Twenty years ago, in 1999, wangbaoqiang was 15 years old. That year, Ma Yun was 35

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Twenty years ago, in 1999, wangbaoqiang was 15 years old; That year, Ma Yun was 35


Twenty years ago, in 1999, yueyunpeng was 14 years old. That year, Guodegang was 26 years old. That year, wangbaoqiang was 15 years old. That year, Ma Yun was 35 years old.


In March, 1999, 14-year-old yueyunpeng set foot on the long-distance bus from Puyang, Henan Province to Beijing under heavy snow.

When he got on the bus, he swore: “ This time to work in Beijing, we must strive to earn money as soon as possible to honor our parents& rdquo;

On the way to Beijing, there is a song on the bus &mdash& mdash; Pink memories& ldquo; From that day on, I felt very sad when I heard this song. The scene and mood at that time would come to my mind& rdquo;

This year, Guodegang, together with Li Jing and zhangwenshun, founded “ Beijing crosstalk Conference& ldquo; Let crosstalk return to the theater and become a real crosstalk& rdquo;

Unexpectedly, the business was so poor that he couldn’t even pay the rent. Guodegang was so worried that he stamped his feet. But just at this time, the wife filed for divorce. Guodegang sighed and signed the divorce agreement.

Later, when Guodegang recalled these days, he said: “ Sighs, blood and tears step by step& rdquo;

In 1999, just after the Lantern Festival, wangbaoqiang said to his mother: “ Mom, I want to go out and earn money. I won’t get married in the future. It’s too expensive to get married. It costs thousands. I have to build a house& rdquo;

Three days later, at the age of 15, he got on the train bound for Beijing, “ I’m going to Beijing to make a movie& rdquo;

At the beginning of 1999, Ma Yun failed in his third venture. At this time, he was 35 years old.

Before leaving Beijing and returning to Hangzhou, Ma Yun took his team to the Great Wall. It was said to be a pleasure trip, but everyone was in a heavy mood. A man suddenly wailed and shouted at the Great Wall: “ Why? Why& rdquo;

On the night of leaving Beijing, Ma Yun invited everyone to have a meal. It was snowing heavily that day. Everyone was singing “true hero” and crying bitterly.


On April 15th, 1985, yueyunpeng was born in the rural area of Puyang, Henan Province. He is the sixth oldest in his family. He has five sisters. His family is the poorest in the village.

In the winter of 1998, yueyunpeng, a junior high school student, was named by his teacher: “ When will the 68 yuan tuition fee be paid& rdquo;

There was no money at home. Yueyunpeng faltered and was laughed at by his classmates. Yueyunpeng felt so humiliated that he quit school in anger.

Guodegang, born in 1973, is a native of Tianjin. His father is a policeman.

Guo’s father was too busy with his work to take care of Guodegang, so he often left him in a small theater. In the small theater, there were opera singers, crosstalk speakers and storytellers. As soon as he came and went, Guodegang fell in love with crosstalk.

Guodegang is really talented. When he was a teenager, he talked about cross talk like a model, so he was recruited into Tianjin Hongqiao cultural center.

On may29,1984, wangbaoqiang was born in rural Xingtai, Hebei Province. At the age of 8, after watching Shaolin Temple, wangbaoqiang was so excited that he couldn’t sleep all night. The next day, he said to his father, “ I’m going to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts& rdquo;

Dad asked: “ Why are you learning this& rdquo;

Wangbaoqiang replied: “ I will make martial arts movies in the future& rdquo;

Dad slapped me in the face. However, wangbaoqiang is not reconciled. He pesters his parents to learn kung fu every day. After a long time of trouble, his parents know that he is serious: “ Then you can go& rdquo;

Ma Yun, born in Hangzhou in 1964, grew up with average grades. He even took the junior high school entrance exam twice.

In 1982, he took part in the first college entrance examination. As a result, he made a mess and failed to pass three of them. Ma Yun, who failed in the ranking, kicked up three rounds, “ I’m going to live like this all my life& rdquo;

But one day when he was riding three wheels, he found a Book &mdash& mdash; Life by Luyao. This book makes Ma Yun’s blood boil: “ I want to go to college& rdquo;

In 1983, he took the second college entrance examination, but still failed to pass three.

