Two news items: Gorbachev and macron!

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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong source: wechat official account: shopkeeper’s Dao has been authorized for reprinting

Two news articles

1? Gorbachev left.

In 2007, comrade Gorbachev, general secretary of the Central Committee of the former Soviet Union, took a group of photos beside the Berlin Wall. However, this group of photos does not have any political significance, but is an advertisement for donkey bags. In the photo, Gorbachev is sitting in a large car, looking thoughtfully at the Berlin wall through the window. On his left seat, a huge travel bag with obvious donkey bag characteristics is next to Gorbachev, like a gentle beast. The combination of the two immediately gave me an intuitive impression: a person who fled with money.

But in fact, Gorbachev was not a corrupt official. Although he had 20 bodyguards when he was in office, there would be a special force nearby on standby. But that is power, not corruption. Of course, even if the supreme leaders of the Soviet at that time were not corrupt, money was never a scarce material for them. Therefore, although after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev received a “high salary” [Yeltsin was very generous about this point], which was only $10 purchasing power due to the subsequent devaluation of the ruble, he also lived better than other Russians. After all, he caused this kind of thing, and he was prepared. In addition, he has the Nobel Peace Prize in his hand, as well as some hard currencies to preserve value, such as jewelry, gold, Russian eggs and so on, which can be sold to make a living.

However, it is certainly impossible to sit back and eat nothing, but after Gorbachev retired, even those who don’t hate him have little interest in him, and it is absolutely impossible for him to live the luxurious and elegant life that he used to have when he lost his enthusiasm. What’s more, Putin will only maintain respect for Gorbachev in terms of face. Although he is not going to kill him, he must be extremely disgusted. Therefore, it is inevitable not to let him starve to death, but it is impossible to give him any good treatment.

So Gorbachev took the advertisement. This kind of advertising may be a marketing method of donkey bag companies, but we can also regard it as a reward or relief of capital. The advertising fee this time is one million dollars, which is enough for him to live comfortably for several years. Of course, he has also tried to earn more income for himself by writing books or giving speeches. However, in Russia under Putin’s leadership, such a means of making use of his disgraceful political journey is not well received by Russians. Therefore, the rest of Gorbachev’s life after his retirement was not as pleasant as he imagined. When the West saw that his residual value was not much, its enthusiasm for him was naturally not so strong. However, it could not see that this figure who had made great contributions to the western world was poor and destitute. Therefore, it was reasonable to give him some relief by advertising or inviting speeches from time to time. After all, this is a Western monument that must not fall. It’s those monuments that show the achievements of the Soviet Union in World War II. The west is sparing no effort to destroy them, such as the Soviet World War II monument that Estonia knocked down a few days ago….

Gorbachev always boasted that he ended the cold war by himself, but the Russian Ukrainian war, which had lasted for six months, broke out before his death. In just 30 years, Gorbachev witnessed Russia’s transition from the end of the cold war to the beginning of the cold war. I don’t know how he felt. Is it a pity? Is it guilt? Or angry? From the cold war to the cold war, what fell was an empire, and what emerged was an embarrassing Russia that experienced hardships but was unwilling to fall. Or Gorbachev will have a little repentance at the last moment of his life, the Soviet Union he ended by himself, the Russia he saw with his own eyes. Is he the criminal Minister of the Soviet Union? Or Russia’s sinners? He once dreamed of bringing happiness to Russians, but he only got a cruel and helpless cycle.

Gorbachev left, but what he took away was not an era. He did not have the ability and luck. But he has brought a cycle of sadness and exhilaration. After 30 years of consumption, Russians or the old man who ended the Soviet empire have no feelings. After all, what they care most now is when the Russian Ukrainian war is over and whether Russians can gain real independence and freedom in the final struggle.

