

“We are prisoners of war. We want to be treated as prisoners of war, not tried. You have no right to try us.” Sean tried to maintain his dignity as a soldier. Moreover, he was not in awe of the Russians who had captured him. In the community where he lives in Britain, there are many Russians. Although they are rash, they all maintain a relatively humble attitude towards British residents because they all want to live in Britain. That’s why Sean doesn’t look up to the Russians. Today, even though he has been captured, he still maintains his inherent arrogance. He believes that the Russians dare not do anything to him because behind him are the powerful Britain and the United States. So when the Russians offered to try them, he protested.

“Are you prisoners of war?” A Russian censor smiled sarcastically. At this time, Shawn and his team had been handed over by the Russian military to the legal department sent by the Russian government. We should examine the crimes committed by these foreign mercenaries in this war and give them different degrees of criminal punishment.

“Of course we are prisoners of war. I am a British soldier, and so is he.” Sean pointed to Eden.

“However, the British government does not recognize your military status. As long as your government recognizes your military status, you will be treated as prisoners of war. If they do not recognize it, you will inevitably face legal sanctions. The murderer pays for his life and the looter is sentenced.” The examiner said coldly.

“Whether the British government admits it or not, I am a British soldier. This is my identity plate, which you can verify.” Sean was a little flustered when he thought that he had killed at least four Russian soldiers and several civilians in Donbas in Ukraine. If he was judged according to civil law, he would surely die.

“I also admit that you are a British soldier. There is no need to verify this, but does your government admit it? By the way, in fact, there is another way for you to obtain the prisoner status you want, that is, your British government declares war on Russia. As long as we become both sides of the war, even if you are not a soldier, you can also obtain the prisoner status. But does your government dare?” There was a hint of inducement in the examiner’s tone.

Indeed, as long as the British government declares war on Russia, all Britons in Ukraine will be granted the status of citizens or soldiers of the hostile country. Then Russia must abide by Article 47 of the Geneva Conventions, treat these Britons as prisoners of war or refugees, and conditionally release or exchange them in due course. If not, wait for Eden and Sean’s inevitable trial on Russian law. But once he entered the trial and confirmed his crime, Eden might still have a way to live, but Sean would surely die. Unless the British are willing to exchange interests with Russia at a great cost. However, they are not the only Britons who fall into the hands of Russia. At least hundreds or even thousands of Britons will be captured at the end of the war, among which few are more important than Sean. As far as Sean himself knows, among the British soldiers surrounded by Ukraine, there are generals. Those may be the characters that the British are willing to exchange their interests, but I’m afraid Sean will end up dead.

“Declare war?” There was a gleam in Sean’s eyes. “Then declare war.” He said bitterly

“Yes, Britain has already participated in the war. I came to Ukraine with the mission of the British Ministry of defense. I taught those Ukrainian soldiers how to use British standard weapons. Since I have already participated in the war, why can’t I declare war?” There was a hopeful look on Sean’s face. He told the censor

“Please give me a call. I want to talk to my British relatives.”

“We never encourage Britons to go to Ukraine, but for those Britons who have gone to Ukraine, may God bless them. Moreover, for those Britons who have been captured by Russia, I hope the Russian side will treat them well, give them fair treatment, and let them go home as soon as possible.” British Prime Minister Johnson, who received the news of Sean’s appeal, responded to Sean’s appeal in this way.

“You see, this is your prime minister’s response.” The censor said coldly to Sean. And threw a metal card in front of Sean. Sean was shocked. This metal card was quietly thrown away when he was captured. Why did it appear in the hands of the censor?

“Don’t be surprised, your subordinate Mr. Eden found the credit book you threw, and he gave it to us. In return for his honest behavior, he will be sentenced to five years’ hard labor. And you, Mr. Sean, who likes strawberries, will become the first Russian to sentence a foreign mercenary to death. Are you proud enough, Mr. Sean?” With that, the censor seemed to have more to say than he could say. He hit Sean hard in the face with his right fist

“You British bastard killed so many of our excellent brothers.”

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