In 1984, he took part in the third college entrance examination. This time, he was admitted to Hangzhou Normal University.


In march1999, after yueyunpeng came to Beijing, he worked as a security guard in a motor factory.

When the security guard has to work on the night shift, he can’t sleep on the night shift, and he will be deducted 40 yuan for sleeping. In the first month, yueyunpeng not only didn’t get a salary of 300 yuan, but also owed the factory 20 yuan.

He cried his nose all night. In the second month, in order to prevent money being withheld, yueyunpeng bought the first pack of cigarettes in his life, “ Not for smoking, but for reminding. When you feel sleepy, light a cigarette and put it in your hand. When the cigarette burns to your hand, you will wake up when it hurts& rdquo;

In 1988, 15-year-old Guodegang came to Beijing. He has a very pure purpose, “ Enter the system and become a professional crosstalk actor& rdquo;

He applied to a Beijing Art Troupe. With his solid background in cross talk, he was admitted to the newly established rap troupe of the art troupe. Although he passed the exam, his identity was completely different from what he had imagined. “ He is a temporary worker, mainly responsible for inspection& rdquo;

What is “ Field inspection ”? To put it bluntly, it means doing chores, serving tea, pouring water and moving tables& ldquo; Just do chores. I’ll do it first. Maybe I’ll have a chance to talk about crosstalk on the stage& rdquo;

Unexpectedly, after more than a year’s work, Guodegang’s heart became cold, “ Come on, let’s go back to Tianjin& rdquo;

In March, 1999, when wangbaoqiang came to Beijing, he first found a place to live at Beisha beach &mdash& mdash; basement.

The basement is full of pipes, “ All the abandoned things in this building, such as waste water, garbage and urine, flowed over my head. There are six people in the room where I live. Three beds, upper and lower bunks, 20 yuan each. There was no toilet in the house. It was a long way to go to the toilet, so we put a night pot under the bed. There was a musty smell in the room, and so was the quilt. Many years later, the musty smell remained in my mind. When I met a similar smell, I would think of this basement& rdquo;

Although Ma Yun’s comprehensive score is average, his English is surprisingly good. So after graduating from University, he went to Hangzhou Institute of electronic technology as an English teacher. I have worked for 4 years and my monthly salary is less than 100 yuan.

Ma Yun thought it was boring to go on like this, so in 1992, he found several friends to set up Haibo translation agency &mdash& mdash; Specializing in translation. Mayun signed a long contract with the landlord, with a monthly rent of 1500 yuan.

Ma Yun, who wanted to do a big job, did not expect that the business of the translation agency would be so bleak, with a monthly income of less than 500 yuan. Not to mention the salary, not even the rent. In order to maintain the survival of the translation agency, Ma Yun went to Yiwu to wholesale a lot of small commodities, such as underwear, socks, flashlights, etc., and then sold them around like salesmen.

??“ I have suffered from cold words and cold eyes& rdquo;


After working as a security guard for a short time, yueyunpeng was dismissed because he didn’t have an ID card and his boss was worried about being complained about employing child labor.

Yueyunpeng had to look for work everywhere and finally entered a food city. After washing the dishes and then killing chickens and ducks, yueyunpeng was tired to death every day. After doing this for half a year, yueyunpeng was finally promoted to be responsible for “ Steamer tray ”.

But yueyunpeng was dismissed before his ass was hot, because the chef’s brother took a fancy to the job. Yueyunpeng was so angry that he cried all night.

Not long after returning to Tianjin Hongqiao cultural center, Guodegang met his ex-wife huzhonghui. The cultural center has set up a crosstalk class. Guodegang is a teacher and huzhonghui is a student. They fell in love at first sight and entered the palace of marriage six months later.

In 1994, Guodegang became restless again. He came to Beijing again with more than 100 yuan; I still want to talk about crosstalk in Beijing& rdquo;

After arriving in Beijing, Guodegang asked for help everywhere. He hoped that any master or troupe could take him in, but no one was willing to accept him.

