Truss will take over as British Prime Minister. What kind of politician is she?

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Author: Xia Feijun source: feijunsixianghui (ID: feijunsixianghui)

On September 5, Elizabeth truss, the former foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, was elected as the head of the new Conservative Party and will officially become the new British Prime Minister on September 6. Britain has welcomed its third female prime minister after Thatcher and Theresa May.

Truss is 47 years old and has only been in politics for 11 years. She has no sense of existence in the international political arena and is not well known. Many people often confuse her name with Tesla electric vehicles.

As a politician with no strong political experience and low popularity, how was truss elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? What are her political views? What are your personal characteristics? Today’s article is a brief review.

1? Personal history

Truss was born in Oxfordshire, England in July 1975. His father is a professor of mathematics at the University of Leeds and his mother is a doctor of sociology. His research field is closely related to politics.

In 1993, truss entered Merton College of Oxford University to study philosophy, political science and economics, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. When she was in college, she loved politics very much, often discussed politics with her parents, and participated in various activities and debate competitions in the University. Judging from her professional choices and interests, it seems that she definitely wants to enter the political arena.

Truss at Oxford University

However, what is strange is that after graduating from truss University, he did not enter politics. Instead, he obtained an accountant’s certificate and worked in shell oil company. Later, he worked as a customer director in a communication company and then as a deputy director of a think tank Research Institute. Only then did this have something to do with politics.

In 2010, he officially entered politics and entered the house of Commons as a Conservative MP from Norfolk.

In September 2012, he was appointed parliamentary Deputy Minister of state for education and child care.

From July 2014 to July 2016, he served as Minister of environment, food and rural affairs.

From July 2016 to June 2017, he served as Lord Chancellor and Minister of justice.

From June 2017 to July 2019, he served as the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of finance.

In September 2019, he served as Minister of women and equality affairs.

From 2019 to 2021, he served as Minister of international trade and chairman of the Trade Committee.

In September 2021, he was appointed secretary of state for foreign, Commonwealth and development affairs.

If you dig deep into her growth track and political views in different periods, you will find that she is a typical or competent politician, that is, in order to win support, she keeps changing her position, jumping from one extreme to the other, and can implement any route without any ideological burden.

Let me cite a few examples. At present, she is a political star of the conservative party. As we all know, the conservative party belongs to the right. She personally imitates Thatcher everywhere. Similarly, Thatcher is also right-wing and belongs to the very right-wing.

Ironically, truss stayed away from right-wing forces both in college and in his early days in politics. Her parents and family are supporters of the left-wing Labor Party, and some of her family members even belong to the far left.

During her college years and early after graduation, she joined the centrist Liberal Democratic Party. At that time, her position was far from that of the right. For example, she supported the legalization of cannabis consumption, strongly supported abortion rights, and called for the abolition of the monarchy.

Despite this, looking left-wing, truss quickly joined the Conservative Party in 1996, and changed from opposing the monarchy to one of the most pro Royal parties in Britain.

In 2010, truss entered Parliament, and in 2014, he was appointed to his first cabinet position as Minister of environment, food and rural affairs in Cameron’s government. Since then, she has held various positions under Theresa May and Johnson. In 2021, he was appointed British foreign secretary.

2? Why did I get elected?

There are probably several reasons why truss was elected.

First, the personal image is in line with the new trend of European politics, that is, the youth and stardom.

47 year old truss, with a “silly white sweet” appearance, is not annoying, but also considered “cute” and straightforward by his supporters, without the conspiracy and cunning of old-fashioned politicians. And she is eloquent, good at acting, and her acting ability is no less than that of a professional actor. These personal characteristics make her very in line with the prevailing trends in European politics today, and it is reasonable for her to win the favor of voters.

Second, competitors have inherent defects.

Truss’s main rival for prime minister is Rishi sunak, the finance minister who was born in 1980. This man’s ability and courage are much stronger than that of Ras. Unfortunately, he is Indian, and his wife is also Indian. Race is the greatest original sin. Although the British Empire is not as good as it was in the past, it is much more demanding on ethnicity politically than the United States. Non Anglo whites can be ministers, mayors of London and so on, but the post of prime minister can never be given to non Anglo Americans. At the same time, sunak’s image temperament belongs to the typical old-fashioned traditional politician, giving people the impression of hypocrisy, cunning and affectation. Under the trend of younger voters, this kind of personality will suffer.

