Twelve years ago, the young man from Henan made a sensation when he married an American bride. How are they doing now?

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Su Shi’s “Congratulations to the Bridegroom, Xia Jing” wrote: “If you wait until you come here, Hua Qian will not bear to touch the wine.” As long as I wait for you, my heart will be so beating and sensitive. Love is the most mysterious thing, it is a thing that does not distinguish between wealth and nationality. Just like Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo, for love, the two can give up their lives. Some people may think this is stupid, but love is such a mysterious thing.

Cai Xiaohua told people what love is, and may also give people the courage to love. This young man from Henan married an American bride, which shocked everyone. Time flies, how is the life of the husband and wife? Cai Xiaohua is an ordinary and authentic farmer. The reason for being authentic is that he is not only a farmer, but also retains many valuable qualities of a farmer, such as his kindness and steadfastness.

The ability of the family is limited, Cai Xiaohua chose to be a security guard. His workplace is a school, where he met his future wife Tiffany. He loves his ordinary job, and although he doesn’t speak English, he smiles at everyone and engages with them positively. Tiffany is a typical American girl, full of passion and energy, and she has lived a prosperous life since she was a child. Faced with such a wealth gap, people wonder, are they living well?

According to the world’s eyes, the two are not compatible at all. Cai Xiaohua, who had only been a security guard, had only one friend at school, but after a while, Cai Xiaohua got acquainted with a female English teacher, and this was Tiffany. Tiffany did not despise Cai Xiaohua because of his career, she regarded him as her good friend. And Tiffany loves Chinese culture very much. She believes that Chinese culture has a lot of essence and treasures for five thousand years. In the end, the two were happily married.

Although Cai Xiaohua gave up early subsidies for early use, he gave up his studies very early. But he is not stupid, he understands the importance of knowledge, and he also believes that the study of culture does not distinguish between countries. And after the two met, they both became better for each other, and they both worked hard to learn each other’s culture. The wedding of the two took place in Zhumadian, Cai Xiaohua’s hometown, and they got married in July 2008. Cai Xiaohua’s father was very pleased about this, and Tiffany’s relatives also came to China. Although there are language barriers, their joy can also be clearly felt through their gestures.

Tiffany’s family doesn’t mind Cai Xiaohua’s background, they think that the daughter likes it is the most important. The wedding was in the form of a traditional Chinese wedding. Tiffany sincerely toasted each table of guests in her unskilled Chinese, and everyone was happy with the wedding. It was not easy for Cai Xiaohua to get to this point. Because of family reasons, he took up the responsibility since childhood and worked hard to contribute to the family. After work, he always provides financial assistance to his family and assumes his due responsibilities. Such a kind person finally found love, and everyone was moved.

After that, the couple went to the United States and gave birth to a beautiful mixed-race baby. The family was happy and happy. And this love began with Tiffany’s initiative, and Cai Xiaohua initially rejected her because of the age gap between the two. But Tiffany was reluctant to give up and wrote a love letter to Cai Xiaohua. Cai Xiaohua was moved by this love letter, and they were together. What worries Cai Xiaohua the most is that Tiffany cannot accept the way of life in rural China, but what Cai Xiaohua did not expect is that Tiffany is well integrated into the environment. Therefore, Cai Xiaohua also put aside all concerns and devoted himself to this relationship.

The relationship between the two is still very good and rock solid. Although this transnational marriage is not optimistic, they use love to prove that love can break the differences of nationalities, and love can last for a long time. Many people’s views on love are as described by Nalan Xingde: “The barrier is tired of looking at the golden and blue paintings, and the clothes are reluctant to look at the incense. It is only normal to look over the eyebrows.” Getting bored, unable to stand the attraction of other new things, wandering around in this world is very common.

The love between Tiffany and Cai Xiaohua broke the conventional concept of love. Be sure to find what you love, mutual love from the heart, which is the secret to making ordinary life full of sweetness. Do what you can do, and arrange your life on this basis, it is enough. Now it is not like before, the mail is slow, and there is only enough love for one person in a lifetime. But the story of Cai Xiaohua and Tiffany proves that love can choose a person firmly.


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