Guodegang lives in a small hotel. The room charge is 15 yuan a day. Plus eating and taking a bus, he spends more than 20 yuan a day. He found that more than 100 yuan could not last for a few days, so after four or five days in Beijing, he sighed and returned to Tianjin.

When wangbaoqiang came to Beijing, he not only lived in the worst house, but also ate the worst food& ldquo; In order to save money, every meal is a steamed bun with a pot of water& rdquo;

Later, after getting familiar with his roommate, he began to cook together; Six of us chipped in to buy a sack of potatoes. Every night when we go back, we gather around to eat potatoes: baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, sliced, diced, shredded. We have thought about all kinds of ways. Later, when they saw potatoes, they felt like vomiting, and both felt that each other had a potato smell& rdquo;

In 1995, a highway was to be built in Hangzhou, and an American company participated in the project. However, the project went on for a period of time, but the American company did not pay, so the government wanted to go to the United States for coordination.

To coordinate, we need to find an interpreter, so the government asked Ma Yun. This trip to the United States gave Ma Yun an unexpected harvest &mdash& mdash; Know the Internet.

Mayun thinks the Internet is amazing. He searches “ beer” I have seen relevant information from many countries, but there is no Chinese word. So an idea came into Ma Yun’s mind: “ Chinese, I can do it& rdquo;

As soon as he came back, Ma Yun resigned from the translation agency, invited several friends, raised 100000 yuan, and established China’s first commercial website &mdash& mdash; China yellow pages& ldquo; Spread China’s trade and business information to the world& rdquo;

In order to publicize and promote China’s yellow pages, Ma Yun went to seek support. As a result, he was invited out again and again, “ This man doesn’t look like a good man& rdquo;

On the taxi, Ma Yun burst into tears: “ I hope the Chinese people will succeed as soon as possible and can’t drag on any longer& rdquo;

Under Ma Yun’s insistence, China’s yellow pages finally got better day by day. A year later, it was acquired by Hangzhou Telecom.

But before long, Hangzhou Telecom and Ma Yun had serious differences in business philosophy. The Tao is different, and they do not conspire. In 1997, Ma Yun withdrew from the yellow pages of China.


After being resigned by the Food City, yueyunpeng had to go to a restaurant to clean the toilet. But after a short time, he was dismissed for his mistakes.

After being fired, yueyunpeng thought for two days, “ I still have to learn a craft;. So he went to Yanqing to learn how to work as a welder. After two months of hard work and pressure, he went there “ Escape ” Come out.

Yueyunpeng was really poor at that time. The bottom of a pair of leather shoes fell off, and he was reluctant to throw them away. He went to take the bus. When he had no money to buy a ticket, the conductor scolded him. His tears flowed and he dared not say a word.

After returning to Tianjin, Guodegang was still unwilling. He decided to build a theater by himself, so he rented a venue near the second Cultural Palace in Tianjin, with a monthly rent of 5000 yuan.

The venue was available, but no one came to listen to the crosstalk. After working for several months, Guodegang had to close the door and compensate tens of thousands of yuan. After that, I did business several times, but all of them ended in failure, and I owed a lot of debt.

As a last resort, he had to sell a house in his family. Guodegang tossed and turned again and again, which gradually made huzhonghui dissatisfied. The relationship between the two became more and more strained, and they finally had to choose divorce.

Every morning, wangbaoqiang goes to the gate of the Beijing Film Studio to wait for work, hoping to be a mass actor.

After waiting for half a month, he finally got his first job. This is a Qing Dynasty play. Wangbaoqiang puts on his clothes: “ What and how& rdquo;

The crowd stared: “ Just follow what others do& rdquo;

So wangbaoqiang followed a group of people from one end of the street to the other, and then it was over. Back at his residence, wangbaoqiang began to say: “ When will the play be on? I’ll see if I can be found& rdquo;

My roommate laughed at me. Wangbaoqiang is eager for success. At that time, success in his eyes was: “ If you see your face on TV, go to the bathroom quickly. If you can see yourself when you go to the bathroom, you will be successful& rdquo;

In 1997, the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation wanted to establish the China international e-commerce center and invited Ma Yunlai to set up and manage the team.

