Twenty one years of war!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

St. Petersburg, Russia. Nikita hurried to catch up with Yang Haining who was ahead. As a young Russian entrepreneur, he had just listened to a speech by Putin. He was very excited and eager to share the discussion with his friends. The Chinese named Yang Haining in front was also very honored to get an audience seat for the speech based on his outstanding performance in Russia’s economic construction, but his seat was back. This is why Nikita needs to catch up with him, because sitting in the front row, Nikita can have a close look at his idol Putin. This speech was delivered after Putin visited the exhibition on the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great’s birth. The main audience was a group of young entrepreneurs from all over Russia. In the speech, Putin mentioned the special military action against Ukraine currently being carried out, and pointed out that it was the step-by-step pressure of European and American countries on Russia that led to the military action Russia had to take for its own security. Then Putin further pointed out “At present, Russia is facing not only the armed forces of Ukraine, but also almost all the armed support from western countries. Among the western support for Ukraine, there are not only funds and traditional weapons, but also various necessary war resources, including satellite systems, intelligence interception systems and even the experimental delivery of various new weapons. Russia can only rely on its own strength to deal with the West Strong industrial capacity, military manufacturing capacity and financial and trade power. Therefore, if Russia wants to win this war and maintain its own security bottom line, it must be well prepared for a long-term war. In those years, some people thought that Peter the great occupied some things in the military action against Sweden, but in fact he didn’t occupy anything. He was just recovering. Just like our military action against Ukraine today. Peter the great worked hard for this for twenty-one years. Today, it’s our turn. As great Russians, we have the responsibility to recover what belongs to us and strengthen it. ” “Mr. Yang, how do you feel about the president’s speech?” Nikita asked after Yang Haining. “It seems that your president is ready to fight a protracted war.” Yang Haining and Nikita are very familiar. The two sides have many cooperation projects in Russia and each has benefited a lot. Yanghaining pointed to a cafe beside the road and motioned them to sit on the chairs outside the cafe and have a drink. “Naturally, I know what he meant. Facing a group of future Russian business leaders like us, I naturally want us to work hard to serve the country, prepare for cutting with the western system and improve Russia’s own industrial systematization ability. However, twenty-one years, that is the essence of my future life. After twenty-one years, I will be nearly sixty.” Nikita was a little annoyed. He was educated in London when he was young. He returned to Russia in his twenties. He got a sum of money from his father to start a business. In the past ten years, he has made great achievements. Although he is close to Chinese businessmen like yanghaining, most of his business is inseparable from Europe. Now he is reluctant to make a cut. Just in the face of the great interests of the family, country and nation, I have no choice. Moreover, nowadays, those Europeans are just like eating camphor pills. They will go crazy when they see Russian people or Russian elements. Even if they want to get close to Europe, they will be eaten away by those people. What happened to his idol, Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, is just a lesson. “I don’t think it will take 21 years unless your president wants to unify Europe.” Yanghaining smiled. “Yes, I don’t think it will take so long, but why should our president say so?” “Very simply, it is telling the West that Russia is ready to fight to the end with them. At the same time, it is encouraging you to make due preparations for the cost of Russia’s revival.” “No, no, no, I think there is another meaning in it. I just can’t turn around for a while, so I still hope Mr. Yang can give me some advice.” Nikita still admires Yang Haining. When he first met Yang Haining a few years ago, he was only a young Chinese man who came to Russia to look for business opportunities. Now he has owned several factories or companies in Moscow, Kazan and St. Petersburg. If he had not made great achievements, he would not have had the opportunity to attend the speech Putin gave to young Russian entrepreneurs. Moreover, he is quick in thinking and deep in thinking. His views on a matter can often go deep into the surface and see things that others can’t see or think of. “I think your president should not only want to take back the things that once belonged to Russia in Ukraine, but also fight an active war of attrition. However, this kind of thing should not be said to the outside world. Even to the Russian people, it can only be said that it is a self-protection measure taken because their own security is threatened. After all, the war element of becoming famous is necessary at any time.” Yanghaining took a sip of the coffee just delivered by the waiter and said. “It’s not appropriate to talk to the outside world? Even the Russian people? The outside world refers to Europe and the United States. What is the goal? We can’t talk to the West and the common people?” “Of course, President Putin is telling the West that what Russia wants to get this time is not only a few pieces of land in eastern Ukraine, but also the glory belonging to the Russians. This glory once belonged to Peter the great and the Soviet Federal Republic. To get back this glory, we must make the western countries bow to Russia to show their respect. That is to say, what President Putin wants to do is to weaken it To