TV series aloes like crumbs, two men, Ying yuan becomes a man, and Yu Mo becomes a small three

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The TV series Chenxiang Rushi starring Yang Zi, Cheng Yi, Zhang Rui, Meng Ziyi and others is on the air. The TV series Chenxiang is like a crumb. The second Ying yuan becomes the male master, and the male master Yu Mo becomes the third. This operation is also very fascinating. It is estimated that fans of the original work, such as aloes, must be very dissatisfied with this change. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Aloes like crumbs, two men should become male masters

Chenxiang Rushi is a TV series adapted from a novel of the same name. In the original novel, Yu Mo and the heroine YAN Dan are a pair. As a result, in the TV series aloes like crumbs, it was changed to Ying yuan and YAN Dan, who finally led a happy life. Such a change is still quite big. For the fans of the original work with aloes as crumbs, it is definitely a magic change.

However, many netizens said that the original novel of Chenxiang Ruxiao was actually destroyed by the author in the second half. By the end of the second half, the content of the novel had been very messy. I felt that the author had been talking about it just to make up the number of words. Even at the end, there were many holes that had not been filled in. The content of the story was really not as good as the aloes in the TV series version. If you shoot according to the original novel, it is estimated that the plot will be crazy roast by netizens.

Aloes like crumbs, male Lord, Yu Mo becomes smaller

The story of Chenxiang Rushi in the TV series version is much better than that adapted from the novel. For example, Ying yuan is blind. Ying yuan in the TV series always knows that YAN Dan takes care of himself. But in the novel, Ying yuan didn’t even know that he had admitted the wrong person in fuming and failed YAN Dan’s deep feelings. Many netizens said they liked to change. Moreover, this adaptation is still quite common in the television circle. In the previous TV series Jinxiu Weiyang, the male protagonist Li minde in the original novel was adapted into a male n number in the TV series, and three men and four men are not counted. Many fans of the TV series version of Chenxiang Ruxiao said that they can only accept YAN Dan and Ying yuan together. If they are with Yu Mo, they will really abandon the play.

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