Trying to contain China? The backyard of the United States is on fire!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

From trump to Biden, there has been a major setback in the US strategy towards China.

The two successive US governments have recognized that China is the largest strategic competitor of the United States.

“Containing China” has become the only major issue of broad consensus in Washington, where “party strife” is serious.

In 2022, even if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, the Biden administration of the United States did not look away from China.

At present, the United States is stepping up the establishment of military and political alliances around China, and establishing a encirclement of China through various mechanisms such as “aukus”, “Quad” and “Hey, bah” (IPEF).

According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the United States wants to change China’s behavior by shaping China’s peripheral situation.

In essence, the United States wants to contain, suppress, contain and slander China and maintain its hegemony by forming gangs.

At present and for some time to come, the United States has launched the most vicious “two arrows” against China:

——”Using Taiwan to control China” means that the United States is supporting, abetting and encouraging the “Taiwan independence” forces to make frantic attempts to split Taiwan from China step by step in the form of “cutting sausage”;

——By “pacifying NATO”, the United States, by constantly hyping the so-called “China threat”, forcibly dragged NATO, which was already “brain dead”, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, hoping to encircle and contain China in the form of mass fighting.

However, man is not as good as nature.

Just when the United States is going all out to contain China, Latin America and the Caribbean, which has always been regarded by the United States as its “backyard”, is out of step with the United States.

Here’s the thing.

On June 6, 2022, the 9th one week summit of the Americas was held in Los Angeles. This is the second time in 28 years that the United States has held this International Conference.

Originally, this was a good time for the United States to win over American countries and attack its rivals such as Russia and China.

However, long before the meeting, the United States directly refused to invite the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, the three “opponents” of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean, under the pretext of the so-called “human rights” issue.

The United States thus successfully turned this summit of the Americas into a “divided assembly”.

In view of this, many leaders of Latin American countries said that they would not attend the summit held by the United States.

Among them, Mexico, which has important influence in Latin America, does not give the United States any face. Mexican President Lopez ovrador explicitly refused to participate in the summit and instead sent a lower level delegation to the summit.

At the same time, many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean expressed dissatisfaction with the “separatist act” of the United States.

In addition to Mexico, the leaders of Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala and several Caribbean countries also announced that they would not participate in the summit or send lower level representatives to attend.

The United States, which has always been “self – respecting”, always has some “minor problems” when holding international conferences.

The U.S. government takes it for granted that inviting leaders of a certain country to the United States for a meeting is a kind of “special treatment”. If the United States does not like the leaders of a certain country, it will deliberately not invite them, so as to express its dissatisfaction with, or even humiliate, the leaders of that country.

Not long ago, in order to win over ASEAN, the United States created a “special US ASEAN Summit”, but the United States did not directly invite the leaders of Myanmar.

The United States plays this game very smoothly and even dictates to other countries hosting international conferences.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in order to isolate Russia, the United States tried to exert pressure on Indonesia, the host of the 2022 G20 summit, and asked Indonesia not to invite Russian President Putin to the meeting.

However, this unreasonable request of the United States was finally rejected by Indonesia.

The United States originally hoped to achieve several important goals by hosting the summit of the Americas:

——Win over American countries and continue to isolate and attack Russia in the international community;

——Taking the transfer of the supply chain to the American countries as the bait to win over the American countries to “resist China” and attack the Chinese economy;

——Solve the immigration and other issues concerned by the United States.

However, because the United States calculated to attack the three American “opponents” by not inviting the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to attend the summit, the summit of the Americas was divided. The United States will face many difficulties in achieving the above goals.

Since the United States announced the implementation of the “Monroe Doctrine” in 1823, the United States has always regarded Latin America and the Caribbean as its own “backyard” under the guise of “America is America for Americans”.

Over the past two hundred years, the United States has frequently interfered in the internal affairs of Latin American and Caribbean countries, and even did whatever it wanted to do with Latin American and Caribbean countries through coups and direct invasion.

The United States does not care about the well-being of the people of Latin American and Caribbean countries. Instead, it regards these countries as sources of raw materials, dumping places for commodities and places for capital speculation. As a result, many Latin American and Caribbean countries have a single economic structure and are heavily dependent on the United States.