Ma Yun went to Beijing with his brothers. After working in Beijing for 14 months, Ma Yun resigned: “ There are too many rules and regulations to use& rdquo;

At the end of 1998, Ma Yun said to a group of brothers: “ I brought you to Beijing, but I want to go back to Hangzhou. I give you three choices. First: stay in Beijing office, work is very stable, wages are good. Second: I recommend Yahoo, Sina and Sohu. The job is relatively stable and the salary is also very high. Third: I followed me back to Hangzhou to start a business, but my monthly salary was only 500 yuan. There was no rest day within 10 months. We couldn’t afford to rent a house, so we had to work at my home. If the business fails after 10 months, we will go our separate ways. Think about it for three days and then tell me& rdquo;

They didn’t wait for three days. After only three minutes, they said: “ We’ll go back to Hangzhou with you& rdquo; Ma Yun immediately blushed.

Instead of welding, yueyunpeng went to a restaurant to work as a waiter. After a short time, he was fired again. Because he made mistakes in his busy schedule, he wrote down the two bottles of beer ordered by table 5 to table 3. Because of the extra 6 yuan for beer, the man at table 3 not only didn’t pay the bill, but also insulted yueyunpeng with all kinds of dirty words& ldquo; I made all kinds of compensations, but they didn’t work. In the end, I paid 352 yuan for the bill myself& rdquo;

But even if he bought the order, the manager still didn’t let him off: “ Don’t make his mistakes. If you make them again, you will end up with him& rdquo;

Yueyunpeng cried all night.

In 2015, yueyunpeng was interviewed by face to face. The host asked: “ Do you still hate that guest& rdquo;

Yueyunpeng replied: “ I still hate him now& rdquo; Then he cried.

Guodegang was never reconciled, so he went to Beijing again in 1995.

He rented a small room in Daxing, a remote place, with a monthly rent of 150 yuan. Then he found a chore in a theater troupe in Shazikou. After three months of odd jobs, he had his first chance to appear on the stage.

At that time, the troupe promised him: “ I’ll give you 1000 yuan a month& rdquo; But on the pay day, people say: “ We’ll see what you do next month& rdquo;

Without income, Guodegang boiled noodles into a paste, then bought a bundle of green onions and ate them every day “ Mushu with scallions;.

One day, it was too late for the performance to end, and the buses had already closed. Guodegang asked about his private car: “ Daxing, shall we go& rdquo;

The driver said: “ Go& rdquo;

Guodegang said: “ I have no money. Give me your pocket watch& rdquo;

The driver turned around and left. Guodegang had to walk home. As cars roared past, Guodegang raised his head and looked up at the sky. All kinds of tastes rushed to his throat; I burst into tears. At 4 a.m., when I walked home, my feet were all wet with blisters& rdquo;

Just after he went to bed, the landlord came to ask for the rent. Guodegang dared not open the door. The landlord scolded at the door for half an hour.

The next day, Guodegang had a high fever. He had no money and dared not go to the hospital. He sold his pager; I bought three packs of cold medicine and two steamed buns& rdquo;

Wangbaoqiang’s fourth group performance was the performance of “ A refugee fleeing famine;, The plot is that the officer of a warlord kicks him down and turns his basket into a ditch.

Wangbaoqiang thought it was just a show, but he didn’t expect that the actor who played the officer actually kicked Bao Qiang. The big toe shoes kicked Bao Qiang’s waist, causing him to curl up into shrimps, so the action of turning the ditch was incoherent. Director dissatisfied: “ Start over& rdquo;

With another heavy kick, Bao resisted the pain and rolled into the ditch.

The director is still dissatisfied: “ Who found this man? What are you looking for a fool for& rdquo;

So I took it a third time. The third time, finally& ldquo; A week later, there were blue and purple shoe prints on my waist& rdquo;

On february20,1999, in a community called Lakeside Garden in Hangzhou, Jack Ma convened 17 people to hold the famous mobilization meeting in Alibaba’s history.

Everyone sat on the ground. Ma Yun stood in the middle and talked for two hours: “ From now on, we will do a great thing &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; Ma Yun and these 17 people were later called “ Ali 18 arhat ”.