Third, the support of the United States.

After serving as the British Foreign Secretary, truss won praise from the United States for his stubborn Anti China and anti Russia stance and his brexit proposal. In August, during the PLA’s military exercise around Taiwan, truss instructed the British Foreign Office to summon our ambassador to the United Kingdom to express dissatisfaction, and claimed to ask NATO to intervene in the Taiwan Strait. After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, truss repeatedly made anti Russian remarks and clamored to question Putin face to face. All these propositions are in the interests of the United States, which of course would like to see such people become British prime ministers. It can even be said that the support of the United States was the biggest boost to truss’s final victory.

3? Personal characteristics

Since becoming a politician, truss has imitated former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher everywhere and at any time.

Her elaborate costumes and photos are almost copies of Thatcher’s period. For example, the white turban she wears is a complete copy of Thatcher; When he visited Moscow, he wore a long coat and a leather hat – just like Thatcher 35 years ago; When she visited Estonia, she stood in a tank. Thatcher also rode in a tank when she visited Germany in 1986; It’s the same with harsh words everywhere and the image of “iron fisted and tough”.

However, I only thought of one word – imitating others. Thatcher is not only “harsh words”. Behind every tough action, she has superb political skills and careful planning. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a joint “masterpiece” of Thatcher and Reagan. In many aspects, Thatcher initiated it and Reagan followed.

And truss has only scratched the surface.

In this regard, a British newspaper wrote derisively, “there is no doubt that truss is good at imitating Thatcher. However, Thatcher clearly knows what she wants the country to become, and whether truss has the same idea is unknown”.

Zakharova, spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that “truss’s childish remarks are like a baby still suckling.”. When it comes to swearing and sarcasm, it must be Da Mao. I admire him!

From all aspects, truss is a kind of performance type and investment type politician. He lacks political wisdom and long-term strategic vision, and is very easy to be “rhythm driven” by the United States. Of course, it is also the most popular candidate of the US empire.

4? China stance

On April 27, 2022, truss gave a speech in London. Regarding the situation between Russia and Ukraine, truss described the conflict as “our war” and called for the expulsion of Russian troops from Ukraine. Subsequently, he made hostile remarks against China, saying that China’s rise is “not inevitable” and that “China must abide by our rules”, and called on North Korea to pay attention to the Taiwan Strait issue.

This speech is the most aggressive speech recently made by the British Foreign Secretary to China. For the first time, he expressed challenge to China’s rise and advocated military confrontation in the Taiwan Strait.

On August 10, truss instructed officials to summon our ambassador to the United Kingdom and ask the Chinese side to explain the military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. My Ambassador expressed firm opposition and strong condemnation to the British government and refuted the British side’s statement on the spot.

At the beginning of July, after Johnson announced his resignation, truss was busy campaigning. Throughout the election process, he concentrated on playing up the threat of China and Russia, vigorously advocated increasing the national defense budget, and even claimed that pressing the nuclear button was “an important responsibility of the prime minister”. The clearest commitment made by truss during his election campaign was to spend 3% of GDP on national defense by 2030, the largest increase since the 1950s. The reason given is that the so-called authoritarian countries and non democratic countries pose a security threat.


Finally, I would like to say that I sincerely “support” truss’s election. Because, after she is elected, she will probably follow the United States, be hostile to Russia, and be hard on China. In my opinion, this is “excellent”.

First of all, she will make the British Empire worse at dusk. An empire on the decline needs a woman to step on high heels and kick the accelerator.

Secondly, the Anglo Saxon alliance and the five eye alliance put extreme pressure on Russia, which objectively led to the failure of reconciliation between Russia and the West and forced Russia to move eastward. Geopolitically, it is beneficial to China.

Third, for Europe, she will continue to stir up shit. Following the United States to create chaos and war in Europe is not in the interests of Britain in the long run. It will also promote cooperation between China, Russia and Europe, objectively leading to further isolation of Britain.

Dialectically speaking, all anti China politicians and Anti China actions are not bad things, so it’s no big deal.

Let’s just watch them continue.

The more politicians there are, the better. It’s better to have another dozen!

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