Trump’s dangerous game!

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Half a month after being “ransacked”, Trump’s secret hidden in his “beautiful home” was finally exposed. According to the New York Times, since trump left office, the US government has found more than 300 confidential documents from Haihu manor, including “highly sensitive information” from the CIA, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI).

At present, the FBI and the US Department of justice are launching three charges against the former President: violating the Espionage Act, obstructing judicial justice, and illegally handling government records. However, it was unexpected that trump not only did not get beaten down, but also put on a “victim cloak” for himself, with the party’s support rate once reaching 70%.

When trump left office last January, he took a large number of documents from the White House. Source: Ta Kung Pao


How did trump build a “battery” on the ruins?

One is to complain. After being “robbed”, trump never stopped talking.

On August 15, trump angrily denounced the FBI for “stealing” his three passports during the search operation, saying that “this is a crime at all”; On the 21st, he said that “those great agents have always liked me very much”, but he was hated by the FBI leaders; Trump claims that more than 300 documents have been “declassified” and that he has been politically persecuted in order to prevent him from participating in the 2024 election.

This complaint has raised the anger of Trump’s fans. A large number of Posts inciting violence have successively appeared on us online forums and social media, and many politicians and right wingers have continuously voiced their support for trump. Fans gathered in various places to protest, and a Pennsylvania “special fan” even openly threatened to “blood wash” the FBI.

Second, we rely on complaints. On August 22, trump formally sued the US Department of justice, with a 27 page indictment. Trump’s lawyers claim that the government violated the rights of the former president, and the FBI must return all seized items that are not within the scope of the authorized search warrant. As for confidential documents, the Ministry of justice can not handle them. It must appoint a third-party lawyer as the “special principal” to supervise and examine them.

The lawyer also called on the authorities to publish affidavits to prove that the search warrant for the Haihu manor was completely justified. This was a very drastic move, forcing the US Department of justice to oppose it, saying that the publication of the affidavit was tantamount to making the “road map” of the investigation public, and 10000 people disagreed.

The third is to pretend to be a good person. In the face of possible social violence, trump said that he would “do his best to help the country” and let the matter cool down as soon as possible. He has to be a good man behind his back, obviously threatening the government with public opinion, and Trump’s operation has been perfect.

After you pick yourself up, it’s your turn to continue charging. Giuliani, former mayor of New York, has recently begun to spread the word that “if trump is elected president, the first thing he will do is to search every house of Biden”.

Trump supporters held a protest outside the Haihu Manor


? Source: Network


How effective is Trump’s “three board axe”?

A few weeks ago, the New York Times poll also showed that half of the Republican voters were ready to “give up trump”. However, after the “house raiding” incident, almost the entire Republican Party supported trump. It is no wonder that some people said that this incident “gave the former president a lifeline” and belonged to the “divine assistance” given by the Democratic Party.

Under Trump’s strong influence, the Republican Party is becoming a “trump party”. A few days ago, Wyoming conducted a Republican primary election for the mid-term congressional election. The lawyer Hagerman, who was endorsed by trump, swept Cheney, the former No. 3 Republican in the house of Representatives and a senior politician, with a huge advantage. After the “Capitol Hill riots”, Cheney led 10 Republican congressmen to join the camp of impeachment of trump. However, four of them have given up re-election, four have lost the primary election, and only two have won the primary election. The disastrous defeat of the Republican Party’s system building faction is unprecedented in history.

McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate who once supported Cheney, was recently accused by trump of “helping his wife and family get rich in China”. You should know that after trump left office, McConnell was once regarded as the most powerful figure in the Republican Party.

So what are the Democrats doing?

After the “house raiding” incident, Biden said he had no knowledge of the incident: “no! Zero! No!” The Democratic Party does not want to expand the controversy. After all, it has just passed the chip act and the inflation reduction act. Such a “major” legislative victory can not be taken advantage of by trump. The Democratic Party has also noticed the mood of Republican voters and does not want to give Trump’s broken mouth.

Biden said that he had no knowledge of Trump’s “ransacking”. Source: Associated Press


Trump’s ability to “turn the tide against the wind” is also due to his diction. Trump has repeatedly instilled in voters the idea that the United States is being destroyed by corrupt coastal elites.

According to trump, the US regime has now been monopolized by highly educated Americans, who are “Washington’s power wielders, liberal media, large foundations, elite universities and some enterprises”. These people are “corrupt, arrogant and immoral”, and only he dares to “resist”. This kind of rhetoric has made the public believe it, leading to “the more elites despise trump, the more Republican voters will like him”.

Behind this, there are endless party struggles and unresolved social contradictions in the United States. The two parties have degenerated into “tribal politics”, and the political polarization has become more and more serious. In addition, the United States is now in the midst of an inflation crisis, and public discontent is rising. According to the latest NBC poll, 3 / 4 of the respondents believe that “the United States is moving in the wrong direction”, and 48% of the voters have “negative” or “very negative” feelings towards Biden. These problems have just been exploited by trump.

As long as party struggles and social contradictions continue to intensify and the deep-seated problems in the United States are not resolved, riots such as the occupation of Capitol Hill will still occur.

But what can this do? Throwing the pot and shifting the focus are the specialties of American politicians. The White House is busy bombing Syria again.

(by DIANCANG and Yunge)

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