A few days later, Ma Yun put a job advertisement in the newspaper. It says in English: “ If not now?When? If not me?Who?& rdquo;

If not now, when? If it wasn’t me, who else could it be?


Because “ Remember the wrong beer ” After being opened, yueyunpeng worked as a waiter in a noodle shop with fried sauce after being introduced by his fellow villagers.

This noodle shop is very high-grade. Employees are required to wear cardigans and round mouth cloth shoes. Beijing Film: “ Here you are, please come inside& rdquo;

In December2003, an old acquaintance who often came to eat noodles called yueyunpeng aside: “ You have a good voice. I’ll introduce you to someone. You can learn crosstalk from him& rdquo;

Yueyunpeng asked: “ Who& rdquo; The old man said: “ Guodegang& rdquo;

Twenty years ago, in 1999, wangbaoqiang was 15 years old. That year, Ma Yun was 35 years old.

After the troupe talked about cross talk for some time, Guodegang finally gained some fame. From the end of 1998 to the beginning of 1999, he, together with zhangwenshun and Li Jing, founded “ Beijing crosstalk Conference;, That is, the predecessor of today’s Deyun society.

Guodegang finally has his own theater. Although there is a theater, the business is light. How can it be? Often “ One person on the stage, one person under the stage ”.

??“ I was talking about cross talk when the audience’s mobile phone rang. When he answered the phone, I stopped and said after he answered the phone& rdquo;

Business was so light that he couldn’t afford to pay the rent. Guodegang had to perform with the troupe everywhere. During the performance, he met Wang Hui.

Wang Hui is a famous actor of Jingyun drum. She held a special performance at the age of 14. After many contacts with Guodegang, the sister fell in love with Guodegang, completely ignoring her parents’ objections; Selfless ” He married Guodegang.

In 2003, Guodegang moved the performance venue to the overpass, “ Beijing crosstalk conference ” Change name to “ Deyunshe ”, But business is still very light. When Deyun club was about to close down, Wang Hui gave him the greatest support and sold all the cars and jewelry; Only then did the Deyun society have a chance to breathe& rdquo;

After a group performance for a period of time, wangbaoqiang met a martial arts expert through a senior brother of Shaolin Temple, so wangbaoqiang began to do “ Double ”.

When filming bus detective, “ As a double, I’m going to fall off a high ladder. Below is the cement floor, without any protective measures. I closed my eyes and fell down. Bang! My head is buzzing& rdquo;

The director said: “ Come again& rdquo; Bao Qiang fell down with another bang.

Director: “ Come again& rdquo; Bao Qiang fell down with another bang.

The director’s name is “ OK” Bao Qiang almost lost consciousness, and his whole sleeve was soaked with blood.

Since this film, many people have known wangbaoqiang, “ He is not afraid of death. He really fell when others fell& rdquo;

Alibaba’s development is not very smooth. After less than half a year, it can’t afford to pay wages. Ma Yun had to go around to raise money.

Ma Yun found 37 VCs, but was rejected 37 times. Alibaba is about to die.

Although he didn’t know who Guodegang was, yueyunpeng was moved. 2:00 to 5:00 every afternoon is the rest time for waiters. After lunch every day, yueyunpeng went to the Deyun club. After hearing the crosstalk at 4:30, he trotted back to the store.

After listening to crosstalk for some time, yueyunpeng thought Guodegang was very good, so he called home and said: “ I want to learn a skill. I don’t want to be a waiter anymore. Give me two years. In the past two years, I will not send money home. If I can’t learn it, I will go home and farm& rdquo;

Deyun society could not make ends meet, so Guodegang had to look for work everywhere. In 2003, when a variety show in Anhui wanted to recruit a host, Guodegang went to apply. The program team wanted to test his endurance, so they set up a glass window in the busy road to let him live for 48 hours, during which he had to cooperate with the audience to perform.

The audience let him fight, let him shout, let him knit a sweater &hellip& hellip;

Guodegang was so miserable that he had to pretend to be smiling; I almost collapsed& rdquo;

After biting his teeth for 48 hours, Guodegang finally became the host. Anhui Satellite TV will give 4000 yuan for hosting a program.

However, after a short time, wages dropped all the way. Later, he simply refused to give money. Guodegang had to cut off his job.