2? Macron’s little movie

I remember we once said that the purpose of the FBI to seize the Haihu manor should not only be because trump took away the so-called secret documents of the White House, but also because almost every American president has done this. At the very least, trump pointed out that Obama had done such things. However, trump did not use the power of the president to check Obama’s house. Because in the eyes of trump and other former US presidents, this kind of thing may be illegal, but there is no need to make a fuss. If trump knew that he would be robbed one day, maybe he would also copy Obama’s home and even Clinton’s when he was president. In this way, Hillary Clinton would be even less qualified to compete for president. After all, the information that can be obtained by home raiding must be much more detailed and rich than the information collected from the corners. For this regret, I think if trump can return to the White House in 2024, it is estimated that Biden’s home will be copied to the sky soon. In this way, the small movies of Biden and his son will certainly greatly enrich Trump’s collection cabinet.

Yes, trump has such a hobby. At least that’s what the FBI said. Since the so-called secret documents of the White House will involve former or future presidents and should not be investigated in depth, the FBI will certainly “check” other evidence against trump from this home raiding. For example, Trump’s evidence of tax evasion. However, this matter seems to have been solved by trump. Previously, weiselberg, Trump’s most loyal chief financial officer, suddenly turned himself in ten days after trump was robbed, admitting that he had committed tax fraud, commercial fraud and other crimes. Although I don’t know what the FBI stole from Trump’s house, it is highly likely that weisselberg has taken over all these crimes. Although this may eventually involve trump himself, with a scapegoat in his 70s offering a roasted whole sheep, it is a bit difficult to eat Trump’s giant elephant. We can only say that trump not only has superb means, but also uses people wisely. At a critical moment, someone is willing to take over everything. He really has the demeanor of a Jianghu leader.

Therefore, the FBI must find a new way, and must not let this home raiding end fruitlessly. [of course, they are still working hard on the theme of White House secrets, which is the biggest reason why trump can’t turn over]. So, the FBI agents found macron’s little movie in the copied file. This move is really wonderful. It can be said to kill three birds with one arrow.

First, I finally made this home raiding not so fruitless. This is the performance they need to ensure in their own work, and it is also a KPI.

Second, it is more powerful. At present, Europe is not firm in its attitude towards the Russian Ukrainian war. With the end of the autumn, Europe will certainly ease its sanctions against Russia. At present, macron is the most powerful European Union. First of all, he is the president of France. Secondly, he is the oldest at present. Although he is very young, he has not given up his hobby of making small movies. Therefore, if it can threaten macron, it will be tantamount to influencing the EU’s attitude towards the United States. Is this Biden indirectly threatening macron: be good. If you are not good, you will become an Internet celebrity.

If the content of the little movie is about macron and his wife, it’s OK. What if there is a third party? The mystery is too great. You should know that one of the halos of the pony is that the couple is deep in love and can’t leave the house without chaff. Originally, the current French president is not easy to do. If anyone collapses again, it is a big question mark whether the president of little Marco can continue to do it.

As for whether these small movies are Trump’s private collections or the FBI’s search and entrainment, it is actually not that important. However, 2024 is the election year of the United States, and brother Ma was re elected this year. Trump’s private possession of brother pony’s private life movies should offend brother pony, so the likelihood of brother pony supporting trump in the general election will be greatly reduced. After all, no one wants to play with a person who has seen his own, which is always awkward.

There is also the third point: that is to tell Europe and other American allies that our president of the United States is fond of collecting small movies of allies. Ha, you are good, otherwise, we can find your small movies from Trump’s home. The naked threat now has a new explanation: it is to threaten you with your nakedness, and ask if you are afraid.

This is why trump went to the court to file a complaint after he was robbed, asking the FBI not to check his personal data. Because he knew that once these guys moved their hands, what would be found next would be up to him. As needed, the FBI will search for any evidence they want, and there may even be Trump’s own little movie.

In short, the Democratic Party now treats trump like a tiger, scared to death, but helpless to death. Because Trump’s support rate makes it impossible for the Democratic Party to guarantee victory in any frontal battlefield, it can only take the sword to the side and hope to use hidden weapons and traps to deal with him.

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