Turkey is against the water!

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With the offer of conditions that can not be refused, Saudi Arabia has a relatively high probability of turning back to the United States, promising to increase oil production with the Gulf countries, and then cutting off Putin’s arm.

If you guessed right, collapse Iran through Turkey, collapse Saudi Arabia through Iran, and the next collapse through Saudi Arabia should be India, which has been crazy in purchasing Russian energy recently.

With Saudi Arabia and Iran as two major oil exporters, the United States will ask India to join the alliance to suppress Russia’s oil price and force Russia to export oil at cost price.

At the beginning, modi would also refuse it sternly, but as the United States promised to let India have the geographical control over South Asia and gave up supporting its old enemy Congress party, modi is likely to accept it half heartedly.

After these four fulcrums were settled, the US military summit reached the mysterious Eastern powers and asked to join the ranks of encircling and suppressing Russian energy with tariffs and the Xinjiang issue as chips.

These actions are aimed at trying to force Putin to admit defeat through economic means before the mid-term elections, and to lower the oil price to fulfill his promises to voters, and to use the Russian oil price difference to meet the demands of American oil groups.

The follow-up deduction is a bit long and dangerous, which may cause great turbulence in the global geo diplomatic pattern.

So, go back to this point in time.

With the collapse of Turkey, the first domino, Putin wants to stop the chain reaction. He must reach a secret deal with Iran’s religious leaders in the last two weeks, and make a breakthrough in the military conflict in Ukraine.

Russia is big, but Putin has no way out. Behind him is Moscow.


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