It’s actually very difficult to be a group performer or a double. Sometimes he can’t get a job for a long time. If he can’t get a job, he will have no money. If he doesn’t have money, he will be hungry. Wangbaoqiang has to work as a porter and earn 25 yuan a day.

Wangbaoqiang is very economical in food and clothing. He saves the money he earns; Every once in a while, I have to develop dozens of photos, and then distribute them to acupoints and deputy directors& rdquo;

His roommate laughed at him: “ Can the big director see it? Maybe he threw it away on the way& rdquo;

Wangbaoqiang said: “ I can’t see the 100th one. I can see the 101st one& rdquo;

When Alibaba couldn’t hold on, Ma Yun found sonzhengyi, the boss of Softbank, after a friend introduced him. Sun Zhengyi said: “ I only give you six minutes& rdquo;

Ma Yun spoke eloquently. After the six minute speech, sun Zhengyi said: “ I decided to invest in Alibaba& rdquo;

Jack Ma got a $20million venture capital, and Alibaba finally pulled through.


At the beginning of 2004, yueyunpeng resigned and went to Deyun club to join Guodegang.

Guodegang really didn’t want to take him in, because yueyunpeng didn’t know anything about it. He didn’t even know the name of the dish. But seeing that yueyunpeng was really poor, he remembered his experiences over the years, so he took in yueyunpeng, “ Let’s start with chores. I’ll give you 50 yuan a week& rdquo;

After a few days, yueyunpeng didn’t want to work. I could get 1000 yuan as a waiter, but only 50 yuan here& rdquo; But after seeing some CDs of crosstalk masters, yueyunpeng finally settled down: “ Learning crosstalk can make you an artist, and the older you get, the more popular you become. After all, being a waiter is not a long-term solution& rdquo;

So after doing chores every day, yueyunpeng concentrated on practicing “ Talk, learn and sing;.

Twenty years ago, in 1999, wangbaoqiang was 15 years old. That year, Ma Yun was 35 years old.

All industries speak in circles, and so does the crosstalk field. If you don’t have the support and recognition of the big guys, you can hardly get a good performance opportunity.

Guodegang said that the skill of cross talk has long been first-class, but because the big guys don’t recognize him, he can’t get a good performance opportunity.

At the beginning of 2004, Guodegang went to Guangzhou to perform. This performance brought him light. Houyaowen was also at the scene. After watching Guodegang’s cross talk, he praised it; This guy is really nice& rdquo;

Shortly after returning to Beijing, Houyaowen accepted Guodegang as an apprentice. Guodegang knelt down and wept with gratitude.

Wangbaoqiang’s photos finally had an effect. In 2002, when he was moving cement at the construction site, his pager beeped. He hurried to call back. The phone said: “ Wang Baoqiang? This is the cast of blind well. Come to make-up audition tomorrow& rdquo;

This is a film about a mine. The actors have to go down a mine hundreds of meters deep, but the mine is very dangerous and may collapse at any time.

Male number two is no longer playing. The director team couldn’t find the right person for a while, so they thought of wangbaoqiang. Wangbaoqiang just did it.

Wangbaoqiang never dreamed that this play would enable him to win the Golden Horse Award for best newcomer. After winning the prize, he called home. His brother shouted on the phone: “ Where have you been these years? You didn’t call me at all. I thought you were dead& rdquo;

Wangbaoqiang began to wail.

After Ma Yun received the $20million venture capital, he began his overseas expansion plan: to establish offices in many countries and hire a large number of first-class foreign talents, “ At that time, Alibaba had 30 engineers in Silicon Valley, and none of them had an annual salary lower than six figures& rdquo;

As a result, Alibaba’s capital chain became tense in 2001; It can only last another half a year at most& rdquo;

After losing sleep for several nights, Ma Yun made a major decision &mdash& mdash; Back to China. Large scale layoffs began. The layoffs were terrible. To what extent?

