Ukraine breaks diplomatic relations with North Korea! Their unspeakable gratitude and resentment!

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According to the Korean Central News Agency reported on the 14th, North Korean Foreign Minister Choi sun Kyi announced on the 13th that he recognized the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.


On the same day, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPRK met with the Russian ambassador to the DPRK in Pyongyang and delivered a note recognizing the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine issued a statement condemning the DPRK’s decision. The statement said that North Korea’s decision was an attempt to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In response to this unfriendly act, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations and economic ties with North Korea.

Ukraine reacted quickly because North Korea was the first country to officially recognize the two “republics” in eastern Ukraine.

Syria’s recognition process has not been completed. In the words of nikonolova, foreign minister of the “people’s Republic of Donetsk”, it is “this process is in progress.”

Afghanistan, Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, and the Central African Republic are also countries ready to recognize the two “republics” of Uzbekistan

Belarus, Armenia and Central Asian countries are on the sidelines.

North Korea spanked Ukraine, which is equivalent to spanking the United States in the face.

North Korea was originally not interested in the affairs of Russia and udong, but opposed the definition of Russia as an “occupying power” at the United Nations General Assembly.

It was not until October 11, 2017 that Crimea was recognized as a part of Russian territory on the grounds of celebrating the 69th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the DPRK and Russia,

The background at that time was that the US Los Angeles class nuclear submarine “Tucson” sailed into the waters of the Korean Peninsula to participate in the US South Korean military exercises, and the trump government imposed “extreme pressure” on North Korea.


Soon, trump changed his high-pressure strategy. In June 2018, the two sides met for the first time in Singapore and signed a joint statement – “establishing a new North Korea US relationship”

Under the circumstances of detente between the United States and North Korea, Ukraine has not taken diplomatic retaliation against North Korea. After all, it cannot go against the general direction of U.S. diplomacy.

But after Biden came up, he not only did not relax the sanctions, but intensified them. For North Korea, it is Biden’s responsibility to honor the trump administration’s commitments. Otherwise, it will be a breach of his promise.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on June 7 that the crux of the current situation on the peninsula is that the United States has not responded to the denuclearization measures taken by the DPRK in 2018 in accordance with the “action for action” principle, and has not taken into account the legitimate and reasonable concerns of the DPRK. The United States should show goodwill and take concrete actions instead of shouting slogans of dialogue.

What China said is fair. The situation on the peninsula is deteriorating again, and the responsibility lies with the United States.

At the same time, the participation of South Korea and Japan in the “NATO summit” for the first time shows that they are very interested in the “Asia Pacific version of NATO”. This “NATO” threat will inevitably trigger “retaliation” from North Korea.

Therefore, North Korea’s recognition of the two “republics” in Ukraine is essentially a counterattack against the United States, and Ukraine has become a bargaining chip in the relations between North Korea and Russia, North Korea and the United States, and the United States and Russia.

Back to the relationship between Ukraine and North Korea itself, there were some “unspeakable resentments” between them. If Ukraine had not come to this point, North Korea would not have despised it so much.

DPRK Uzbekistan “cooperation”

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea established diplomatic relations with independent countries.

The DPRK and Uzbekistan officially established diplomatic relations in January, 1992. North Korea established its embassy in Ukraine in October, 1992. (in January, 1998, due to the serious domestic economic crisis, North Korea withdrew from the embassy and was represented by the Embassy in Moscow).

North Korea Uzbekistan relations are not very substantive. Until 2016, the bilateral trade volume was about US $10million. Ukraine exports grain and rapeseed to North Korea; North Korea exports plastics and rubber to Ukraine.

However, the “underwater transaction” between the two sides (outside the international line of sight) is an incalculable figure.

It has to start with the relationship between Russia and North Korea. According to the 1961 Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Soviet Union and North Korea, North Korea’s military technology has received the help of the Soviet Union, including missiles.

When Russia became independent in 1991, the Yeltsin government accepted the requirements of “democratization” of the west, looked “westward” in diplomacy, and attached great importance to the United States and Europe, while establishing peaceful and stable relations with China.

North Korea has asked whether the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Soviet Union and North Korea will continue? Russian Deputy Foreign Minister kunadze responded, saying: we have different understandings of this responsibility.

This means that in addition to the new treaty signed by the Russian government, the old Soviet treaty has “died”.

However, Yeltsin had no intention of signing a new treaty with North Korea, which made North Korea decide to rely on itself and use all means to develop military forces to ensure the security of the country and regime.

On April, 1991, North Korea invited rocket experts from the former Soviet Union to work in a North Korean Research Institute, and Russia turned a blind eye.

However, the matter was learned by the United States and South Korean intelligence agencies. Under the pressure of the United States, on October 15, 1992, Russia stopped a team of engineers composed of more than 60 people at Moscow airport, and pro american sent an explanation to the United States.

The relations between the Yeltsin government and Pyongyang declined seriously. Russia did not find the threat of “NATO’s eastward expansion” until the 1997 NATO summit in Madrid. In 1998, Russia proposed the idea of signing a new treaty with North Korea, but it was blocked by Pro American members of the Russian State Duma.

On August 5, 2000, Putin, who took office shortly after, defied all opinions and passed the Treaty of friendship, good neighbourliness and cooperation between Russia and the DPRK, which brought Russia DPRK relations into a period of recovery.

