Ukraine battlefield live broadcast, 300 dollars to brush a rocket!

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In China’s live studio, it costs 1000 yuan, about 150 dollars, to brush a rocket for the anchor, and 2000 yuan, about 300 dollars, to brush a super rocket.

But in the Ukrainian live broadcast room, the Ukrainian army will give you a real large caliber 152 mm grenade at the scene, which is only $300.

The brush rocket is weak, and the brush rocket is the real old iron 666.

Recently, a business carried out by the Ukrainian army has become popular all over the world.

As long as $40, the Ukrainian army will engrave your customized personal signature on a 152 mm grenade. You can write anything you want. If you customize two shells at one time, you can also get a discount, only charging you $70.


At first, a large number of signatures were only for the Russian army.


But soon, this custom signature business was out of the circle, not limited to attacking the Russian army with language.

Some people engrave birthday greetings to give their relatives a unique and “cool” birthday gift.


Others use this as a father’s Day gift.


Because the business was too hot and the products were in short supply, the charge soon rose to $100 per shell.


Some people say that this money is too easy to earn. Can’t I make money by looking for a few shells and constantly writing and erasing them?

In order to highlight their “value” and give meaning to their products, the Ukrainian army of course needs to make itself different and make its shell engraving business unique, which others can’t imitate if they want to.

If you order this business, the photos of the shell engraving will not be sent to you immediately, but will be arranged.

In about three weeks, these orders will be distributed to the Ukrainian army that happens to encounter combat missions.

The inscriptions of each shell were not painted in batches in the warehouse, but were scrawled and fired on the battlefield after the combat mission was dispatched and before the launch.

After giving you this engraved picture of the shell, the customer service will also tell you where the customized shell was fired and where it hit.

Of course, even so, there is still the possibility of fraud.

In order to verify that they really hit those engraved shells at the Russian army, the Ukrainian army also launched value-added services.

As long as you pay another 300 dollars, live broadcast, and launch the shells engraved with your customized words in front of you.


Whether it is to inform the launch site and target, or to broadcast the shell launch live, a lot of battlefield information will be exposed, leading to the leakage of military secrets.

However, in order to ensure that we are the world’s unique supplier of shell engraving and that our products are different, these “small costs” are affordable.

Up to now, the Ukrainian military business line has added new products. As long as you are willing to pay $500, you can engrave your customized signature on a surface to air missile, and then launch it to the Russian army.


If you are willing to spend $1000, you can even buy a customized video of your signature grenade being thrown into the Russian army from the drone.

In addition, if you are willing to donate more than $1000 to the Ukrainian army, you can get a key chain made of the wreckage of a shot down Russian bomber or armed helicopter.

Such spending has never appeared in the history of human war. In order to make money, the Ukrainian army is full of creativity.

What do Ukrainian officials think of this kind of thing?

Of course, it’s support. This kind of good thing must be supported.

Ukrainian President Zelensky himself is currently the world’s largest Internet celebrity. Of course, we can’t agree more about this kind of live broadcast, which can not only make money for the Ukrainian army, but also enhance its influence in the Western online world.

As for exposing a little bit of military secrets, this is nothing.

Ukraine’s finances have long collapsed, and a large area of soldiers’ wages are in arrears, while Britain and the United States and other countries only aid weapons and equipment, and never mention the matter of giving money. As a result, the morale of the Ukrainian army is extremely low, and there is no poverty in stealing and selling weapons and ammunition to the Russian army.

A Ukrainian soldier once sold an expensive armored car to the Donetsk militia at a price of 35000 dollars, with several javelin anti tank missiles attached to the car.

The whole transaction process was recorded as a video and broadcast on the whole network.


This armored car is very expensive, very expensive.

We don’t know how expensive it is, but armored vehicles usually cost millions of dollars a car, which can’t be cheap.

When Tiantou sent the javelin anti tank missiles, the public purchase price of each one was $70000. Now several missiles are given away directly. How much do you say the armored vehicle is worth?

As a result, it only sold for 35000 dollars.

Why are you willing to sell such expensive weapons at such a low price?

Because for the Ukrainian soldier who sells equipment, the purchase price of these armored vehicles and missiles is zero, which is distributed free of charge.

Now Ukraine is exploding everywhere, and it is normal that even the equipment and people are directly destroyed. How can there be no war damage in the war.

Today, I sold my equipment and said it was bombed when I went out to fight. Then I took some money to honor the officer. Who can prove that this car was not bombed by the Russian army?

Besides, it’s better to run away with money as refugees than to be cannon fodder without salary. With this money, many poor Ukrainian soldiers are qualified to run away.

Besides, why is that javelin anti tank missile, a good thing worth 70000 dollars a round, given away directly as a bonus?

Because the current transaction price of this thing in the Ukrainian battlefield is very low. The Russian army once traded the price of two javelin missiles for a box of canned meat for a lot of American javelin missiles, and no one can carry them.


The Ukrainian soldiers may be willing to work hard, but at least the government has to pay wages. In those days, the Kuomintang paid back some wages to the strong men. Now it’s always in arrears with wages. What’s the matter? When fighting, it can still be in arrears with the wages of front-line soldiers. Isn’t it funny?

But the Ukrainian government can’t help it. The money from Britain and the United States always doesn’t come, only weapons and ammunition come.

If the Ukrainian soldiers on the front line engrave a word on a shell and then fire it at the Russian army, they can get $100.

If the Ukrainian soldiers on the front line fire a shell at the Russian army live, they can get $300.

If the Ukrainian soldiers in the front line use drones to drop grenades on the Russian army, they can get 1000 dollars at a time.

There is no doubt that the Ukrainian soldiers on the front line will have great morale and fight against the Russian army desperately.

The Ukrainian high-level officials don’t want this money. They can take it directly from the lower level and use it as a hot line subsidy. It doesn’t matter.

As for divulging a little military secrets, it’s better than the people below taking javelin missiles for meat cans when they can’t bear it. It’s better than the people below driving expensive armored vehicles for 35000 dollars and giving javelin missiles away as a free gift.

It’s really bad to shoot shells at the Russian army live, which is really seriously detrimental to the confidentiality of the Ukrainian army’s battlefield.

But the lesser of the two evils.

First of all, we must ensure that the Ukrainian army does not fall apart before we can take into account the confidentiality of the Ukrainian army.

In order to make a living, the Ukrainian army can only perform on the battlefield, which is better than starvation.

It is really difficult for Ukraine to create this innovative business.

It’s not so poor that I can think of such a way to boost the front-line morale.

It’s true that as long as the mind doesn’t decline, there are more ways than difficulties.

As long as you are willing to reward, Wu Jun will brush a rocket for Lao tie on the spot.

Isn’t this more awesome than those virtual rockets in China’s live studio?

It has to be said that Wu Jun really understood the business and developed a unique business model.

However, if an army does not reach the end of its tether, if it does not reach the point of lack of military spending, and the soldiers at the bottom lose control to the point of wantonly reselling weapons and ammunition, no one will allow this to happen if there is a chance.

That’s the army, not the entertainment anchor who plays acrobatics!

An army is not on the verge of collapse and will not use this bottomless approach to make money.

But if an army is on the verge of collapse, it will be quickly destroyed by its opponents.

Theoretically, no army in the world can shoot artillery live.

But now, limited by the situation, the Russian army has to adopt a slow grinding method to play games with Europe and the United States, which dare not intervene, but only dare to provide arms support.

Only when the opponent can fight but can’t fight hard, can he give this kind of army the opportunity to make money in the live broadcast room, thus giving birth to a unique spectacle in the history of human war.

Absolutely wonderful army, unprecedented.

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