disintegrate the inherent pattern of the world under the western system. Therefore, you will wonder why a military operation in Wudong will take 21 years to achieve. If we put this 21-year timeline on the goal of disintegrating the inherent system of the west, it would be reasonable. ” “Oh, I see. This goal plan is really not suitable for talking to European and American countries. Although everyone knows it, Russia will never admit it. Western countries are not willing to put too much effort on this topic, because if they put too much effort on it, it will cause the reflection of European and American people and the thinking of countries around the world. This is a secret treasure of western countries. They have always relied on this system to rule the world and exploit countries, If we really want to argue about this topic, it will only lead countries around the world to further understand the truth of western countries. For the Russian people, especially those who are unwilling to fight, such a goal is too distant and unrealistic, and it is not worth paying a huge price for it. On the contrary, the imminent crisis of NATO’s eastward expansion makes it easier for the Russian people to accept the price paid by the war. But I have a question, Mr. Yang, do you think we can do it in Russia? ” “Your concern is justified. Russia alone cannot do this. However, we need to know that this is a challenge to an inherent system and an action to make western powers an ordinary pole in a multipolar world. Russia will not be alone, and the world is also changing. President Putin has chosen not only an opportunity for war, but also an opportunity for world change. For example, he is taking The Latin American summit of the United States and the 35 nation summit of the United States were attended by only 23 heads of state. This is enough to show that the United States is no longer so majestic in its own territory. This is the embodiment of the opportunity. The so-called opportunity is not only an opportunity in the development of the times, but also an opportunity created by people using the development of the times to make their own efforts. Your president knows it. ” “But even if there is such an opportunity, Russia may not be able to succeed. What I care about is whether China will become an active role in this action?” “Active role? In fact, China’s current role is not negative. First of all, we have stabilized the basic support you need to launch a war. With orders from the eastern camp and supplies of necessities, Russia will have more than enough means to deal with the extreme sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States. More importantly, based on the strategic cooperation between China and Russia, Russia has absolutely no need to worry about the emergence of its own eastern front Crisis. What I am referring to here is not only the mutual trust between China and Russia, but also the deterrence to Japan. In fact, the current Russian action on the western front is precisely the opportunity for the United States and Japan to take risks on the eastern front. Not long ago, the United States and Japan held several joint landing exercises in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the exercises were located near the South Kuril Islands. Isn’t the purpose obvious. If Japan did not fear the existence of Chinese forces and dare to attack Pearl Harbor, it would be unable to resist the desire to recover the four northern islands. Moreover, this is an opportunity for the United States to loosen its ties. ” “No, no, no, Mr. Yang, I understand what you said, but I think if it is really out of the strategic goal of disintegrating the inherent system of the west, then China should be more active.” “Quick war and quick decision are exactly what Americans want, not what you need. President Putin clearly understands this truth. Although the western system is on the road to decline, its overall strength is still much stronger than emerging forces. That is why President Putin has the idea of a long-term war. The ultimate goal can be achieved only by slowly changing the strength of both sides in a step-by-step game. You should take a long view of this, Stand at a higher position and look. Moreover, who says that the situation in East Asia is easier than that in Eastern Europe? We should know that the root cause of the decline of the United States and the western system is not Russia’s force, but the rise of a new economic order. Isn’t East Asia leading the new economic order? If the United States is a guy who eats a bowl and looks at the pot. Then Eastern Europe is a bowl, while East Asia is a pot. And the pot is boiling now. If you don’t believe me, please pay attention to Singapore in recent days. June 10, Shangri La Hotel, Singapore. The Shangri La security forum, which was interrupted for two years, was finally convened again. The Japanese delegation is on a grand scale this time. Led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the defense minister and foreign minister under his command all came out. Obviously, Yasuda came with an important strategic purpose this time. “Mr. KISHIN, what do you think of the meeting between the defense ministers of China and the United States?” In the presidential suite of Fumio Kishida, a small circle meeting is being held. Just now, the meeting between the defense ministers of China and the United States has concluded and a press conference has been held. Japan naturally attaches great importance to this meeting. As soon as the meeting here was over, Fumio Kishida began to discuss the matter in his suite. “Certainly not. In particular, the Taiwan Strait issue. According to the statements of the two sides, the two sides seem to have broken down on this issue. The United States demands that the status quo should not be changed. The Chinese side says that anything that dares to split the Taiwan Strait, China

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