TVB Taiqing yoyo Chen Ziyao Appears Sexy, But Is Picked Out to Wear Fake Style

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On the red carpet of TVB 55th Anniversary Taiwan Celebration Party, many stars appeared ceremoniously. TVB Taiqing yoyo Chen Ziyao showed up sexy. Many people praised the red carpet modeling of yoyo Chen Ziyao that day, which was very eye-catching and sexy. But soon, yoyo Chen Ziyao overturned, because netizens found out that the evening dress she wore that day was a copycat version. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yoyo Chen Ziyao Appears Sexy

On the same day, Yoyo Chen Ziyao showed up in a black evening dress. The design of the V-neck revealed the career line, and the high split design revealed the long legs. However, the waist of the evening dress was still designed with hollowed out tulle, or a large backless shape, revealing Yoyo Chen Ziyao’s slim waist and beautiful back. Among TVB actresses, yoyo Chen Ziyao’s style is excellent. However, netizens soon found that the evening dress of yoyo Chen Ziyao had been worn by TVB actress Zhang Xiwen in 2019. The netizens also teased that TVB was too environmentally friendly, and one piece of clothing should be kept for unlimited use.

In fact, Ni Ni wore this black evening dress when she joined the fashion COAMO in 2019, which is an old style. Because when Yoyo Chen Ziyao wore the evening dress, it was obviously different from the one Ni Ni and Zhang Xiwen wore. For example, the dress had a tulle at the waist and a high fork. In fact, the original version is very beautiful. Now some people suspect that TVB has modified the evening dress and given it to yoyo Chen Ziyao. Some even suspect that yoyo Chen Ziyao bought the dress himself.

Chen Ziyao Was Picked out of the Money for Passing through the Mountain Stronghold

It is suspected that yoyo Chen Ziyao bought fake goods from an unknown designer in Hong Kong, but yoyo Chen Ziyao did not respond too much to this. It is reported that when TVB artists attended TVB’s evening party, many of the costumes were uniformly arranged by TVB. With the income of many TVB artists, it is impossible to buy evening gowns of big brands, and it is difficult to borrow them. Therefore, the controversial evening dress of yoyo Chen Ziyao is likely to be transformed from the old one by TVB.

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