Under the banner of promoting “freedom and democracy”, the United States has also enticed Latin American and Caribbean countries to adopt a political system like that of the United States. However, many Latin American and Caribbean countries rashly believe in “one person, one vote” without solving the fundamental problem of development, which has led to various problems in these countries, such as government failure, serious corruption, polarization between the rich and the poor, the prevalence of populism, social fragmentation, and stagnation of economic development.

For the countries and people in Latin America and the Caribbean, they also have their own dignity. They never think they are their “backyard”.

For this reason, over the years, there have been obvious anti American sentiments in many Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Unlike the United States, which regards Latin America as its “backyard”, China has always advocated equal treatment among countries and has established mutually beneficial and win-win partnership with many Latin American countries.

In 2021, the trade volume between China and Latin America will reach US $450billion. China has surpassed the United States to become the largest trading partner of Brazil, Chile, Peru and other countries.

At the same time, more than 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have joined the “the Belt and Road” initiative initiated by China.

From the perspective of Latin American and Caribbean countries, China and the United States have typical differences.

The United States is more like a self righteous “master”, dictating to Latin American countries and taking it for granted that Latin America is its “backyard”, and Latin American countries must cooperate with the national interests of the United States.

China is an equal partner of Latin American countries. Trade with China has brought new development opportunities to Latin American countries; By joining China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative, Latin American countries have obtained valuable infrastructure investment from China.

After the international financial crisis in 2008, the G7, which is composed of a few western developed countries, has become increasingly a “minority club”. China, Russia, India and Brazil jointly set up the BRICs organization, which represents the interests of emerging markets and developing countries. Later, South Africa was included.

Next, Argentina has a good chance to become the second Latin American country to join the BRICs organization.

It can be said that at a time when the United States is fanning the flames and making profits around the world, China has quietly established a cooperative partnership of mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results with more and more Latin American countries.

If the United States loses to China in its own “backyard” competition, what confidence does it have to establish an anti China United Front in the world?

Through the game between China and the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean, we can draw a conclusion: the U.S. strategy of containing China will not change, but the possibility of success for the United States is also very small.

Compared with Trump’s “eight king punches” and “seven wounded punches”, the Biden administration is “saying and doing one thing” every day in its relations with China. It is a “hypocrite fist” to the letter. The United States is “Yue buqun” in international relations.

As for the United States’ bad attempt to contain China, we should abandon our illusions and dare to fight.

We should attach importance to US efforts to contain China tactically and despise them strategically.

The people in China must not be frightened by the “new terms” casually created by the United States. From TPP to the current aukus, quad and IPEF, we need to pay attention, but also have enough concentration.

In today’s United States, the economy is divorced from reality into emptiness, the domestic two levels are seriously divided, and there is a serious wave of anti globalization and anti free trade, which makes it difficult for the United States to give full play to its advantages as a big market in the international community, and it is unable to open the market and reduce tariffs by signing free trade agreements with other countries, so that it is unable to share the dividends of its own development with other countries.

Moreover, the U.S. government is heavily in debt and is unable to spend more money to assist other countries or make large-scale investments in other countries.

In the final analysis, the game between China and the United States in the international community is about who can bring more development dividends to other countries, who can bring more public goods such as peace, security, stability and order to the world, and who can better provide reference on the development path and development model for countries to solve their own development problems.

In these three areas, the United States is not dominant.

In the face of the omni-directional containment, suppression, containment and slander of the United States against China, China has enough strength, patience and resources to deal with the United States to the end.

In particular, while the United States continues to “blacken” and cause trouble everywhere, endangering the world, China can always take advantage of its own development to bring more “China opportunities” and “China dividends” to other countries.

Therefore, we are completely unafraid of all kinds of “tricks” of the United States, and we are fully confident of winning this protracted war in the Sino US game.

American politicians should spend less time thinking about how to “black” China and “fix” China, more time thinking about how to solve various problems in the United States, and more time thinking about how to bring tangible benefits to other countries.

If the United States cannot solve the domestic class contradictions, racial contradictions and ideological contradictions, and if the United States cannot bring more development opportunities and development dividends to other countries than China, it will be even more difficult for the United States to win the last laugh in the Sino US game.

No one can jump off the earth by his hair.

Nor can the United States imagine that it will always use some crooked things to contain China and continue its hegemony.

Let’s wait and see!

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