Tu’ao wants to use this trick against China! There are no doors!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

In China, most Chinese will vote for the United States if they want to select the big rogue countries; To select a rogue country, most Chinese will definitely choose Australia.

Since Turnbull came to power in september2015, Australia has embarked on the road of extreme Anti China. Although nearly seven years have passed since then, Australia China relations have not improved at all until the then Australian Prime Minister Morrison stepped down on May 31. On the contrary, they have fallen into more and more difficulties.

On the evening of May 21, 2022 local time, the preliminary vote count results of the 2022 Australian federal election showed that the labor party was significantly ahead of the ruling Liberal national party coalition in this election, and the current labor party leader Anthony Albanese will be the new Australian Prime Minister. On June 1, Anthony Albanese led the new government officials to take the oath of office in the capital Canberra.

Is Anthony Albanese good to Huayou?

If only from his attitude during the election campaign, he has no intention of being friendly to China. During the election campaign, in order to win votes, he and his rival Morrison raced to see who would be tougher with China. From this, we can see that the Australian people are seriously Anti China on the whole under the guidance of politicians and the media, which actually makes it very difficult to improve China Australia relations.

So, does Anthony Albanese have any subjective desire to improve China Australia relations?

We haven’t seen Anthony Albanese’s China policy yet, but one of his personnel arrangements deserves our attention. He appointed Huang Yingxian, a Chinese, as foreign minister.

Huang Yingxian, female, was born in Malaysia. Her father is a local overseas Chinese builder. At the age of 8, she immigrated to Australia with her parents and joined the labor party when she was in college. With her extraordinary strength, she has made great progress in her career. In 2002 and 2007, she became the first Chinese member of the house of Lords and cabinet minister in Australia. She was once the Finance Minister of Gillard government and the finance minister of Australia. She is the first Chinese Australian Minister and the first Asian Australian Minister. Anthony Albanese appointed her as foreign minister. His intention is self-evident. Anthony Albanese wants to use Huang Yingxian’s Chinese identity to ease relations with China.


Such personnel arrangements in Australia show that they are very urgent to improve relations with China. Why is Australia eager to improve relations with China? In Zhanhao’s view, there are two reasons:

1? High level exchanges between China and Australia have been broken for many years. This interruption not only included that senior Australian officials could not contact senior Chinese officials at all, but even a phone call in Beijing could not be reached, and no one answered Australia at all. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, as well as the world’s largest market and potential market. Whenever the Australian Governor has a long-term vision, he has the desire to improve relations with China. Otherwise, Australia’s economy will stall in the long run.

2? China’s recent actions in the South Pacific have made Australia nervous. Recently, China has established a security cooperation project with Solomon Islands, a South Pacific country, and more than a dozen other South Pacific countries hope to follow suit, which makes Australia very nervous and worried that its influence will be curbed. Australia knew that it was not good to use power against China, so he began to think of new ways.

Based on the above two points, it is not difficult to understand that the new Australian government hopes to improve relations with China. It is also a small calculation of the new Australian government to have a Chinese foreign minister.

So is it possible for China Australia relations to improve? Why did Australia choose Chinese as its foreign minister?

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), whether China Australia relations can return to normal or not actually does not depend on the idea of someone in Australia. Since Australia has followed the United States in continuously smearing and slandering China in recent years, anti China in Australia has almost become a political correctness. In essence, China Australia relations are a derivative of China US relations. Now that there is no hope for the restoration of China US relations, how can China Australia relations be restored?

Therefore, in Zhanhao’s view, considering that the United States lists China as its primary strategic opponent, continues to suppress China, and even prepares to launch a new cold war between the East and the west, it means that the possibility of restoring China Australia relations is very slim.

Just imagine that the United States is promoting the Indo Pacific strategy based on the United States, Japan, India and Australia, in which Australia plays a very important role. How can the United States allow Australia to turn its back? In fact, the past seven years have proved that even if Australia changes its prime minister, its anti China tone and actions are unabated.

Therefore, Zhanhao believes that even if Antony Albanese, the leader of the Labor Party in Australia, the possibility of normalization of relations between Australia and China is not high.

In fact, the fundamental reason why China Australia relations have fallen to the freezing point is that Australia has followed the United States in implementing Anti China policies. China is not responsible for the freezing of China Australia relations. If Australia really wants to improve relations with China, what it needs to do is not to find a Chinese American as foreign minister, but to revise its attitude towards China.

Frankly speaking, as long as Australia adjusts its attitude towards China, it does not matter who becomes foreign minister. As far as China is concerned, Australia can only be trusted by its words and deeds. Otherwise, how can China believe it?

In Zhanhao’s opinion, Antony Albanese has specially selected a Chinese American to serve as foreign minister, which just proves that he has not substantially improved relations with China. He just wants to speculate and tries to use Huang Yingxian’s Chinese descent to knock on China’s door and improve relations with China.

However, what affects China Australia relations is not who is the foreign minister, but Australia’s China policy. The adjustment of China policy does not matter who becomes foreign minister. China Australia relations can be improved; On the contrary, it doesn’t matter who becomes foreign minister if China’s policy is not adjusted, because China Australia relations cannot be substantially improved.

Anthony Albanese appointed Huang Yingxian as foreign minister, which reflects his speculative mentality. He hoped to win the favor of the Chinese side and finally achieve the goal of easing China Australia relations by finding a Chinese American to serve as foreign minister. The choice of such an opportunity shows that he has no intention of adjusting his foreign policy towards China. How can China Australia relations be improved?

The new Australian government is not interested in adjusting its China policy, but like the Biden government, it is trying to find a Chinese American as a senior official to communicate with China to let China act according to its own will. How can that be possible?

The Biden administration appointed Dai Qi, a Chinese American, as the trade representative. As a result, China and the United States have talked for more than a year, and so far there has been no result. There has been no change in China US economic and trade relations.

In fact, Chinese Americans in western countries, once in politics, tend to be more anti China than Westerners. Typical examples include Gary Locke, the US ambassador to China, and Dai Qi, the US trade representative. They are more anti China and mean than Americans. Can the Chinese Foreign Minister Australia has found really think for China? If you can’t think for China, why should China think for you? How can China Australia relations be improved if Australia continues to hurt China?

Various signs show that the new Australian government wants to speculate on improving relations with China, but Zhanhao believes that it is impossible to really improve relations with China. Therefore, we should treat the appointment of the new Australian government with a normal mind and do not place any unrealistic expectations on it. Perhaps, if China treats it coldly, instead, it may show some sincerity.

As for China, in the face of the fact that Australia has always liked to dig holes for China, we should take preventive measures. Unless Australia substantially improves its relations with China, it is impossible for China US relations to be good. We should not expect any Sino Australian relations to be stable, let alone be fooled by the Australian government!

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