TVB artist chenzhijian announces divorce and marriage for nine years

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Luo Yizhi and chenzhijian are not well-known in the mainland. However, many Hong Kong audiences will be familiar with them. Luo Yizhi’s father is Luo Lelin, a very famous old actor in Hong Kong. TVB artist chenzhijian announced his divorce, ending his nine-year marriage with Luo Yizhi. The two chose to get together and break up. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Chenzhijian announces divorce

Luo Yizhi is not really a person in the entertainment circle. As Luo Lelin’s daughter, he is known by many Hong Kong netizens as a Star II. Luo Yizhi himself also married a star, chenzhijian. However, chenzhijian’s development in Hong Kong is not as good as his father-in-law luolelin’s. Moreover, chenzhijian had a marriage before he married Luo Yizhi. Luo Yizhi married his girlfriend outside the circle for two years and gave birth to a daughter. After the divorce, her daughter was raised by her ex-wife.

Chenzhijian married Luo Yizhi one year after his divorce from his ex-wife. After marriage, the two have always shown great love, and they have their own children. Originally, I thought that Chen Zhijian and Luo Yi would always love each other so much. However, Luo Yizhi recently posted a document on her social platform announcing her divorce from Chen Zhijian, and said that the two had reached a consensus on the divorce long ago.

Chenzhijian Luo Yi ends his nine-year marriage

As for the reasons for the divorce, Luo Yizhi and chenzhijian have not disclosed to the outside world, but many people speculate that it is related to chenzhijian’s coming to the mainland for development. Because chenzhijian’s development in Hong Kong has not been very good, he chose to come to the mainland for development in the past two years. In addition, due to the epidemic situation, chenzhijian has not returned to Hong Kong after coming to the mainland, so the relationship between chenzhijian and Luo Yizhi will certainly be affected. It is speculated that Chen Zhijian and Luo Yi had fewer gatherings and more separations, and were in a different place for a long time, which led to the weakening of their feelings and the choice of divorce.

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