??“ Alibaba’s job numbers are listed according to the time of joining the company. Ma Yun is the first, the founder before the 20th, and the old staff of the company before the 100th. At that time, the number of old employees less than 100 was cut by half& rdquo;

When Ma Yun called his good friend elisman, he cried very sad: “ Am I a bad person& rdquo;


After more than a year of hard training, yueyunpeng was finally able to say several cross talks. So Guodegang asked him to take the stage and said a paragraph of “miscellaneous singing”. On his first stage, yueyunpeng was very nervous. He was confused when he said this. After only three minutes, he was blasted off the stage by the audience.

As soon as he stepped down, he cried: “ Master, don’t drive me away &hellip& hellip;& rdquo;

Guodegang touches his head: “ As long as I have a bite to eat, I won’t let you go& rdquo;

With the promotion and support of Houyaowen, Guodegang gradually gained the recognition of insiders.

On december5,2005, Sanlian Life Weekly published an interview with Guodegang, a grass-roots hero in crosstalk. The first sentence was “ Guodegang is a marvel of Chinese crosstalk ”:& ldquo; He is not well-known among ordinary people, but he has won the fanatical pursuit of senior crosstalk fans& rdquo;

As soon as this report came out, it immediately attracted the attention of the national media, so they went to interview Guodegang, and Guodegang immediately became the focus.

Two months after the Golden Horse Award, wangbaoqiang received a phone call& ldquo; Hello, I’m FengXiaogang& rdquo;

Wangbaoqiang can’t believe it: “ Are you really FengXiaogang& rdquo;

FengXiaogang asked: “ Do you have a three-month schedule& rdquo;

Wangbaoqiang repeatedly replied: “ Yes, yes, every year& rdquo;

FengXiaogang said: “ Then you can film “no thief in the world”& rdquo;

Put down the phone, wangbaoqiang jumped up and did several somersaults.

After the big layoffs, Ma Yun launched three major campaigns.

First battle: “ Yan’an rectification movement;. It is to unify our thoughts and values.

World War II: “ Anti Japanese military and Political University;. It is to invest 1million yuan in training to make employees the best professionals.

The Third Battle: “ Nanniwan reclamation ”. It is mass production, and the products must be produced. These three heart saving pills finally saved Ali who was about to die.

After countless times of practice, in 2006, yueyunpeng finally took the stage again. This time, the audience was finally amused.

From then on, he got out of control and became our favorite “ Xiao Yueyue ”. On april9,2011, he held his first special commercial performance.

In 2005, repeated media reports made Guodegang become popular overnight. The desolate Deyunshe theater suddenly became lively.

In 2005, Guodegang went to Poly Theater to perform, creating a miracle of 22 returns. Since then, he has become a banner of Chinese crosstalk.

After “no thief in the world” was broadcast, wangbaoqiang became famous. His scripts were piled into a hill.

He took over the shooting of soldiers’ assault and won the Golden Eagle Award for the most popular actor. He took over the film “Hello! Mr. tree” and won the best actor award at the Asia Pacific Film Awards.

After countless hardships, he finally became a famous star.

Let alone Ma Yun.

In 2009, it was rated as “ The top 100 most influential people in the world ”. In 2014, it was rated “ The world’s 50 Greatest Leaders ”. In 2018, it was awarded “ Pioneer of reform ” title.



Why should I write about these four people? Standing at the beginning of 2019, I suddenly realized that the final outcome of the drama of life is actually the sum of choices and persistence.

If I could go back to 1999, I would say four words to myself at that time:

Every master comes from his grandson. Ordinary people can be heroes. No one can rely on talent to succeed. Only diligence can turn talent into genius. How much beauty you can see depends on how hard you live.

Standing in 2019, you may be experiencing the humiliation of yueyunpeng, the disillusionment of Guodegang, the sadness of wangbaoqiang, or the Waterloo of Ma Yun &hellip& hellip;

But no matter what hardships you have experienced, I hope you can stand up, bite your teeth, stand up, maybe you can usher in a clear tomorrow.

I like a scene in the king of Comedy:

Cecilia Cheung said: “ Look, it’s dark ahead. I can’t see anything& rdquo;

Stephen Chow said: “ No, it will be beautiful after dawn& rdquo;

Source: Shi Yi (id:shiyi201633)

How to spend the most difficult year of your life? That year, I had the most difficult year in everyone’s life in the University

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