After the terrible “suffering March” (famine and economic collapse) in the mid-1990s, North Korea took steps to open up in the late 1990s, such as the inter Korean border industrial park, mount Kumgang tourism project, etc., but they were smashed by the United States, and North Korea retreated.

In 2001, George W. Bush tore up the 1994 Geneva framework agreement and no longer fulfilled his commitment to aid North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons.

In 2003, North Korea withdrew from the nuclear non proliferation treaty.

In October, 2006, North Korea successfully conducted its first nuclear test.

The United States believes that North Korea’s nuclear weapons will not threaten the United States, and its medium – and long-range missile technology is far from mature. China, Russia, Britain and France cannot help North Korea develop such technology due to international treaty restrictions.

But the United States has missed a country – Ukraine.

After North Korea had nuclear weapons, it went all out to develop missiles. Although there is no satellite navigation system support, if nuclear weapons can be thrown into the suburbs of New York, they can also be sent to heaven in New York.

Since the government implemented the “complete privatization” policy, Ukrainian military enterprises have closed down one after another, and the rest are unable to make ends meet.

In any large country, military enterprises are supported by the government and cannot be completely handed over to the market.

Ukrainian military enterprises are facing bankruptcy after Marketization:

1? The government doesn’t want to develop military power. Oligarchs and politicians try their best to steal national assets, and military enterprises can’t get large government orders;

2? The products are not competitive in the market, and neither the United States nor Europe need them. After the collapse of Iraq and the sanctions on Iran, the Soviet made weapons have also lost their buyers in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia is a customer of the United States, unless Ukraine dares to sell big killers).

In order to make a living, Ukrainian military enterprises can only do “black market” business, such as selling cruise missiles to Iran ?- 55?

When Ukrainian missile engineers can’t even guarantee their salaries, they can only take further risks – selling sensitive technology, and the country is in chaos, and the regulatory authorities are in vain.

It was not the United States that first pointed out that Ukraine illegally sold missile technology, but Russia.

In 2015, a Moscow media revealed that an expert of Ukraine’s “Southern machinery design bureau” (the unit that produces strategic missiles) sold the technical information of “spear-r” missiles to foreign countries.

However, due to the success of the “Orange Revolution” in 2014, the United States covered up the matter for the Poroshenko regime. The CIA just found that these materials entered Myanmar and did not pursue them anymore.

Does Myanmar need to build missiles? How could it be? It passed on to North Korea.


From the end of 2016 to 2018, when North Korea continued to conduct missile tests and threatened to attack Guam, Western media were laughing at North Korea’s boasting, but after the missile flew over Japan, they couldn’t laugh.

Everyone is questioning, North Korea has been so severely sanctioned by the United Nations, where does it get the necessary technology?

On July 2 and 14, 2017, North Korea successfully launched two intercontinental missiles “Mars 14” with a range of 10000 kilometers. Only then did the United States realize that the arrival of North Korean missiles at home was no longer a distant nightmare.

The New York Times reported in early August that North Korea may have purchased Ukrainian ballistic missile technology through the black market. Michael Ehrman, an American military analyst, believes that North Korea has also obtained a new high-thrust liquid rocket engine from Ukraine. Otherwise, North Korea cannot leap from medium range missile to intercontinental missile within two years.

On August 25, CNN released a video of Ukrainian intelligence agencies arresting two North Korean diplomats who “stole” missile secrets in 2011. They were arrested in Dnepropetrovsk and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Ukraine was extremely embarrassed by the reopening of old accounts. The Ukrainian Prime Minister, the head of the space agency and the head of the southern design agency came forward one after another to clarify that Ukraine absolutely did not provide missile technology to the outside world. North Korea just copied Ukrainian technology, and they have the data of the former Soviet Union.

President Poroshenko also came forward to clarify that Ukraine is innocent.

But no matter how the Ukrainians swear, the United States, China, Britain, France and Russia all coldly watch it, edit it, and continue to edit it.

Then Russia revealed that in 2009, two Ukrainians transported $16million worth of weapons and documentation to North Korea, but they were detained in Thailand. Does the United States want to sanction Ukraine?

However, when Russia proposed sanctions against Ukraine in the Security Council, it was rejected by the United States.

In September 2017, Ukraine completely cut off the “underwater transaction” with North Korea under the supervision of U.S. military personnel.

In fact, the real value of Ukraine is not missiles or technical information, but senior military talents. When the enterprise is in crisis, some of them have to work as part-time electricians, repairmen and postmen

There are about 15000 such engineers in Kiev, Kharkov and Donbas, plus 60000 family members, who are facing livelihood problems, but the Ukrainian government does not care.

There are thousands of top engineers, many of whom have gone to a big country in the East, where they can find a place to use and life security.

In order to prevent the brain drain of Ukrainian military industry, the United States has set up a fund to donate US $100million annually since 2003, but it is of little use.

After Zelensky came to power, Ukraine was even more in danger of national subjugation. People can also see that this once first-class military power has lost its military capability and continues to ask the West for “weapons, weapons, weapons”.

Ukraine is no longer valuable to North Korea, and North Korea is expected to break diplomatic ties.

ZELINSKY said he wanted revenge, but what could this be? Whether Ukraine can exist in the future is a problem!

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